Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vcastle Double-Layer Puff Sleeve OP Review + DevilInspired Review~

Hello my sweet fairies~
Today's review is quite overdue, but better late than never!
Several months ago I was contacted by the website DevilInspired, which is a taobao reseller for a lot of taobao lolita brands such as Infanta, Magic Tea Party, and some smaller brands too!
They had recently created a new "Kawaii Dailywear" section, and asked me if I wanted to review something from it! Naturally I said yes, who could resist such cute dresses?
So today's review will be partially a review of the dress I got, and partially of DevilInspired itself~
So, let's begin!

The dress I chose was the Double-Layer Puff Sleeve OP by the brand Vcastle, which is a brand I had never heard of before! They have a lot of really cute designs though, so I suggest you check them out! ^^
I fell in love with this literal sweet-lolita dress, because as you can see, it has sweets on it!
This dress costs $68 USD, and comes in sizes S, M, and L. It has detachable waist ties, as well as a bow that you can put on the collar, or wherever you'd like <3 
This dress got to me amazingly quickly (in like three days or so), which was fantastic! However, I'm not sure if shipping is always this fast, or if it was expedited for me because I was doing the review ^^ Regardless, I was very happy to receive my dress so soon! 

Just another small note:
DevilInspired carries a lot of different brands, which all have different processing times! Luckily, on the page of the item you want it will state how long the processing time is, so you know approximately when to expect your item ^^ Some brands have processing times of up to 60 days, so please look carefully if you need a dress quickly for some event!!

Anyways, on-to the dress!
My dress arrived looking exactly like the photo!
The pink is a really pretty sort of muted shade of light pink, which I think is so beautiful and fairy-like! The candy design is a dusty lilac color, so although it's a sweet lolita dress, the colors aren't too vibrant and overpowering. 
I thought the Vcastle tag was really cute as well~
(I love it when brands have cute tags!)

The dress is made of a really nice chiffon-like material, and I was surprised to find that it was lined with cotton! The lace on the dress is also super soft, and of very nice quality! I really don't like when laces are of poor quality, so in my opinion this dress is really nicely made <3
There's a zipper on the back and although there is no shirring, there are waist-ties if you would like to make the dress tighter.
As mentioned before (and as evident in the product name), there are two layers-- the upper chiffon layer, and the bottom layer, which has the cotton lining, a small strip of the chiffon candy fabric, and lace. Because of the nice quality fabrics and the layering, it feels like a very high quality dress! 
The dress is super comfortable, and I feel like it goes well with a variety of outfits! You can wear it more casually with just a cardigan over-top of it, or you can dress it up with lots of accessories and fluffy petticoats <3 

Here are two looks that I put together with it!
Cotton Candy Soul
Wig: Dreamholic
Dress: DevilInspired
Apron: Handmade by me
Tights: Walmart (modified by me)
Shoes: YRU
Accessories: AliExpress

Fluffy Pink Lolita
Wig: Dreamholic
Dress: DevilInspired
Apron: Handmade by me
Shoes: Liz Lisa
Accessories: Gift from Ukraine, Handmade
Overall, I think this is a beautiful dress! It's also very reasonably priced for a lolita dress, so I think it's fantastic for those of you who want to try lolita, but who are intimidated by the high prices! Just a quick warning though, I did find it to be on the shorter side of the lolita dress spectrum, and I'm 5'4, so I think that if you're on the tall side, this might be too short to wear as a 'proper' lolita dress ^^" (although it's not too short at all to just wear casually!)

In regards to DevilInspired itself, I had a great experience! The customer service is wonderful-- I talked with Mary through emails, and she always replied quickly and was very sweet ^^ 
DevilInspired has many cute dresses, and a variety of lolita styles! They also have a section for retro fashion, and kawaii dailywear~ If you find anything you love, you can use my coupon code "milk" for 11% off your order!
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you found this review! I really recommend DevilInspired, and this dress too! I hope you're able to find something you love from them <3
I'll see you in my next post!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Brianna Enviable Gray Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored}~

Hello my sweet fairies <3
I feel like it's been so long since I last did a circle lens review! 
Luckily, I recently (well, about a month or so ago, actually...) received two pairs of lenses from Klenspop to review! If you've been reading my blog for a while I'm sure you know about Klenspop-- they have a wonderful selection of lenses and I highly highly recommend them!
So, let's begin! ^^

The lenses I'm reviewing today are the Brianna Enviable Gray lenses, as you can probably tell from the title of this post!
These lenses are made by the brand "Lenspop" which, if I'm not mistaken, is Klenspop's own brand! They're currently $18 USD, and have a using period of about 6 months. These lenses have a graphic diameter of 14.6mm, which is quite a bit larger than I'm generally used to wearing! I really love the design of these, they remind me a lot of the "vassen kirei" series, although the limbal ring is much softer in these!
Here is how the lens design looks
I like that these lenses have a lot of different colours blended into them, and how the limbal ring is more of a dark grey colour rather than black-- this makes them look not quite as alien ^^
Here's how they look when worn!
Natural lighting

With flash (sorry for being mid-blink!)
And of course, some close-ups too~

I think the design of these lenses is so pretty! They're quite enlarging (more so than I'm used to, in any case), and I think because the colours are so light, they're very striking. 
These lenses are also quite comfortable! I'm able to wear them all day without any discomfort, even though I have fairly sensitive eyes.
One thing about these lenses is that the lens itself is very soft, so they're a bit more challenging to put on, however not so much so that it's annoying (especially if you have experience wearing circle lenses-- but I can see how it would be difficult for a beginner!)
On the whole, I'm very happy with these lenses! They're definitely a pair that I'll be wearing frequently.
To finish up, some more worn photos~

I hope you found this review helpful! I really recommend these lenses if you're looking for an enlarging, but not too unnatural pair of grey lenses.
Thank you for reading!
Have a lovely lovely day~

Friday, October 20, 2017

Facetory Sheet Mask Subscription Service Review {Sponsored}~

Hello everybunny!
I was recently contacted by the face mask subscription service FaceTory to do a review for them, you can't imagine how happy I was! If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that I already subscribe to Facetory, and that I'm a big big fan of their service~

*Just a small disclaimer before I begin: Although these masks were sent to me for review, absolutely all opinions are mine!*

A bit of background about FaceTory, they're a sheet mask subscription service which delivers a variety of sheet masks to you every month!
They have two different subscription plans:
FOUR-ever FRESH (which I was sent to review)
SEVEN LUX (which I subscribe to myself)

The difference between these is:

In the FOUR-ever FRESH subscription, you get four different masks. This is a great set for beginners, since the masks have more essential functions/features. The masks in this plan generally are made from cotton or cellulose. This plan costs $5.95 a month, plus $2.95 for shipping.

In the SEVEN LUX subscription, you get seven different masks. The masks in this box are somewhat more premium, and for those who have had experience with sheet masks before. These are often high-functioning masks with big results. There is a greater diversity in the material the mask is made of, and you can often find hydrogel and multi-step masks (which are some of my favorites!). This plan costs $15.95 a month, plus $3.95 for shipping. Although you end up paying more per-mask, they're all really high quality, and the original mask prices can reach up to $10!

I think both plans are great deals, and ultimately I think it just depends on how dedicated/experienced you are with sheet masks ^^ 

But anyways, let's get into the review!
The FOUR-ever FRESH masks arrive in a cute shipping pouch~ I love how much thought FaceTory puts into their packaging! It always brightens up my day to see something from them in my mailbox~
Inside were the four masks for the month!
This month is breast cancer research/awareness month, and FaceTory is donating 3% of their October subscription box revenue to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! I think it's really great that they're contributing to good causes ^^

With the masks, you get a card that has a bit of information about the masks and instructions! I think it's really helpful to have this, since it addresses skin concerns that the mask deals with, which allows me to choose what mask is right for me!

Now, I'll go through the individual masks that I got this month!

D'Mask Rose Water Revital Mask
Retail price: $3.50 USD

FaceTory Description:
If it was up to us, we would love to hand deliver a bouquet of flowers to every woman who has fought or is continuing to fight breast cancer. But since we can't physically deliver flowers to everyone out there, here are some roses in the form of a sheet mask instead! One unique feature of the mask is that 82% of the entire essence is made up of rose water. Rose water has countless inflammatory benefits and helps to reduce redness, irritated skin, and acne prone skin. In addition, this mask contains pomegranate extract to calm the skin while primrose extract helps to add nutrients and deep hydration.

My Impression:
I quite like this mask! It had a very pleasantly light floral scent, and the sheet itself was quite thin (I really don't like thick sheet masks, so this made me quite happy!). It was coated with a thick serum and left my skin really sticky afterwards. However, I found it to be quite plumping! On the whole I was pleased with this mask. I really like rose water in skincare, plus it just smells divine <3 

PACKage Sweet Dream Sleeping Mask
Retail Price: $3.00 USD

FaceTory Description:
Just as this mask literally says on the left side of the sheet, we want to tell all our subscribers: "You did well today, sweet dreams". After those long hours of work, school, and exhausting responsibilities of everyday life, everyone deserves to be able to just relax at the end of the day. What better way to do so than with this deep sleep mask? The essence contains natural lavender oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and works to purify the skin. A true "deep sleeping mask", the lavender scent works to calm the nervous system and act as an aromatherapy to enhance both psychological and physiological well-being. The creamy essence is packed with lavender, shea butter, and jojoba oil to balance overall moisture levels and provide nutrients for the skin. 

My Impression:
Oh my gosh I loved this mask! This was definitely my favorite of the lot. It had cute printing on the side of the mask, which, as stated in the FaceTory description, said "You did well today, sweet dreams". This mask had a very heavenly lavender scent which was oh-so-relaxing~ It was covered in a really thick cream which was essentially caked on in some places. This caked on cream remained on my skin even when I removed the mask, so I had to rub it in. However, this left my skin really clear and bright! It had an oily residue, but to be honest I prefer that to when masks leave my skin sticky ^^" On the whole, I really really like this mask! And because of the relaxing lavender scent, I was able to fall asleep easily that night~

Beyond Intensive Amploule Collagen Mask
Retail Price: $3.00 USD

FaceTory Description:
It's like using a full bottle of ampoule loaded with collagen for your entire face! This Beyond mask uses a cupra sheet to ensure that there is maximum moisture retention and minimum moisture evaporation while in use. The mask is saturated with an essence containing collagen components which is essential for the overall health and appearance of the skin. High amounts of collagen not only help to reduce aging but also help to become the building blocks for elasticity. Elasticity and collagen are key functions that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

My Impression:
This mask also had a really thin sheet, which is one of my favorite features in a mask! However, it had a really strong floral scent which sort of made the eyes burn for a bit ;-; Although if you're not really sensitive to strong scents, this wouldn't be as much of a problem ^^" On the whole it was a nice smoothing mask. There was nothing particularly outstanding about it, but for a daily mask, it's pretty good!

Epona Jeju Only Marine Plants Mask
Retail Price: $3.00 USD

FaceTory Description:
In ancient times, Epona-- the Roman goddess and protector of horses-- was the prime symbol of fertility and prosperity. As a tribute to the natural strength and beauty that Epona exuded, the Epona Jeju Mask was created! This mask combines the natural ingredients of both seaweed extract and kelp extract from the Jeju waters to moisturize the skin to a rich and healthy glow. More specifically, the seaweed extracts help to calm the skin while the kelp extract works to add just the right amount of of nutrients to give the skin that perfect radiance and suppleness. Overall functions include moisturizing the skin, calming breakouts, preventing signs of aging, and brightening the overall appearance of the face.

My Impression:
The first thing I noticed about this mask was that the sheet itself had a really pretty wave-like texture on it! The sheet was quite thick, which isn't my favorite type of mask, but it wasn't too bad ^^" This mask had a very gentle floral scent that was barely noticeable. The serum was quite thick and lotion-like, however despite that it quickly absorbed into my skin without leaving it feeling sticky or oily! This left my face feeling really soft, so on the whole it was a pretty good mask!

I hope that summary of the masks was useful! FaceTory has new masks every month, but they do sell masks from previous boxes in their shop, where you can get individual masks that you've loved previously!
On the whole, I really love FaceTory's service, and I highly highly recommend them if you love sheet masks! 
If you'd like to subscribe, you can use my code
for 20% off your purchase! 
You can also click here to get a $2 off coupon ^^

Thank you for reading! And once again, thank you to FaceTory for sending me these masks to review <3 
See you in my next post!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Spreepicky Dress Review {Sponsored}~

Hello everybunny!
I was recently contacted by Spreepicky through my Instagram to see if I wanted to review something from their site! If you don't know Spreepicky, they carry a lot of different cutesy jfashion clothes, wigs, accessories, and several cosplay things too! You can find things like seifukus and lolita-style dresses on their site, as well as lots of other cute (and more casual) clothes!
The dress I chose to review is the White Sweet Simply Lovely Lace Dress, which is currently $30 on their site, and it comes in 4 different sizes. 
I thought this dress had a really cute, and yet simple design to it, that would make it perfect for everyday wear! 
I happily ordered the dress using the gift card they gave me, and eagerly waited for it to arrive to my mail box! It took about a week or so for the package to get to me, and it arrived in a pretty pearly shipping envelope~
Inside, was my dress!
It  came safely packed in a plastic bag, with the cutest kitten face logo on it!
I do really like their adorable logo ;v;

They also included their business card, and a bookmark with a lewdly dressed girl :> I'm not sure if she's from some sort of show or game...?
And here's the dress itself!
It was a bit wrinkly upon opening the package, but that's to be expected ^^ After a quick ironing, it looked much happier! This dress is made from a cotton-polyester blend, and has a little bit of stretch to it, so it's quite comfortable to wear! The skirt has a bit of lining, which is nice because then your undergarments don't really show through, which I've found to be a problem with white dresses ;-;
And here are some photos of the dress tried on!

I really like the design of this dress, especially the high neckline! It zips up the back and is quite roomy, so it's very comfortable!
The sleeves have ties on them, which I think is a cute detail~ I didn't tighten it too much though, but I think it looks cute regardless!

I also really like the lace detail on the front! It's fairly nice quality lace, and the design of it is quite pretty and unique. It adds a cute girly detail to the dress, and it's fairly subtle too!
Here's the whole coordinate I put together with this dress ^-^
Casual Fairy
Wig: Taobao
Dress: Spreepicky
Bag: Liz Lisa
Tights: Aliexpress
Shoes: Melissa

Regarding communication, I exchanged several emails with Meko, and she was really sweet! She always wrote back quickly, which I really appreciate! 
On the whole, I'm very happy with my experience with Spreepicky! The shipping was quick, and I really like the dress I received! I'm looking forward to wearing it in the future, as it is an adorable piece ^-^ 
If you choose to shop from Spreepicky in the future, you can use my code Milkii for 10% off your order of $30 or more! I highly suggest you check their shop out, since they have so many cute things!
Thank you for reading, I hope you found this little review helpful!
I hope you all have a beautiful day <3

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review {Sponsored}~

Hello my lovely flowers!
I was recently contacted by Althea to review their new launch, their Petal Velvet Powder! Althea carries a wide variety of brands, but this was their first product from their own product range, which I think is quite exciting!
Anyway, let's begin!
I was surprised by how large and sturdy the box was that this powder came in! I really commend Althea for their good packaging, it's nice to not have to worry about products getting damaged in transit ^^

I have to say, the packaging for this product was beautiful!

I admit I gasped a bit when I first opened this up, I wasn't expecting it to be so cute, so it was a wonderful surprise! ;v;

(The inside of the box lid had a bit more information about Althea, if you're interested!)

Here's everything that was in the box! I really like the inclusion of the bag of rose petals, the pink feathers, and the plastic instagram-thing, it really makes the whole experience more luxurious!

On to the actual product itself though!

The powder came packaged in a simple, light pink box, with some information in Korean on the back.
There's also more information on the back of the jar, once again in Korean.
This is a loose powder, and comes with a sifter, so it's quite convenient and simple to use!

This powder is only $4.50, and you get 3 grams of product, so it's a very budget-friendly item ^^
It claims to make your skin soft as a flower petal, and to control sebum. The powder is infused with Althea seed oil, so despite the oil control, it doesn't dry your skin out. This powder is also cruelty free, which I really like! I haven't found very many budget-friendly cruelty free brands, so I'm happy that Althea offers this item.

The powder is very soft and velvety, and has a gentle floral scent, which I really like! Although it looks white in the pot, it appears translucent on my skin. However, since I'm very pale, I can't comment on how it would look on darker skin, since I feel like it might have a white-cast on richer skintones.
Let's take a look at how it looks on the skin!

I've been very lazy with makeup lately, and essentially only wear concealer, so for the most part, I apply this product on bare skin.


I think this powder does a lovely job of mattifying my skin! It leaves my skin feeling very soft, like a rose petal~ Since it's such a fine powder, it doesn't look cakey, nor does it look too powdery.
I've noticed that by the end of the day, my skin gets a bit oily, but for the most part this powder does a great job at controlling sebum and keeping my skin matte. 
Anyway, here are some more photos of how it looks on my skin, since narcissistic selfies are a must-have :v

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product! Especially given how budget friendly this is. I really recommend this if you're looking for a new setting powder! 
Once again, thank you to Althea for sending this to me for review!
I hope you've found this review helpful, and that maybe you find your new favorite setting powder ^-^
Take care lovelies, I hope you all have a beautiful day! <3