Wednesday, March 7, 2018

♡ Vassen Vivian Green Lens Review

Hello everybunny!
Today I come to you with another circle lens review, and as usual, these were sent to me by the online circle lens retailer Klenspop! Klenspop has an amazing selection of lenses and I've always had great experiences working with them, so I highly recommend them! ♡
The lenses I'll be reviewing today are the Vivian Green (V3-06) lenses from the brand Vassen~
These lenses retail for $18 USD on the Klenspop site (a fairly typical price for circle lenses!) They have a shelf life of 6 months, and have a graphic diameter of 14.8 mm (a bit larger than what I typically wear!)
I think the design of these is so pretty! They feature a blend of a lot of different shades of green, for a more realistic look. Granted, these are still quite large, but I find that when lenses have a nice blend of colors, that they don't look quite as unnatural and alien as some lenses which are just a stark mix of color and black (although I love those sorts of lenses too! It just depends on the look I'm going for ^^" )
These came in typical circle lens vials, fairly usual, so I didn't take photos of the lenses.

Let's move on to the most important thing: How they look when worn!

ahh forgive my wonky-looking lashes ><

natural lighting

natural lighting + camera flash

dim lighting
I think these lenses look sooo pretty when worn..! The green colour is quite vivid, especially so in bright light! The thing I like about these lenses is that even in dimmer lighting, they're still evidently green! I also really like the 'halo' effect I get around my eyes when I wear them (since the graphic of the lens is larger than my natural iris, where it covers the white part of my eye it looks significantly brighter, which I think is such an ethereal look!)
Although these lenses are quite large, they do look more natural than other large lenses. They have a nice and natural blend of colors, that I think look beautiful with my hazel eyes~ In addition to that, the limbal ring isn't too thick on these, so they don't look too unnatural! I think these would look pretty on both dark and light eyes (although if you have very dark eyes, I'm not sure if they would show up very well, since the green isn't too opaque ^^" ) 
Also, these lenses look pretty with both heavy eye makeup (lashes, long eyeliner, and more!) but also with more natural eye makeup (although I've only shown myself wearing more eyemakeup here, I've also worn them a few times without lashes and they've looked just as pretty!)

These are also quite comfortable, and I didn't notice any dryness or discomfort. Larger lenses can often be a bit uncomfortable, but I didn't notice any issues with these (and I have fairly sensitive eyes...)

I think that's all I have to say about these lenses, so now time for the photo spam of how they look when worn!

Overall, I really like these lenses! The design is quite pretty, and even in dimmer lighting they still look beautiful, green, and enlarging! They're comfortable too ♡ These have become one of my more often worn pairs of lenses, so I highly recommend them if you're looking for some new green circle lenses!
I hope you found this review helpful ♡
As always thank you so much for reading!
♡ Bye-bye ♡

Monday, February 26, 2018

♡ Some Sanrio Purchases ♡

Hello lovelies!
Today I have a quick post sharing a few things I bought recently off of the Sanrio Japan website! I wasn't planning on making this into a post, but I had the photos downloaded onto my computer for the sake of my SS, so I figured I might as well show what I got~
I've found that the Japanese Sanrio website has a much larger selection of items than the English one, although I guess that's to be expected? Curiously however, the prices end up being the same for the most part...
In any case, I hope you will like seeing the items I bought! I just ordered them the day before yesterday so it might be a bit before I receive them, but once I do, I plan on making a little unboxing video ♡ I also ordered my absolute dream lolita item, which I am eagerly awaiting too!
Here are the items I purchased from Sanrio~

My main reason for ordering from the Sanrio website was to get a new wallet! I've had my current one since I was ten years old, so I figured it was time to get a new one... ^^"
This Little Twin Stars one really spoke to me-- it's absolutely darling! I adore the print on it, and the little kitten charm is just the cutest~ I'm excited to finally get something new! Although I hope it won't be too big for some of my purses, but I guess I'll find out~

Another somewhat bigger purchase was this strawberry pouch! I really love the new strawberry series, and I really wanted to get the my melo strawberry plush but she was sold out... OTL
I got a large bag from Ted Baker for my birthday, but it has no inner compartments so I thought it would be good to get something small to put inside, so that I can safely put my phone and other small things in it. This pouch was adorable, I love the strawberries and the gingham on it! It also has Kiki and Lala on it, which makes it even better~ This was a bit pricier than I wanted, but I just couldn't resist ;v;

I sort of have a problem when it comes to buying mugs-- I can't seem to stop! This Little Twin Stars soup mug is really cute, and I love that it's printed on the inside too! 

I also got this little set of a mug + face towel! It was surprisingly cheap, so I couldn't resist getting it too~ I have a Little Twin Stars mug that I bought about two years ago, but it has a little chip on the edge which is absolutely heart breaking ;^; So I'm trying to get myself a decent replacement (although to be honest, I'll still keep that mug bc it's adorable...)

Now some smaller things!

I have never felt compelled to buy squishies because to be honest they seem a bit pointless... but then I saw this little Cinnamoroll bread squishy and I just had to buy him. Look at the little star on his belly and blushy cheeks..! He's just too cute ;v; I don't think I'll put him on a bag or anything, I'll probably just keep him on my shelves because I wouldn't want him getting dirty or ripped!

I also got a Cinnamoroll memo pad-- for the sake of writing little thank you notes to people who purchase from my depop and Etsy!

Some really cute stickers~ I forget the name of this series, but I think it came out pretty recently! I think it's adorable though-- and stickers are something I can never have enough of!

Lastly I got these fluffy My Melody and strawberry socks, just because it's nice having cosy socks to wear around the house~

I hope you liked seeing the things I got! I love Sanrio, and although some might say that I'm too old for all the cute characters, it's something my heart will never let go of ♡
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

♡ Ank Rouge Fukubukuro 2018 Review ♡

Hello my lovely bunnies!
Once again it has been quite a while since I last wrote, and I apologize for that ;-;
However I've been recently reading Lace and Lucy, which is the blog written by Dollielulu, who you might know from Instagram! Her blog is just as sweet as she is, and it's inspired me to start writing again! Blogging was something I really loved to do, and I've missed the satisfaction that comes with taking the time to write a blogpost, on whatever sort of topic!
Although I don't have much in mind for what to write, I do have a post which I've been meaning to write for a while... the review of my Ank Rouge 2018 Fukubukuro!
I thought it might be a bit too late to write this post, since I did get the lucky pack in early January, however I asked on my Instagram whether people would be interested-- and the overwhelming majority said yes!
So, I hope this will be useful for those of you considering buying a Ank Rouge Fukubukuro (or any brand, really) in the future!
Let's begin ♡

Firstly, I'll give a bit of introduction to lucky packs/フクブクロ/fukubukuro, if you aren't familiar with the concept!
In Japan, many shops will sell what are called "lucky packs" on January 1st. You pay a set price (generally 10,000 yen, or approximately $100 USD), and receive a selection of items whose value exceeds the price you paid! Typically this is a way for shops to unload their stock from the old year, however a lot of shops have now begun making lucky packs with the contents revealed! Liz Lisa and Swankiss, for example, do this. Ank Rouge had a similar lucky pack, where you received six items-- five of them known, and one unknown.
Their lucky pack cost $10,800 yen including tax, or about $95 USD (now the Yen-USD exchange rate is a bit worse, unfortunately ;-; ) They claim that the contents of the lucky pack exceed 40,000 yen in value, which is quite impressive!
Here are the items from the lucky pack that they revealed-- you could get the item in one of two colour-ways!.
The tote bag (that all the items arrive in)

Faux Fur Coat

Sailor Collar One-Piece Dress

Turtleneck Sweater

Lace-up Skirt
A 'mystery' item is also included, and there were no hints as to what it was (given what I got though, I think it was just old stock!)
Another thing I should mention, is that in order to purchase a lucky pack from Ank Rouge (and the majority of other Japanese brands), you will need a shopping service, since the vast majority of Japanese brands don't ship outside of Japan. Luckily there are many shopping services out there, most of which are fairly easy to use!
I talk about them in my most recent YouTube video, if you would like a brief overview!

Now enough about my rambling-- let me show what I actually received!
(I actually did an unboxing on my YouTube, if you would prefer to watch that! However here I will speak more about the quality-- if you're just curious to see what I got though, feel free to stop reading here~ and sorry if it seems as though I'm over-promoting my YouTube ><)

The first item that I received was the tote bag in the black colour-way~

This tote bag held all items inside, and it's actually a fairly cute design! I wasn't terribly opinionated on which colour-way I wanted, so I was pretty pleased with what I got. The fabric is black with little pink hearts, as well as the brand name written on the front, with a small ruffle on the edge. It's made of a fairly sturdy synthetic material, and has a matte finish. It zips up the top, and is lined as well. Although I haven't found a use for it yet, it's nice to have good quality bags like this! Perhaps I will store fabric in it..?
The next item (which is one of the ones I was most excited about), was the coat!

I received the coat in the black colour-way, which admittedly I was a bit disappointed about because of how darling the pink one was (... it was really similar to one I tried on while on vacation with my family-- however that one was close to $100, which I couldn't justify spending on a coat given that I live in Florida!)
Back from that tangent however-- this coat is surprisingly light-weight! It's made of a very soft faux fabric-- I couldn't quite say that it feels like faux fur, but it's something similar? It's lined as well with a soft and silky material.
The coat closes on snaps, which is certainly more convenient than buttons~ 
It also comes with a pom-pom brooch, which you can pin on the collar if you would like. I think it's a very cute detail, and it's nice that it's detachable! I do believe this is real fur though... ^^"

My disappointment in receiving the black coat was short-lived, thankfully! I was able to find a sweet girl on the Facebook Larme Sales group who was looking to swap for the black coat, so within a few days I had the pink one instead!

I much prefer the pink version of this coat, it's such a darling shade of dusty pink, and it's much more my style!
It's the perfect sort of coat for Florida winters, I think! It certainly wouldn't keep you warm if you live further up north, however in 50-60 degree cold, I think it's ideal~
Here's a small coordinate I put together with it, I was quite pleased with how it turned out!
Sweet Cherry Girl
Blouse and Coat: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Tights: AliExpress
Shoes: DSW (brand is indigo. rd!)
I think this is most definitely my favorite item that I received!
The next item I received was the one-piece in the dusty pink colour-way!
Although my above photo doesn't quite accurately show the colour of the dress, it's much less pink than the coat. I would say it's more of a dusty-mauve colour? In certain light it looks taupe, in certain light it looks dusty purple, however it's rarely pink >< It features a sailor collar, which was one of my favorite details on it! It also has a pre-tied bow that you can pin onto the neckline.
I would say this photo most accurately portrays the colour of the dress!

To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed with this dress... the main fabric of it was on the thin side, and was a bit like a thick t-shirt? The collar itself is quite well made, but on the whole this is definitely not similar to any other Ank Rouge item I received in the past, in terms of the quality. The bow is also a bit stiff, however I suppose that is just to help it keep its shape!
I do like this dress a lot, and I was happy to receive the pink (if it can be called that) colorway, however I don't know how much I'm going to wear it... I'm going to keep it in my wardrobe for a bit, however I might end up selling this.
The next item was the turtleneck, which I knew I would sell before I even received it because this sort of top is usually not very flattering on me. I received it in the black colour-way.

This top was made of a thin knitted fabric, which luckily wasn't scratchy! It had a ruffle mock-turtleneck, with a small black bow adorning it.
On the whole I think this was the least interesting item in the lucky pack... however I suppose it would be a good basic item to have if you just started building up your wardrobe! I'm afraid there isn't much else to say about it ^^"
The next item I received is another favourite of mine-- the skirt, in the black colour-way!
This skirt seemed very larme in its style, with its pencil fit, lace-up details, and ruffled straps. It's a bit different from my usual style, however I feel quite cute when I wear it!
One of my favorite points of this skirt is the lace up details on the waist- I think they're so cute! The ribbons stand out more on the pink version, however I don't mind that too much, as this makes it a more wearable piece, in my opinion!
This is made from a similar material to the one piece, however it does have a bit of stretch to it (and seems a bit thicker, too). In addition to that, it had a decent amount of shirring on the back, so it can fit a variety of sizes! Due to the cut, I imagine it would look nice on someone with larger hips, since it would accentuate the figure more!
I don't really have a proper outfit to show with this, but here's a quick try-on photo I took!
I think this is the item I will get the most wear out of-- I was quite surprised by it!
The last item I received was the mystery item, and it was quite... unexpected?
I recall Ank Rouge having this sort of odd grunge collection with teddy-bears and crosses, however I had completely forgotten about it until I received this

This is a black knit sweater, which is actually quite cute, when you disregard the applique!
It's made of a soft black knit, with sleeves that puff out a bit at the bottom. It has a fabric applique sewn onto the front, with the words "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do But you may miss out on future opportunities" written in front of a teddy bear. 
Honestly I was quite tempted to keep this piece because of how comfortable it was! However it wasn't my style in the slightest, so I decided to sell it ^^"
Here's a quick try-on I did with it~ I think if it didn't have the applique on the front, I likely would have kept it! It's a good cosy black sweater, perfect for chillier days!
Another quick thing to mention about this top is that it seemed to be of considerably better quality than the other, similar knitted top that I received, which was lucky pack specific. Often brands don't make their items in the LP as high as what they usually make- so please keep that in mind! If you're very familiar with the brand it might be a bit disappointing, and if you're new to the brand, it might set a low first-impression.
Not to say that lucky packs aren't worth it! For under $100 I was able to get five items of clothing (plus a bag!), which is much cheaper than the brand's items usually cost. I was able to sell the two sweaters for about $60 total, so I ended up paying only $40 for four things that I quite like! So, I think it's a bit silly to complain about the quality ^^"
On the whole, I think lucky packs are a great way to get items from brands you like or want to try, at a really cheap price! Although it might seem like a lot to pay (for me at least, paying $100 for things I wasn't sure I would like was a bit scary!), ultimately it ends up quite economical (and you can always sell the items you don't like, if you so choose!)
I think lucky packs are something I will purchase again in the future, especially so if the brand shows what they include! 
I hope this little review was helpful for you, and that it maybe helped to answer some questions you have about lucky packs! 
Please let me know if there's anything else you are wondering about, and I'll try my best to help!
Thank you for reading through this wordy review, and I'll see you in my next post! ♡