Friday, August 18, 2017

Things I'm Waiting For In The Mail | Summer Sales Edition~

Hi everyone!
Recently, a lot of Japanese clothing companies had their summer sales, so I decided to buy some things! I mostly just got things from Ank Rouge (bc they're my favorite brand ever), and while I impatiently wait for my items, I thought I'd share what I'm waiting for~
Before I get into all the Ank Rouge things though, I did get one item from Liz Lisa!
I thought this blouse was the cutest thing ever when it came out, and originally I wanted it in white, but it was no longer available in that colorway ;^;
So, I settled for the pink, but I think it's really cute too! I really love the details near the neckline, and the puff sleeves are really cute as well! I think it's a little bit over the top, but hopefully I'll be able to coordinate it well ><

Now time for the Ank Rouge items!
Firstly, I ended up getting what is one of my favorite cardigans in two more  colorways!

I have this cardigan in a pretty periwinkle color, and it's so comfortable and cute and versatile I just had to get it in the other colors >< (and they were only 2000 yen each!) The nice thing about these cardigans is that you can wear them backwards (with the buttons on the back) and they look just as nice! 
I don't usually get the same item in different colors, but I think since this is such a versatile item that I love so much, it's okay!
I also got this really cute cutsew because a fellow jfashion enthusiast (xsakisaki on instagram) has it and it looks adorable on her! I think it has a very strong larme-kei feel to it, so I hope I can wear it as well as she does!
I really like the netting details, as well as all the ruffles!

Initially, those three items were the only ones I ordered from Ank Rouge. However, then I saw they were having a promotion where you could get two tops for 5000 yen and I had to get two more ><
I thought this top was absolutely adorable; I love the lacing and the puff sleeves and I imagine this will have a very cute fit! It's also not too cutesy, so I should be able to wear it with more casual outfits!
I really liked that this top had a sailor collar, and I think it's cute without being over the top! I actually have only one cute black top, so this is something necessary ^^

I realize it's a bit silly that I only got tops, but I always find myself unable to put together outfits because I lack cute shirts >< I almost always buy just dresses and skirts, so I barely have any cute tops :v So, hopefully this order will remedy my problem and my wardrobe will be happier!
I'm really looking forward for everything to arrive, and will do an unboxing on my YouTube once it does!
Thank you for reading, I hope you liked seeing the items I'm waiting for!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Unik Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Review~

Hello everybunny! 
I was recently chosen by iUNIK to review their Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner
If you follow my Instagram you might have seen the small review that I wrote there, but I thought I would write something a bit more in-depth here.
So, let's begin!

This toner is currently $17.99 on the iUNIK website, and you get 200 mL of product (which is quite a lot, I think!)
The product boasts five effects: moisturizing, calming, skin recovery, wrinkle care, and oil moisture balance. It contains 70% Rose Damascena flower water (which is supposed to help with moisture), and 10% galactomyces ferment filtrate (which is supposed to help with skin recovery and sebum control). 
Before I get into the rest of the review, I do want to mention that this toner contains several alcohols, so if you have very sensitive skin, this might be something you want to avoid ><
This sounds like a very promising product with a lot of benefits- let's see how it fared, shall we?
Firstly though, a bit about shipping! I received my toner about a week after I sent them my address, which is pretty reasonable shipping time considering that it came from Korea!
It was also packaged very sturdily, in a cardboard box with a lot of bubble wrap. I approve!

They also included samples of three of their serums (all of which I really liked!)
And the bottle of toner itself~
I know this isn't very significant, but I have to say that I quite like the packaging of this product! It's simple but it looks quite clean, and the bottle itself is quite sturdy.
On the side is written information about the product, the ingredients, and the directions.
To test out this product, I used it (almost) nightly for approximately a month. 
One thing that I really love about this toner is the scent~ It has a very pleasant and soft fragrnce that's a cross between rose and lychee, and I really like it! It's not terribly overbearing however, and fades quickly, so if you don't like items with strong fragrances, I think you'll be ok ^-^
Since this toner claims to be moisturizing, I was worried it would leave my skin feeling a bit oily, but thankfully that wasn't the case! It absorbs quickly, so that I can easily continue with the rest of my nightly skincare routine. 
After using this product for about a month, I have to say there aren't any drastic changes... but to be fair, most toners don't give drastic results because, well, they're toners, and generally toners don't have very *boom* impacts. But, this did make my skin a bit softer, and honestly I quite like using it because it doesn't dry out my skin, and because it smells nice. 
On the whole I recommend this product if you're looking for a toner that's not drying and you like the scent of roses. If you want something that has a very big effect, this might not be for you...
However, I'm going to keep using it, because I like having it in my nightly routine, and I hope you will too if you decide to try it out! ^-^
Thank you for reading, I hope you found this review to be helpful! And thank you once again to iUNIK for sending me this for review <3
I'll see you in my next post!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Etude House Color My Brows Review + Pompompurin Inspired OOTD~

Hi everybunny! 
Today I'll be reviewing the Etude House Color My Brows mascara, which is a product I received in my large haul from Althea a little while ago~ This is a product I've been using pretty much daily, and so I wanted to share my thoughts on it!
Lets start!
The brow mascara is available in 5 colours, and is currently being sold for $5 on Althea (which I think is a fairly reasonable price! It's quite comparable to drug store brow product prices). It's nice that they offer a wide selection of colours, even blonde, to match a wide variety of hair colours ^-^
I got the color "natural brown", which is the second one in the photo above. Although my hair is dark brown, I don't like it when my brows are too dark, so I went a shade lighter ^^
The product comes in a small cardboard container that has instructions and ingredients written on it.

And the tube of mascara itself is quite small, which makes it convenient for bringing along with you!
The brush is a bit smaller than a typical mascara brush, and is sort of rain-drop shaped. This makes application quite easy! It allows you to fill in large patches of your brows, or use the tip to more precisely fill in the ends.

I really like this product because of how easy it makes filling in my brows, and it does a pretty thorough job too!
Here's a comparison:



Although the difference isn't massive, the mascara was able to achieve the sort of look I generally prefer with my brows! It lightened them a bit and also made them appear more full. Plus, I think that when I have my eyebrows filled in, my makeup seems much more balanced! 
Another point about this mascara is that it holds your brows in place, sort of like a brow gel! My brows can be quite unruly at times, so this is an appreciated feature ^^"
Here's another photo of my look from that day, in slightly different lighting. I think the product is much more noticeable here!

On the whole, I really, really like this mascara! It's very reasonably priced, it's compact, and it's easy and quick to use~ I honestly love the idea of brow mascaras, it seems much easier to me than using a brow pencil. Although, if you like your brows to be either dark or well-defined, you might want to avoid mascaras. I think it would be difficult to achieve a sharp, 'on-fleek' brow look using this; it's more for a natural sort of look (and also, since they don't offer very dark colors, you wouldn't be able to achieve dark brown/black brows).
Although I haven't tried the blonde mascara myself, I imagine it might be useful if you have dark eyebrows but blonde hair, so that you can get less of a color difference between the two ^^"
Ultimately, I really recommend this! This has become one of my favorite products, and I use it every day on my brows~
Before I go, another outfit! This was very loosely inspired by Pompompurin, but I think it turned out quite cute ^-^
Fuwa Fuwa Pudding
Dress: Liz Lisa
Sweater: Lands End
Shoes: eBay (I think? They were a gift)
Accessories: Eyecandy, Bodyline, offbrand (gift from Ukraine)

Anyways, thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely lovely day~
What sort of brow look do you prefer?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Things I'm Waiting for in the Mail {No. 2}~

Hi hi everybunny~ 
A while ago I made a post about things I was waiting for in the mail, and today I thought I'd do that again because I like sharing my purchases~
I ordered all of this using Zenmarket as my shopping service, because I really like their system! You can just link the item that you want, and they accept orders from most places (although you can't order from shops like Mercari or Fril anymore, which is a shame ;^;)
But anways, here are the things I got!

Liz Lisa Shoes
I've been wanting a pair of Liz Lisa shoes for a while now, but people always sell them for so much second hand >< These were on sale on the Liz Lisa site, so I decided to get them! They did make the shipping cost of my package skyrocket, but hopefully they'll be worth it! ;u;

Ank Rouge Cardigan

I fell in love with the simple yet cute design of this cardigan from Ank Rouge several months ago, and finally decided to get it! I'm really happy that it hadn't sold out by the time I decided to purchase it ;u; I really like the colour of it; I don't have anything else in my wardrobe like it, but it's just such a soft and delicate colour. The design is also very simple, but I think that'll make it easy to pair with a lot of different coordinates. It's also reversible, so you can have the buttons in the front or back!

Moomin T-Shirt
I think Moomin is such a cute character, so I was very happy to find that Uniqlo had a series of Moomin t-shirts! They have very reasonable prices and it was hard to choose just 1 because all the designs were so cute ;u; I'm planning on wearing this on more casual days~

Heroine Makeup Long & Curl Mascara 
Although I'm not currently in need of a new mascara, I saw a review of this one on Little Porcelain Princess's blog and it seemed to fit my needs so perfectly! So I decided to add it on to my order~ This is also the top mascara on Amazon JP, so it should be pretty good!

Those are all the things I ordered using ZenMarket, and I'm quite excited to receive all them! I've been doing a lot of shopping lately and I'll make a big haul post of it all soon, so keep an eye out for that~
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ceduire Tights Review {Sponsored} + Another Celestial Mahou Shoujo Look~

Hello everybunny ^^
Recently, through Instagram I was contacted by the site Ceduire to feature a pair of their tights on my page~ 
I wanted to write a more thorough review of my experience with Ceduire on here since writing long text posts on insta can be time consuming. 
So, let's get into it~
Ceduire is a site which sells a lot of different fishnet-type tights, and they have a lot of really cute designs! The representative that contacted me said that I could choose any pair that I wanted, but, ehm... I didn't get the one I asked for :v
I feel weird mentioning this because I'm grateful that they contacted me, but I find it weird that they didn't let me know that they were sending me something else... it would have been fine if they said that I had to choose a different pair because the ones I chose were unavailable for some reason. But I just got sent these, which aren't terribly my style. And again I feel weird bringing this up because I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I still thought I should mention it.
Now that that's out of the way...
Shipping for the tights took about 1.5 weeks, and it was tracked which was very nice!
I really commend Ceduire on their packaging, look how pretty it is!
Inside there was a little notecard~
And the tights were in a little pouch as well
The tights I got were the Starry Sky Tights, which you can currently get on sale for $19 USD (their original price is $29). 
Here's how they're pictured on the model~
One thing I noticed immediately upon taking them out of the package was that the toes were conjoined, which I found a bit odd?
I just snipped the fabric so it didn't give me much trouble, but I was worried that the fabric would start unraveling >< It was all okay though!
Another thing, probably due to the manufacturing process, but there was some excessive material on the ends which is probably also meant to be cut off, but I didn't want to accidentally damage the tights in the process ^^"
The tights themselves however, seem to be of nice quality! They're very stretchy and not tight on my waist, and the design shows up quite nicely. I also like that the toes have a closer-knit material, I really don't like when toes poke through fishnets >< 
And they look quite cute when worn~ I wasn't too sure what to wear these with (because as I've said before, they're not really my style), so I just paired them with my white tennis skirt. You could pair them with lots of things though!

To summarize my experience:

Shipping; ❤ (5/5)
I'd said that these arrived in a decent amount of time, and it's nice that they included a tracking number! In addition to that, the packaging itself is absolutely gorgeous, and I loved how it was like unwrapping a present~ Although the holidays are quite a ways away, I think they would make really cute stocking stuffers!

Item Quality:  (4/5)
Although the tights are stretchy and comfortable, I was a bit bothered by the excess fabric on the toes, but it wasn't too much trouble. The tights also had a faint plasticky scent, which I imagine will fade with time, but it was still a bit noticeable. 

Communication:  (3/5)
Honestly this is what I was most disappointed by, and although I'm sure that if you purchase from them you won't have the same problem, it was still something I wanted to bring up. On the whole the communication was nice and the representative was very friendly, but I do wish that I was alerted that I wouldn't get the tights I had asked for.

Overall:  (4/5)
On the whole my experience with Ceduire wasn't bad; I think that if the whole communication issue hadn't arisen, I would have been happier with them. But, the tights themselves are very nice, and the designs they carry are quite cute, so I'd recommend their products.

Before I go, I thought I'd share another look from my Celestial Mahou Shoujo series!
Marshmallow Seraph
Wig: Shy Lolita
Dress: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Bodyline

Anyways, thank you for reading!