Sunday, November 8, 2015

Himi Fashion Review~

おはよう ごさいます!
Good morning! How are you all?
Today I've got a review of the online shop, Himi Fashion! They're a Storenvy shop (and they also have a regular shop) that carries a ton of super cute J-fashion items! I've been wanting to purchase from them for a while now, so finally, I did!
Let's start!

Firstly, here are the two items I got!
Fluffy Bow Skirt

Cold Shoulder Sweater
I was in the need of something super cute, and although a sweater is impractical for the current weather here in Florida, I hope I can wear it sometime soon ;u;
Everything came packaged nicely, in a pretty shimmery bubble envelope. The individual items were in plastic bags (I didn't take a photo of this, but trust me still!)
Here's everything that I got :3
They were also kind enough to include two freebies! ^_^ Who doesn't love freebies
The stickers have come in handy :3

Anyways, now onto reviews of the individual items!


I've seen this skirt everywhere, and I've wanted it for forever, so I decided to finally get it! >u<
I got it in the ivory colorway, because I thought it'd be a bit more versatile that way~
Here are some photos of it!

The waistband is really pretty! ^_^ 

Had a tag from this company I had never heard of on it 
Safety shorts underneath! But they, and the skirt lining, are made of a strange rain-jacket-y material?
The quality of the skirt isn't too bad. It was $35 USD, but I think that given the uniqueness of the skirt, it's a valid price. The fluffy fabric is really soft, and the waistband is super nice quality- I'm just not a big fan of the raincoat lining :P It's not that uncomfy or anything, it's just strange and makes weird sounds when I move :P
Also, while the waistband itself is stretchy, the part where it attaches to the skirt is not. So, if you have bigger hips, it'll be a pain to get on. My waist is like 10 cm smaller than the biggest it stretches to, and I still have a problem with it, so be wary!
I do love the skirt though- it's so cute! Here are some photos of it worn

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase :3 Even though there are a few things I'd change ab out it, it's still an awesome skirt <3 <3

Next item!
High collar twisted sexy strapless sweater cardigan free shipping
This was probably a very impractical purchase, given that I live in Florida, but I couldn't resist ;u; And I hope on moving back north for university next year, so maybe it will come in handy!
It seems to be of nice quality, and it's definitely really comfy. It's not super duper soft, but it's also not itchy, which I think is very good (nothing worse than an itchy sweater). Photos!
It's sort of weird taking photos of it laid out flat like this, because the arm-holes look really strange like this
The turtleneck is really large and loose, which is good, because I can't stand tight turtlenecks.
I have no complaints about this sweater! It's definitely perfect for winter looks, and it seems quite versatile. I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it here x3
And of course, some photos of it worn!

It's definitely really big and bulky... but I don't care cause I love it :3

Yay excessive selfies!

Overall I'm really happy with my purchase from HimiFashion, and I highly suggest that you check them out! They have a ton of cute clothes ^_^
If you decide to buy anything, please use my code redsakura to get 10% off!
Thank you for reading!
Byes! <3


  1. You look so adorable omg !!! I love the sweater the most it's so cute I'm dying lol

    1. Aw thank you so much! ^.^ <3 The sweater is super adorable :3 I just wish I could wear it more haha

  2. the cloth and skirt look great on you! :)

  3. Fluffy skirt... so kawaii ~ sweater also looks good. And I like your outfit combination.
    Happy November to you!

    1. It's definitely now one of the cutest things in my wardrobe :3 I'm happy you like the outfits!
      Happy November to you too Ryu! ^_^

  4. Oh very cute skirt and sweater darling

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I really like both of them <3

  5. Beautiful items:) Love all of them!

  6. Cute clothes! Looks like the quality is nice too! :)

    1. The quality is really nice! They're very well made c:

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love that skirt! Though I'd prob have the hip issue lol Hence the reason I can't buy shorts or pants in Asian fashion stores Dx

    2. Aw, sorry about that! I think it does come in several sizes though! It's definitely a pesky problem, in any case >n<

  8. OMG ! The skirt ! It's so cute ! I love it ! Wish to have one T_T

    1. It's an awesome skirt <3 <3 You should get one! You won't regret it ^.^

  9. OMG all is so cute *^*
    I want this sweater too >w<

    1. Evereything really is super cute >u<
      I highly reccomend the sweater!


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