Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yet Another Jolse Haul~

Hi everyone~
Sorry for not posting super frequently- I just haven't had a ton of motivation for writing posts, and my January was super busy (I was working in a lab- which was wonderful)
Anyways, as usual, I ran out of a bunch of products at the exact same time, so I made another order from Jolse! Which, if you've been reading my blog for at least a few months, you'll know is the only place I buy Korean skincare and cosmetics from.
Anyways, let's start!
All the stuff I got!
An item that I ran out of a long time ago is my forever favorite Cloud 9 whitening cream (which I did a review of here) My mom also really likes this cream, and since we now live in different houses, we got 2~

I really really recommend this cream, if you're looking for a brightening base for your makeup (or even if you want to go makeup free, this is a great base to make you look fresher without the use of BB cream or whatever you use).

Next item that I ran out of was BB cream, and since my absolute favorite is the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream, I decided to just get it. I also have a review of this, here!
I love this BB cream because it smells wonderful, it has lovely coverage without being heavy, it has a great texture, and you really don't need to use a lot of it to get a good effect. It's definitely my all-time favorite BB cream- the only thing I'd change about it is the price (which still isn't super expensive, but at around $20 USD, it's a bit pricey for my student budget).

I also ran out of my eyebrow pencil *cry*. I wasn't able to find the one I had before from Holika Holika, but I ended up getting another from Holika Holika which I like even more than that one, so I guess everything turned out for the best!

The thing I like about this eyebrow pencil is that it glides on really easily, but without being super duper heavy. I'm quite happy with it!

I also needed a powder (see, I meant it when I said that I had run out of everything). I got this one from Tony Moly~

This powder is transluscent (more or less), so I hoped it would have a very nice HD kind of gentle finish, but it's a bit too powdery for my taste so.... idk. It's a nice powder, but I don't think I'd repurchase it.

Anyways, that's all that I purchased... but oh my god they sent a ton of samples.
Look at all of them!!

Yep, that's all the samples I got from this single purchase. I'm impressed too haha xD But hey, I'm not complaining~

Anyways, that was everything that I got in my haul!
If you'd like, I also made a YouTube video discussing everything in a bit more detail (and some other asian skincare products)

Sorry for not being a frequent poster- I'm much more active on my Instagram, which you can find here~ Follow me if you'd like! I'd appreciate it~

Anyways, thank you for reading! I'll see you in my next post, whenever that may be

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored}~

Hi guys!
I feel like it's been a little while since my last review, hasn't it? Maybe it's just my imagination haha.
In any case, today's lens review is sponsored (as always) by the wonderful online store Klenspop! They carry lots of lenses which are perfect for everyday wear~ Anyways, let's start!

The lenses I'll be reviewing today are the Ellen Panda PM 14 lenses in Violet!
Here is the stock photo of the lenses, and as always, a bit of basic information about them.
Price: $18 USD
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic Diameter: 137mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Shelf Life: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Once again, Klenspop has changed up their packaging! I quite like this new pop-ish style~

The design of the lenses looks quite similar to a few lenses that I've reviewed before. Although it look a bit unnatural when just floating about, it's surprisingly natural and nonoffensive on the eye. Here's how they looked in different lighting!

Dim Lighting

 Window Lighting

These are a very delicate purple, which is barely noticeable in dim lighting, and it appears just the smallest amount in natural lighting. I love how naturally enlarging they are however, and in addition to that, the starkenss and cartoon look of the lenses is a bit softer when on the actual eye. Here are some selfies I've taken with these lenses on, because they're fabulous

And sorry about the excessive amount of photos... but hey, it's fun!

On the whole I'm quite happy with these lenses! They're comfy, and they're not so huge that I need to wear a ton of makeup when wearing them so that I don't look like some kind of weird alien.
Thank you once again to Klenspop for sending me these for review!
And than you all for reading~
Bye bye!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Celestial Jewelry Review {Born Pretty Sponsored}~

Hi cuties!
Today I have a review sponsored by the online shop Born Pretty Store!
They carry lots of cute items at very low prices- things like adorable jewelry (which I'll be reviewing today), stationary, even clothes! 
They have tons of cute stuff and I highly suggest you check them out if you're looking for some adorable new additions to your cute collection~ They also offer free shipping worldwide, because who doesn't love free shipping?

Anyways, let's move on to the review of the items that I got!
I got 4 items from Born Pretty Store, and I honestly love everything so much.

The first item that I got is this set of celestial clip on earrings!
Find them here!
This comes with a set of 4 clip on earrings which you can pretty much attach anywhere you want. There are three color choices: blue, pink, or yellow, but I chose blue because it looked all classic and fabulous that way. Here is what I got~
The earrings attach with little plastic clip things, and they stay firmly in place on my ear. Here are some photos, of course!

I really love the look that these earrings give- it's like I'm a fabulous hardcore galaxy girl~ These cost $3.54, which I think is a pretty reasonable price given the product. They seem to be of pretty good quality too! Definitely my favorite out of all the jewelry I got~

Moving on!
The next piece I got was this absolutely adorable bunny and planet brooch!
Get it here!
This pin is only $2.01, and I think it's just so cute and unique! The little bunny dangles off of the planet from a golden chain, and it's just a really adorable and whimsical design. 

It's not super big and garish- it's definitely a cute little addition to any outfit that needs some more accessorizing~
Here I just pinned it on a pocket, and I think it's just so adorable ;u;

The next item that I got also ties into the celestial/galaxy theme- this zodiac ring!
(Not the design I got but close enough- get it here!)
I got this ring in the pisces design because I'm a pisces (wonderful logic there). I've probably mentioned this a couple of times before, but I'm absolutely obsessed with anything and everything zodiac. So of course, I was drawn instantly to this ring!

This ring is really cute and seems to be nicely made- I like it quite a lot! I find I don't wear rings very often, but when I feel like wearing one, this will be the one :3 It's only $1.99 too~

I wore it here as like a knuckle ring (or whatever they're called), but you can wear it normally too~ 

And lastly, is this fabulous scissors hairclip~
Get it here!
For some reason I'm really attracted to jewelry that has scissors- I have a necklace that's really similar to this, for example. This is a pretty large hair pin, which I'm quite happy about~ I've actually been wearing this frequently (to pin my hair back when I go to work hehe). It's only $1.99, which I think is a pretty reasonable price for something that's quite a statement piece~ 
Here's how it looks worn~

On the whole, I'm really happy with everything I received from Born Pretty Store!
They carry lots more items, so be sure to check them out!
And if you do, be sure to use my code DBVT10 to get 10% off your purchase!
Thank you for reading- byes!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Totoro Pinafore~

Hi everyone!
How has 2016 been treating you so far?
If you read my previous post, where I talked about my resolutions, you might remember that I mentioned wanting to go cruelty free. With this I decided that I wanted to make more of my own clothes! I always tell myself to sew more, but I never really get around to it. Over vacation however, I was able to make this really cute totoro pinafore-style skirt, so here are a couple of photos!
I'm wearing a light sweater from Obey underneath~
I put a little totoro applique at the bottom of the skirt~ It's very fluffy!

I also embroidered a little tree sprout at the top- it was my first attempt at embroidery like this, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

On the whole I'm really proud of how this pinafore turned out! I hand-made the pattern, and aside from the straps being a bit too long, I think it turned out pretty well!
Short post today, but I hope you liked it!
Thanks for reading!
Bye bye!~

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Recap and 2016 Resolutions~

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all celebrated well ^_^ I definitely had a lot of fun last night ^_^
I thought I'd write a post today about new years resolutions, and look at the ones from last year and see how I did.
Let's have a look shall we?
2015's Resolutions
No. 1: More Blogging
I had 8 more posts in 2015 than 2014 so... I guess that's a bit of progress? Not really though OTL
I did have many more sponsored posts though, which was nice ^_^ And I think I got a decent posting schedule up, averaging a bit more than a post a week. Yay! Hopefully the productivity will continue into the future ^_^

No. 2: More Lolita
While in Boston, I did get more into the lolita lifestyle. I went to several meetups, and met lots of cool people, but then had to move away ;~; I aim to wear lolita about once a week or so, which is certainly more than I did before. In general, I've spread out to wearing 'cute fashion' a lot more frequently, which I'm pleased with.

No. 3: More Art
I definitely spent a lot more of my free time doing art in 2015. I don't have any art classes currently, but I still make time to draw, which I'm happy about. I've also been doing a lot of polymer clay sculpting, which is lots of fun! I've certainly improved my skills also in lots of different mediums.

On the whole I think 2015's resolutions were kept quite well!
And now, 2016's resolutions! Hopefully I keep them up!
2016's Resolutions
No. 1: Go Cruelty Free
Recently I watched the documentary The True Cost, which discussed the fast fashion industry and how much damage it is causing to both the workers and our environment. It was really quite horrifying (it's a very good movie though- I highly recommend you give it a watch). A lot of retail shops are guilty of the atrocities committed, and I don't want to support that, so I've decided to stop buying things from places like that (Forever 21, H&M, and the like). It's just a bad mindset, and I don't want to be part of that. In addition to that, I want to only purchase makeup/skincare that isn't animal tested. A lot of brands though are going cruelty free in that regard, so it shouldn't be much of a challenge. This also sort of ties in to it, but I want to eat less meat, for both health reasons and ethical reasons. I have high hopes for this resolution!

No. 2: Cosplay!
I've always wanted to do cosplay, but I've never really had much motivation to do it lol. This year I'm hoping to do 1 or 2 cosplays, maybe go to a couple of conventions. I'm thinking of cosplaying Shiro from No Game No Life and maybe a human version of Charlotte/Bebe from Madoka Magica~

No. 3: Lose Weight
I feel like this is on absolutely everyone's resolution list at some point or another haha. Pretty self-explanatory, so I'm not going to go into it too much.

No. 4: Work More on my YouTube
I really need to have more motivation for working on my YouTube channel. I'm just really bad with uploading videos frequently, which is bad. So, I'm hoping to film a lot more and post a lot more this year ;u; Maybe once a week? *crossing fingers hopefully*

And yeah, I think that's about it! 
Let me know what your resolutions are, I'd love to hear them!
As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you guys have a magical year <3 <3