Wednesday, April 11, 2018

♡ Hazel Lucifer Ice II Circle Lens Review ♡

Hello my dears! 
Today I return to you with another circle lens review, which as usual, is thanks to Klenspop! I get pretty much all of my lenses from them, and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a place to get circle lenses from! They have a really big selection, and often have really good prices, so I'm sure you will be able to find something to suit the look you are looking for ♡
The lenses I will be reviewing today are the Lucifer Ice II Circle Lenses in the Hazel colour! I've actually owned and reviewed these lenses in the past, in both the grey and pink colours (though curiously, the pink ones had a different name, even though it was the same brand and the same design..?)
Anyways, let's begin!

I'm really fond of the design of the Lucifer Ice lenses! I think the sharp peaks of colour bring a lot of attention to the eyes, however I think they still manage to look (somewhat) natural! 
These lenses are manufactured by the lens brand EOS, which is a fairly large and reputable Korean circle lens brand. These lenses currently retail for $18 USD on Klenspop, and they have a 6 month shelf life. The graphic diameter on these is 14 mm, which is large enough to give an enlarging effect, but not so large that you look like an alien! I've been gravitating towards larger lenses lately, so this sort of design really appeals to me~

With all that out of the way, let's get on to the most important part of any circle lens review: try on photos!
natural light

dim light

natural light + flash
I'm not sure whether its the lenses matching my eye colour very well, or whether they just aren't very pigmented, but I didn't find much of a colour change with these! Aside from the stark outline around my iris, and a few small darker peaks, these didn't do too much to my eye colour. This can be considered a good or a bad thing I suppose, based on the look you're going for! Personally I don't like lenses that very strongly change the color of my eye (especially when it comes to brown lenses, since I think having different shades of brown on my eyes looks odd), so I do like that these blend in with my iris to give a very sharp, but still natural look. Perhaps if someone had lighter eyes, these would look a bit more noticeable!
As usual with lenses, taking a photo with the camera flash on brings out the colours best. Here's a comparison between regular natural lighting, and then natural lighting with flash.

Overall, I quite like the design of these lenses! They enhance my eyes without looking too unnatural, and as such are quite wearable for the sort of look I go for on a daily basis.
Here are some full-face photos so you can see how they look from afar~

In regards to comfort, these are quite comfortable! I didn't experience any dryness or discomfort when using them, however since they do have a fairly large diameter, I wouldn't suggest wearing these for prolonged lengths of time. I generally put my lenses in in the morning, and take them out when I return from school, so I wear them for a maximum length of 7 hours. 
Overall, I quite recommend these lenses!
I think the design is very pretty, and despite being somewhat enlarging, they don't look too unnatural. Although the colors blend in quite well with my eyes, the dark outer ring brings a nice look of definition and sharpness, bringing a lot of attention to the eyes. These are quite comfortable too, and are one of the pairs I wear most frequently out of all the lenses that I have! I hope to try more lenses from this series in the future, since the design is very pretty.

I hope you found this review helpful! Thank you once again to Klenspop for providing me the lenses to review ♡
Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you in my next post! ♡

Friday, April 6, 2018

♡ Things I'm Waiting for in the Mail | Spring 2018 ♡

Hello hello~
Once again I neglect my blog for too long-- I have no proper excuse, I've just been lazy and focusing my efforts more towards my Instagram and YouTube.
But, I have been shopping a lot lately, and thought I might at least show the things I'm currently waiting for in the mail! This is for the most part, one big package that's going to DeJapan (my current favorite shopping service)-- so I'll definitely have an interesting package to unbox!
I think I went slightly overboard... but I was able to find a lot of dream items of mine, plus Liz Lisa was having an amazing sale, so things slowly piled up :')

I guess I'll begin with clothing items, and then make my way down to the smaller items!
The thing that kick-started my whole haul was this Liz Lisa skirt!
Now this is a skirt that I have been looking for for ages, however it sold out practically immediately in the colour-way that I wanted (the white x navy one pictured above). I've never seen it being sold second-hand, but a sweet girl on Instagram found it on Fril (maybe Mercari?) and sent me the link! Of course I eagerly bought it, especially since it was being sold for the amazing price of only 1,200 yen (Less than $12 USD)!
I just think this is such a darling skirt-- and I adore anything with lace-up detailing on the side!
This skirt is actually still available on the Liz Lisa site, although not in this colourway. It's on a very good sale right now too, if you're interested! You can find it here. I think it's just such a pretty design, and it seems perfect for the summertime!

The next item I got is another one that I've wanted for a while, and it's the Ballet OP from Liz Lisa in the Bordeaux colour!
I think this is just such a pretty dress! I fell in love with it when I saw how Annalena (burrito_princess on Instagram) wore it! It has so many beautiful details-- I really like the frills on the shoulders, and I think the red sleeves are such a unique detail! This piece has a really autumnal/wintery feel to me, but hopefully I'll be able to wear it a lot in the warmer months too!

Both of those pieces were from older Liz Lisa collections, and as such I got them second hand.
Here are the items I bought new from Liz Lisa, because of the amazing sales they were having! Everything was 70% off, which was a discount I couldn't pass up, especially since there were a lot of items that I had been wanting for a while being sold!

I ended up ordering twice from the sales-- once from the Japanese website using my SS, and once from the International site!

From the Japanese shop:
1. Pink Blouse: I always seem to buy skirts/dresses but I never really have enough tops, so I'm trying to remedy that! I actually wanted to get this top in white but it was sold out in that colour-way, but perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, since I don't actually own any pink blouses! I'm not sure how the fit will look on me, but luckily this wasn't too pricey, so I decided it was worth the risk.
2. Strawberry Charm Tank Top: I think Liz Lisa tank tops are so pretty! They're all the same basic design but then they have the decorated chain at the back, which I think is such a cute detail! I got this one in the white colour-way, and the chain has strawberries hanging from it! I really love strawberry motifs in clothing, so this seemed like a perfect choice.
3. Batwing Cardigan: I got a somewhat similar cardigan to this one second hand a little while ago, and I adore it! I think it's such a versatile and comfortable design, I just had to get this one too! It's from their winter collection and as such I believe it's a bit thicker material, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to use it here in Florida ^^" However, I had been eyeing this design for a while (and was actually considering getting it back when it was $50), so I bought it without hesitation once I saw that it was on sale!
4. Ruffle Shorts: I think LL shorts are so cute, but I don't really like how I look in shorts most of the time, so I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on something that I might not like ^^" But, with the sale these ended up being very reasonably priced, and so I thought I would try them out! I love the design of these, I think the ruffles are just so cute! I really hope they will suit me ;-;

I thought that would be it for my LL purchases... but then I went on their international site and saw that they had some things that they didn't have on the Japanese site, so I ended up making another order...

1. Royal Sweets Labyrinth Bomber Jacket: I contemplated getting this jacket in my order from the Japanese site, but then changed my mind. Ultimately I couldn't resist getting it, since I think it's such a beautiful design! I got this in the pink colour-way (the photo of the white-colour-way is there to show off how pretty the details on the back are!) I hope I will have may chances to wear it, since it's so cute!
2. Bunny Phone Case: I've always wanted a cute phone case, but since most cute phone cases are for iPhones, and I have an Android, I can never seem to find any ;^; This one is a "one size fits all" sort of case where you just stick your phone on-- I'm not too sure how it will work and whether my phone will actually fit in it (since it's quite large), but it's worth a try! If it doesn't work, I figure I can just resell it ^^"
3. Fur Trim Shorts: Whoops, another pair of shorts! I actually really loved this design and would have bought them from the JP site, but they didn't have them in stock for some reason ^^" I actually preferred the blue colour-way of these, but that was no longer available, so I went with the pink! Honestly I think these will match my wardrobe better than the blue ones did, so perhaps that's for the best?

Finally, that's it with the Liz Lisa items! I also ordered several other things from Ank Rouge, Bubbles, and Amavel, but those were second-hand finds and I don't have the photos of the item so I guess you'll just have to wait and see! ♡

Another place that I am always eager to shop from is the Sanrio website! The Japanese store has a much larger variety of products than the US one (although I guess that's not too surprising?)
I mostly just got some small things, but the main reason I ordered was this mug and tea set!
I remember last year Sanrio also did a collaboration with Lupicia, which is a tea brand I had never heard of before I saw the collab (they do seem like a very nice tea brand though, and I actually plan on ordering from them soon!) They had the cutest sets but unfortunately by the time I saw them they were sold out-- so I was happy to see them being sold again this year! Naturally I gravitated towards the Little Twin Stars set! I adore the star-shaped handle on the mug (although I wonder how comfortable it will be to hold..?) The mug comes with a little lid, which must be convenient for keeping your drink warm!
The tea that comes with this set is a Strawberry and Chocolate tea, which I imagine must be quite tasty (especially with a bit of milk!). I think the tin the tea comes in it quite adorable as well!

The rest of the items I got from Sanrio are quite small, but I thought I would share them regardless~
I've been wanting a new hand cream, since the ones I currently have are a bit old and don't smell as nice anymore... 
This one has Cinnamoroll on it, and is strawberry-scented!

I also couldn't resist this adorable pen! Sanrio had a big collection of pens and mechanical pencils that were sweets themed, and it was difficult to choose which one I wanted! In the end I went with the Lala macaron one-- I think she just looks so adorable!

This was a bit of a random purchase, but I got this assortment of instant beverages! If I remember correctly, it's an assortment of coffee lattes (but there might be one tea latte?) I'm looking forward to trying them out!

The last item I got was this really darling looking letter set! I admit I don't have much use for this... but I hope to get back into penpal-writing someday, so this stationary will eagerly await the day it can be used!

I also got a lot more small things, but I think this post is getting a bit long, and since they are fairly small items, I won't show them on this post. I hope you liked seeing the few things I bought in the mail though! I'm thinking of doing a try-on haul of the Liz Lisa items for my YouTube channel, so please look forward to that! ♡
Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you in my next post! ♡

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

♡ Vassen Vivian Green Lens Review

Hello everybunny!
Today I come to you with another circle lens review, and as usual, these were sent to me by the online circle lens retailer Klenspop! Klenspop has an amazing selection of lenses and I've always had great experiences working with them, so I highly recommend them! ♡
The lenses I'll be reviewing today are the Vivian Green (V3-06) lenses from the brand Vassen~
These lenses retail for $18 USD on the Klenspop site (a fairly typical price for circle lenses!) They have a shelf life of 6 months, and have a graphic diameter of 14.8 mm (a bit larger than what I typically wear!)
I think the design of these is so pretty! They feature a blend of a lot of different shades of green, for a more realistic look. Granted, these are still quite large, but I find that when lenses have a nice blend of colors, that they don't look quite as unnatural and alien as some lenses which are just a stark mix of color and black (although I love those sorts of lenses too! It just depends on the look I'm going for ^^" )
These came in typical circle lens vials, fairly usual, so I didn't take photos of the lenses.

Let's move on to the most important thing: How they look when worn!

ahh forgive my wonky-looking lashes ><

natural lighting

natural lighting + camera flash

dim lighting
I think these lenses look sooo pretty when worn..! The green colour is quite vivid, especially so in bright light! The thing I like about these lenses is that even in dimmer lighting, they're still evidently green! I also really like the 'halo' effect I get around my eyes when I wear them (since the graphic of the lens is larger than my natural iris, where it covers the white part of my eye it looks significantly brighter, which I think is such an ethereal look!)
Although these lenses are quite large, they do look more natural than other large lenses. They have a nice and natural blend of colors, that I think look beautiful with my hazel eyes~ In addition to that, the limbal ring isn't too thick on these, so they don't look too unnatural! I think these would look pretty on both dark and light eyes (although if you have very dark eyes, I'm not sure if they would show up very well, since the green isn't too opaque ^^" ) 
Also, these lenses look pretty with both heavy eye makeup (lashes, long eyeliner, and more!) but also with more natural eye makeup (although I've only shown myself wearing more eyemakeup here, I've also worn them a few times without lashes and they've looked just as pretty!)

These are also quite comfortable, and I didn't notice any dryness or discomfort. Larger lenses can often be a bit uncomfortable, but I didn't notice any issues with these (and I have fairly sensitive eyes...)

I think that's all I have to say about these lenses, so now time for the photo spam of how they look when worn!

Overall, I really like these lenses! The design is quite pretty, and even in dimmer lighting they still look beautiful, green, and enlarging! They're comfortable too ♡ These have become one of my more often worn pairs of lenses, so I highly recommend them if you're looking for some new green circle lenses!
I hope you found this review helpful ♡
As always thank you so much for reading!
♡ Bye-bye ♡

Monday, February 26, 2018

♡ Some Sanrio Purchases ♡

Hello lovelies!
Today I have a quick post sharing a few things I bought recently off of the Sanrio Japan website! I wasn't planning on making this into a post, but I had the photos downloaded onto my computer for the sake of my SS, so I figured I might as well show what I got~
I've found that the Japanese Sanrio website has a much larger selection of items than the English one, although I guess that's to be expected? Curiously however, the prices end up being the same for the most part...
In any case, I hope you will like seeing the items I bought! I just ordered them the day before yesterday so it might be a bit before I receive them, but once I do, I plan on making a little unboxing video ♡ I also ordered my absolute dream lolita item, which I am eagerly awaiting too!
Here are the items I purchased from Sanrio~

My main reason for ordering from the Sanrio website was to get a new wallet! I've had my current one since I was ten years old, so I figured it was time to get a new one... ^^"
This Little Twin Stars one really spoke to me-- it's absolutely darling! I adore the print on it, and the little kitten charm is just the cutest~ I'm excited to finally get something new! Although I hope it won't be too big for some of my purses, but I guess I'll find out~

Another somewhat bigger purchase was this strawberry pouch! I really love the new strawberry series, and I really wanted to get the my melo strawberry plush but she was sold out... OTL
I got a large bag from Ted Baker for my birthday, but it has no inner compartments so I thought it would be good to get something small to put inside, so that I can safely put my phone and other small things in it. This pouch was adorable, I love the strawberries and the gingham on it! It also has Kiki and Lala on it, which makes it even better~ This was a bit pricier than I wanted, but I just couldn't resist ;v;

I sort of have a problem when it comes to buying mugs-- I can't seem to stop! This Little Twin Stars soup mug is really cute, and I love that it's printed on the inside too! 

I also got this little set of a mug + face towel! It was surprisingly cheap, so I couldn't resist getting it too~ I have a Little Twin Stars mug that I bought about two years ago, but it has a little chip on the edge which is absolutely heart breaking ;^; So I'm trying to get myself a decent replacement (although to be honest, I'll still keep that mug bc it's adorable...)

Now some smaller things!

I have never felt compelled to buy squishies because to be honest they seem a bit pointless... but then I saw this little Cinnamoroll bread squishy and I just had to buy him. Look at the little star on his belly and blushy cheeks..! He's just too cute ;v; I don't think I'll put him on a bag or anything, I'll probably just keep him on my shelves because I wouldn't want him getting dirty or ripped!

I also got a Cinnamoroll memo pad-- for the sake of writing little thank you notes to people who purchase from my depop and Etsy!

Some really cute stickers~ I forget the name of this series, but I think it came out pretty recently! I think it's adorable though-- and stickers are something I can never have enough of!

Lastly I got these fluffy My Melody and strawberry socks, just because it's nice having cosy socks to wear around the house~

I hope you liked seeing the things I got! I love Sanrio, and although some might say that I'm too old for all the cute characters, it's something my heart will never let go of ♡
Thank you for reading!