Tuesday, May 15, 2018

♡ Some Recent Closetchild Purchases | RoseMarie Seoir, Q-POt, and Secret Honey ♡

Hello everybunny ♡
If you follow my instagram, you might have seen the post on my story about a week ago where I mentioned getting a package from Closetchild
If you don't know Closetchild, they're a Japanese second-hand site for lolita clothing (and several non-lolita jfashion brands too)!
You can often find really good deals on there, and so I've purchased from them multiple times in the past. The convenient thing about them is, you don't need to use a shopping service! The ordering process is quite straight forward, and though the site is in Japanese, you can just use Google translate ^^ I finally decided to order from them again, because I found a really cute top (that sadly didn't really end up working out for me...), and I thought I would order some other items that I had been wanting too.
So, let's get into this small haul! ♡
Smol sneak-peek!

I'll start with the item I had been wanting for the longest (and probably my favourite purchase)-- this RoseMarie Seoir x Cinnamoroll collaboration cutsew!
I think it's safe to say that I've been wanting this top for at least half a year... it was originally around $40 on their site though, which I thought was way too much for a cutsew (even though it was new with tags...) Rosemarie Seoir isn't a cheap brand by any means, but I still thought that was a bit much to be paying for a casual top ^^" However, when I checked back recently, it was only around $25, which I thought was much much more reasonable!
I thought the pattern on this was soooo cute ;v; Although my favourite Sanrio characters are Kiki and Lala, I do quite like Cinnamoroll! Especially when surrounded by strawberries and whipped cream-- this was a top I just couldn't pass up on! ♡
It's made of a surprisingly thick material-- it's not quite like a regular t-shirt, which I guess is nice! 
You can sort of see the texture of the fabric here-- it's a bit... fuzzy?

I think the fit of this is really cute too! It's adorable both tucked into a skirt/shorts...

And when worn on top!
I really like the sleeves on this too ♡
Overall it's a really cute cutsew, and I'm happy I was able to finally get it! ♡ It's nice to have more cute and casual tops~

The next item is another top, and the thing that actually made me make this order... but unfortunately it's a bit of a disappointment ;^;
I saw this beautiful angel wing collar top from the brand Secret Honey, and seeing as how it had constellations embroidered on the collar... I was in love.

Aren't the details of the collar just beautiful? ♡
Embroidered cherub and some stars~

However, as cute as this top is... I just don't really like the fit on me ;-; The fact that it 'bubbles out' in the stomach area and cinches in at the bottom doesn't make it look really flattering on me...
Most of the skirts I wear puff out at the waist, so I can't exactly wear this sort of top over them, and when I wear it tucked into the skirts, it still ends up puffing out and makes me look larger than I am... ><
As such I'm not too happy with the fit ;v; It looks alright under other tops though!
And the angel wing collar is just so beautiful...
... but it's not something I'm going to be keeping ^^" Even though the design is darling and it's perfectly my aesthetic, I just don't think I'll get much wear out of it, so I've listed it for sale ^^"
It's a bit of a shame though, since it's a really beautiful design ;v; But I guess that's a constant downside to online shopping-- you just don't know how the fit will be...
Oh well! ^^

The last item is another one that I'm quite excited about, and that I've wanted for a while!
Although this item has been on my wishlist for a couple months, the brand itself is one that I've wanted to shop from for years... Q-POt!
If you don't know Q-POt, they're actually a cafe based in Japan, but they have tons of beautiful handmade jewelry as well! Generally the jewelry is sweets themed-- macarons, chocolates, biscuits... all very yummy looking ;v;
Like, look at their current sakura collection!
Sakura Monaka Necklace
Sakura Youkan Pierced Earrings
Sakura Mont Blanc Necklace
It's just all so pretty and charming... but if you go to any of the links, you will see that they're very expensive. Which I suppose is fair, since they are handmade... but there's a limit to how much I can spend on something like this ^^"
Closetchild has a lot of Q-POt items for sale, and often for fairly decent prices!
So, when I saw this set of three items... it was just something I couldn't pass up on!

Firstly: How adorable is this box?? It's like a fancy box for chocolates, opening it felt so special! And my heart soared even more when I took the lid off..!
Inside was a pink cream puff ring, a filled cream puff necklace, and a blue cream puff charm. Truthfully, I mostly bought this for the sake of the necklace...
The original price of this set was around $150... which is crazy! I purchased this for around $45, which is quite reasonable in comparison to the original price, I think! ^^ The pieces aren't in ideal condition-- the 'icing' on the unstuffed cream puffs is the tiniest bit sticky, and the blue one has a slight crack on the side-- but luckily the necklace itself is in perfect condition, and that's all that matters to me ^^
Firstly though: the ring!
It's surprisingly heavy, I was expecting it to be lighter! But it seems as though the puff itself is made of some sort of dense rubber, so it has a tendency to sort of tip to one side when I wear it ^^"
The blue puff is essentially the same as the pink one, it just has a little strap attached, so you can hang it from your phone, keys, bag... wherever!
They're both quite cute-- not something I would purchase by themselves, but since they came in the set, I can't complain!
The necklace is the true beauty of the set, and I love it so much ;v; It's such an eye-catching piece of jewelry, so I'm not sure where I'll wear it... but I absolutely adore it!

It's on a nice and substantial golden chain, and looks quite realistic! I wish I could eat a cream puff like this, it would probably be very yummy ♡
I hope I will get many chances to wear it-- it's just such a beautiful and unique piece! 

Overall, I'm quite happy with everything I purchased! It's a shame that the Secret Honey cutsew doesn't fit me as I would like it to, but I adore the RoseMarie Seoir cutsew, and the Q-POt set!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my small haul ♡ Look forward to seeing these pieces in my future photos!
♡ Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you soon ♡

Saturday, May 12, 2018

♡ Etude House Cherry Blossom Edition Glass Tinting Lipstick Review ♡

Hello my sweet cherry blossoms ♡
I feel as though it's been quite a while since I've done a makeup review!
However, I recently got a new lipstick that is possibly one of the most beautiful things I own, so I just had to review it!
If you follow the world of Korean cosmetics, you might know that the brand Etude House recently released a cherry blossom collection!
This collection features a blurring primer (which if I'm not mistaken, is just a repackaging of one of their usual products?), two eyeshadow palettes, and six lipstick shades. The fun thing is, that you can choose the case your lipstick goes with! I think this is a really cute idea, and it's my first time seeing this sort of thing from a brand other than Paul and Joe (another really cute brand)!
I instantly fell in love with one of the lipstick shades and one of the cases... so naturally I had to buy it! 
And so today, I thought I'd do a small review of it, since it's really such a beautiful product ^^
Let's begin!

Firstly, I ordered the lipstick from this listing on eBay-- I was a bit worried about the possibility of fakes out there, however this store has really high ratings and is based in Korea, so I wasn't too worried about it. However, it's something always want to be on the watch for-- eBay often has fakes, so be careful and look at the seller's reviews before you buy anything!
When ordering, you need to buy both a lipstick 'cartridge' as well as a case-- you'll see why in a bit.
In any case, both items arrived in really cute small boxes (I always find it so hard to throw these away, but there's no reason to keep them around unfortunately ;v; )
Firstly: the case!
For those of you who know me at least a bit, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I chose the most pastel and delicate looking one of the bunch! I think the baby blue looks so cute with the pale pink ♡

The case is sturdily made, and looks even more pretty in person than in photos! The lid also snaps on quite securely, so I don't think there's any danger of it possibly coming off in your purse ^^
... I don't have much else to say about it-- it is just a case, after all!

For the lipstick, I went with the only sheer option of the lot-- the shade PK009 "Glass Tinting Lipstick" (the other five shades are quite a bit darker in colour, and seem to be opaque)
All the shades from the series

This is a really sheer pink, with lots of glitter in it! The reason I went for this color is because there's a lipstick I've quite wanted from Guerlain that's quite similar (their 'La Petite Robe Noir Deliciously Shiny Lipstick' in the shade 'My First Lipstick'). This, however, is considerably cheaper, and with considerably cuter packaging, so I got it without a second thought!

The lipstick 'cartridge' comes in a small metal tube, which you just pop into the case! I suppose you could just use it without the case if you were really determined... but the case makes it much more convenient. The bullet comes covered with a clear plastic lid (for added safety, I presume), which you then remove once you've placed it into the actual case.
It snaps in really easily, thankfully!
Here I'm showing the lipstick extruded as much as possible-- it's a fair amount of product given the price, I think! (Plus it's not like I've ever gone through a whole lipstick tube, so the amount isn't that important to me...)
The colour appears just as it does in the stock photos, and the bullet is actually cherry-blossom shaped! Despite the unusual shape, it's no more difficult to apply than a regular lipstick. (Because of the Florida heat I was a bit worried that it would melt out of shape... thankfully that didn't happen!)
It has a very gentle sakura fragrance, and is very moisturizing! The glitter is very subtle however, and I didn't even notice a pink shade when I swatched several times, so it's a very understated lipstick ^^"
If you look close enough you'll see two lines of glitter- the top is with one pass of the lipstick, and the bottom one is with three. Not very noticeable... ^^"
On the lips I found that it showed up at least a little bit more-- you can certainly see the sparkles!

 Both of these were taken with just one swipe of the product!
The formula of this lipstick is really creamy and moisturizing, and the glitter particles are small enough that it doesn't feel grainy in the slightest-- it just makes my lips feel super soft!
I think this would look really pretty layered over a lip tint, for a cute girly touch! (I think it's probably meant to be worn over top of something else, but I think I'll end up wearing it by itself most of the time because it's really low maintenance and moisturizing!)
And now of course, some selcas. I think that despite the lack of strong colour, the lipstick does bring a cute hint of glitter to my lips!

Overall I'm really happy with this lipstick! I think it's so cute, and it's definitely worth the price (I think it ended up being around $13 USD?)
I'm very tempted to purchase another... but honestly my lipstick collection is much too big ;v; The only shade that stands out to me is the dusty pink one, but I already have too many dusty pink shades >< Ahh, oh well ;v;
In any case, I hope you found this review to be helpful, if you're considering getting this lipstick for yourself! I think it's such a beautiful series, and it's one of my favourite things Etude House has released in a long time! I'd really recommend getting it, before it sells out! Unfortunately three of the case designs are already sold out on the listing I linked, but all the other products are still available, so I suggest getting it while you can!

Honestly a lot of their stuff has looked quite... boring... recently, and in the past several years I just haven't seen many designs that were like the ones that made me initially fall in love with the brand :( So, this was a nice little reminder of the past, when Etude House actually made cutesy girly things ;v;

All that aside:
Thank you so much for reading! ♡ Please let me know in the comments if there's anything you're wondering about that I might not have addressed here.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

♡ A Very Large Taobao Haul | Things I'm Waiting for in the Mail ♡

I finally did it.
I had been building up a huge cart of items on Bhiner (a Taobao shopping service) for almost a year now... and I finally went and bought it all!
Okay so I didn't buy everything I had in there initially-- after a bit of trimming, I shortened my list, but it's still the most I've ever purchased in one go. I've gotten large packages when shopping from Japan (like my many DeJapan hauls), but those I built up little by little. With this haul, I got 25 20 things at once (not 25 because several items ended up being out of stock ;A; )... granted they're not all large items (there are many small accessories/cute things, which I won't show in this post). 
Today, I thought I'd share some of the highlights of what I bought! I'm really excited to get it, especially since some of these things I've been wanting for quite a long time ^^
Without further ado, let's begin!

I don't wear wigs much in day-to-day life, but I do enjoy wearing them for photos/videos, and I've been wanting to get some more natural coloured wigs for a while now, so I decided to get them in this haul! I purchased both wigs from the shop Dream Holic, which by far is the best wig brand I've ever tried (granted, I haven't tried many, but I think it's still worth mentioning!)
Their wigs are amazingly soft, beautifully coloured, and don't really tangle all that much. They're about mid-range in terms of price, but I think it's really worth it.
I got two wigs from them-- I wanted to try out some other Taobao wig shops too, but in the end I decided it would just be better to get two quality wigs from Dream Holic rather than one quality wig, and one or two mediocre wigs.
I've been wanting to get a shorter wig, and so the first one I got is the "Miss Poppy" design!
I've never owned a wig this short, but I think it will look really cute!
I got it in the "Macchiato" colour, which is a beautiful and fairy-like platinum blonde colour.
I think it should look quite cute! And it's probably really easy to keep neat-looking too, due to the very short length.

The other wig I got was the "Miss Scarlet" design-- I think the curls on it are really beautiful and elegant looking.
I got this wig in the "Cocoa" colour, because oddly, I don't yet have a brown wig! I like the warm tones of this colour.

I think this wig will be really cute with more bordeaux/mori girl coordinates, and I'm really looking forward to it! The length seems really nice too-- I sort of wish my actual hair looked like this.

A while ago, I saw a really cute mushroom print dress on the lolita clothing retailer DevilInspired (where if you use my coupon code "milk" you get 11% off!)-- however when I recently checked back it was already out of stock ;_;
After a bit of digging though... I was able to find it on Taobao!
Although the version of the dress I initially saw was the OP, I noticed on the shop that they actually also carried a JSK, which I thought would be more flattering, since the OP had a sort of sack-like shape to it...

I was torn between the white/ivory colour-way, and the ochre one, but in the end I chose the white since I figured I'd be able to pair it with more things this way! I saw try-on photos of it with a pretty dusty pink blouse, as well as with a really gorgeous red blouse... which I ended up getting too! 
I just thought the two of them looked so adorable on the model, so I just had to get both!
I am a bit worried that the blouse will be just a bit OTT on me (like, look at the puff on those sleeves!) but I think it's worth a try!
Update: This blouse ended up being sold out ;^; So I couldn't get it >< But I thought the stock photos still looked really cute, so here they are.

(isn't it just the cutest?? I'll probably wear it without the waist ribbon though... since it sort of reminds me of children's Easter dresses ^^" )

I initially ordered more clothing items, but a lot of things sadly ended up being out of stock so I was refunded for them... oh well ><
So, the other clothing item I got was this tank top! It seems like the perfect piece for layering, and since it was quite cheap, I happily got it~
I also purchased a dress that would have looked really cute with it, but it was out of stock ;-;
Mori girl is a style I really want to start wearing more-- I always feel so pretty in it! I was going to order more mori things in this haul, but then other things caught my attention, and I ended up leaving a lot of them out... but I guess there's always next time!

The next item is sort of on the brink between being clothing and an accessory-- it's a petticoat!
This petticoat is from the lolita brand ChessStory, which is a brand I have purchased from before and really liked. This doesn't seem to have too much poof, which is perfect for me. I have a few pieces that I think would look much better with a petticoat, so I decided it would be a good idea to finally get one!

Moving on to some of the actual accessories I got~
The first thing is his headbow, which is from the same brand as the mushroom dress. It seems to be made of a sort of fake suede/velour material-- I'm not too sure? It's really cute though, and I'm quite fond of the dusty pink colour. Assuming I'm not too self-conscious to wear it out because of how huge it is, I think it will look cute with a lot of items in my wardrobe!
Here you can see the model wearing it with the mushroom dress and a blouse in the same shade of dusty pink-- I think the combination is oh so cute!

Lastly is this really pretty flower crown~ Why I got this, I'm not too sure, but I do think it looks adorable (and of course, I couldn't pass up the low low price of $4...)
This post was supposed to be a bit longer... but unfortunately several of the larger items I ordered ended up being out of stock. Good for my wallet, I suppose, but a bit sad for me, since they were things I was quite looking forward to ><
Regardless, I'm looking forward to showing these items, and the other small things that I got, in a haul video once everything arrives! Hopefully that will be soon.
I hope you liked this lil post~ I'm really looking forward to wearing all the items, especially the wigs and dress!
Until next time ♡