Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored} and New Video~

Hi guys! 
Today I'll be reviewing another pair of lenses sent to me by Klenspop, who I highly recommend~ But if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you already know that, so let's just get into it~

The lenses I'm reviewing today are the Bunny 3 color lenses in blue! These are a very natural looking pair of blue lenses without too much enlargement- perfect for an ordinary day look.
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3 mm
Shelf Life: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Price: $18 USD
These lenses aren't just a stark blue, but they have a very nice design which makes them at least somewhat natural. The brownish ring of color in the middle makes them blend nicely with my natural eye color- I don't think that a lot of blue lenses are like this, so in that sense this pair is quite unique.
Unfortunately, like with most blue lenses, the design isn't super vivid from far away, but I think up close (and with flash) it looks quite nice!

It's always so much more vivid when using flash ;~;
I wore these lenses in a video I filmed today, and while my eyes don't necessarily look very blue at a distance, they do draw attention to my eyes without being excessively enlarging or vivid.
Really, my eyes just look sort of dark here

These lenses are quite comfortable, although I did find that they dried out my eyes a little bit more than some other pairs that I've worn. It's really not bad though, as long as you use eye drops every few hours.
On the whole I'm quite happy with these lenses! I'd recommend them definitely if you have lighter eyes. 
On a related note, here's the video that I mentioned~ Now that I'm back home for the summer, I decided to assemble an athleisure inspired lookbook- please check if out if you're interested!

Anyways, thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend~

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My New Favorites- Ellen 3Color Grey Review {Klenspop Sponsored}~

Hi everyone! I hope you're well~
I've finally finished my first year at university, and now I'm back home for the summer~
Today I'll be reviewing another pair of lenses sent to me by Klenspop! Go to their site for a wide selection of cute lenses~
Anyways, let's start! ^.^

The lenses I'm reviewing today are the Ellen 3Color Grey- which have very quickly become my favorite pair of lenses that I own.
Lens Info
Diameter: 14 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.7 mm
Water Content: 38%
Shelf Life: 6 months
Price: $18 USD

I really like the design on these lenses because of how natural it is- especially on my hazel eyes. Honestly, I think these look really good because they sort of just emphasize my eye color rather than covering it up. While these are supposed to be grey lenses, they do have a hint of green to them which makes them look really nice on my eye-color.

I think these would also look nice on grey or blue eyes for a natural and yet emphasized look. While the design itself isn't too bold, the limbal ring does bring more dimension to the eyes.
I'm really happy with these lenses- and they're very comfortable too. 
And here are some photos of how they look! I went to afternoon tea yesterday with my family and felt very proper and lady-like (although grumpy looking in a lot of these...)~

Overall, I whole-heartedly recommend these lenses~
Anyways, thank you for reading! I hope you all have a nice week~

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Omocat Review and Wishlist~

Hi guys!
Phew, I have finals this week, but after that I'm free as a bird!
I have a bit of time, so I thought I'd write a quick review of the online shop Omocat! The designer makes really pretty clothes, and I've been lusting after their items for a while now. She recently released the new spring collection, so I finally got myself a shirt!

This is the Daisygirl t-shirt, and it was $30 USD (which I feel is a reasonable price for an independent-artist's piece of work). I got this in a size M because I wanted it to have a cute oversized sort of look, and I like the fit of it! Although this piece is maybe too vivid of a pink, I quite like it and I think it's perfect for girly summery looks!
Here are a couple more photos of how it looked~

I quite like the fit of this shirt, it's comfy, and the design is nice quality, so overall I'm really happy! 
There are a bunch of cool designs on the shop, so here are some more items I want to get someday... maybe. If I'm lucky and have the money.
Wolfgirl Sweater
Toastgirl Sweater
Demonboy Sweater
Glitchboy T-Shirt
Headphones T-Shirt
Skullgirl Boxy Tank
So... that's my extensive list of all things I want from Omocat hehe~ I think her art is really unique, and I hope one day I'll have the opportunity to wear more of it~
Anyways, thank you for reading!

Monday, May 9, 2016

SW4 Pink Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored}~

Once again, I disappeared, and once again, I apologize for that. However, I'm done with university in 2 weeks- after that I should have more time for post writing~ I actually have a few things planned, so keep an eye out for that~
For now though, here's a very overdue lens review! As always, these were sent to me for review by the online lens shop Klenspop, which carry a large variety of circle lenses~
Let's start!

The lenses I'm reviewing today are from the SW4 series, which I reviewed last time~ These are in the pink shade!
Price: $18.00 USD
Diameter: 15 mm
Graphic Diameter: 14.8 mm
Shelf Life: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Brand: Vassen

I quite like the design of these lenses, but I'm not sure they suit me the best. This kind of enlarging lens looks good with strong eye makeup (eyeliner+eyelashes), but I've been doing more toned-down makeup lately so it looked a bit odd. Here's how they look on my hazel eyes in different lighting though.
Dim-ish Room Lighting
Window Lighting
Window Lighting+Flash- I think my eyes look really animated here!
While I do love these lenses, they're not quite for every-day use for me. I think they'd look great in a cosplay though!

Here are some more photos of how they look on me~

Idk why but I like this photo hehe

Aside from not being completely my style, these lenses are pretty nice. They're comfy, and the design is quite nice. I recommend them if you tend to go for a bold look. The fact that they're pink and orange doesn't make them too unnatural- I think that in most lighting they just bring a warmer tone to my eyes- I didn't exactly have anyone come up to me in shock that I had pink eyes, if you know what I mean!
In any case, thank you for reading! I promise my next post will be soonish~