Saturday, August 16, 2014

5 Cute Back to School Outfits! {And mini-hiatus}~

Hi pretty bunnies~
Unfortunately summer is almost at an end (though perhaps for some of you it has already ended what with school starting). I start school on the 8th of September, and so before then I wanted to do some sort of back to school post thing.
In the end, I decided on.... 5 cute back to school outfits!
Pardon my awkward posing :P
I tried to go for a variety of different looks, so something sorta old-school ish, something sweet, something ultra sweet, a more toned down look, and neon :3 Only one of the looks has shorts cause I don't really wear shorts because I don't like how they look on me >u<
Anyways, here's the video~
Also, sorry that I kinda have to crouch in the shots >u< I don't have a great place to film, and though my head and feet are cut off, I think it worked pretty well x3

On a separate note, as of next Monday (not the 18th, the 25th), I'll be taking a short hiatus. I'll be in Canada until the 5th, and though I'll have internet, I don't think I'll really have much time to blog >n< I'll be in Hallifax, Nova Scotia, and after that in some house in the middle of nowhere x3 It'll be nice though, since it'll give me an opportunity to paint uninterrupted. After that though, I have a lot of posts planned, such as:
Lolita clothing hauls! (More Bodyline, and also some Taobao shops)
Jolse haul! (I've already ordered it, it just hasn't arrived yet)
Lioele, Tony Moly, and Etude House product reviews!
Some tutorials :3
So yeah, I'll try to have some interesting things once I return :3
I hope you guys like the video! 
Which outfit was your favorite?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Memebox Superbox #37: At Home Review~

Hey dolls!
Today celebrates... my first Memebox!

Memebox is a box that comes from Korea full of all sorts of beauty products. The Superboxes have themes, such as Pore Care or Herbal products. I chose the 'At Home' one, because I love having spa-nights and I thought it would be cool to have some new products to try~
Now before I get to the actual box its self, some quick notes about the shipping time.
I believe I ordered the box on the 29th of July, and I received it on the 9th of August. Not bad! I chose Standard Shipping, which was supposed to take 10-20 days, and I received it on the earlier spectrum of that range. Yay :3
A description of the box! (Taken from the card which has information about each of the products)
Friday nights out are awesome, but sometimes, a girl has got to take a break! Recharge with this At Home Box because we've got all the self-beauty kits packed into this box! From self hair kits to self skin and makeup kits, this box will surely enhance your look and mood so that you can start off refreshed and energized for the next week! Our simple DIY box will let you pamper yourself right in your own home so that you can get the superstar treatment without having to pay the superstar cost!
Sounds quite nice, no? I don't know about you guys, but I love pampering myself :3 I've always wanted to go to a spa but they're so expensive ;A; *cries* So, when I was trying to pick out a box and I saw this, I decided I would get it. They have other boxes which have makeup in them, but I have enough makeup as it is ehehe xD
All the stuff!
So many things :3 There are 6 things (well, in reality there are more, but the card with info about the products clumps some of the products together).
Now, mini reviews of the individual products~

#1: CNKCOS Sexy Beans ($17)
When I was purchasing the box, they mentioned these as a spoiler of sorts. I was quite intrigued~ They're these little beans that you rub on yourself and they apparently make you thinner :P
The instructions and the description 
Bottle of beans~
But yeah, you get in the shower and rub one on yourself wherever you'd like to be slimmer (stomach, thighs, etc.) I'm not sure how effective they are, but it is quite fun breaking it open and lathering it everywhere~ Maybe it has some sort of long term effect, but having used this for just a day, I can't say for sure. One thing though: they smell FANTASTIC. Really sweet and candy-like and yummy. The whole experience of using them is just really fun :3

#2: Blackhead & Black Mask Economic Kit ($29)
When I saw the petri dish I got a bit scared, but this seems to be a cool kit :3
First a description and instructions from the card~
Fancy fancy
This set comes with a lot of stuff.
Petri dish, cotton thingies, and spray
3 things, that's not that much. Oh wait no there's more >n<
Chin patchx20, Nose patchx40, Q-Tipsx25, Tweezers
For some reason the petri dish really intimidates me (you just put the cotton patch in it and then spray it with the liquid, but still, scary), but oddly enough, this product works really well, which surprised me. So, a nice product overall~ It's also that there are very many of them, so I can use this product for quite a while :3
Moving on~

#3: LABSTORY V Line B-Tox Lifting Mask Pink ($34)
This... was.... interesting (?)
When I first saw this, I thought that it was a box of sheet masks, or something like that. Nope. Quite wrong.
Instructions, packet of cream and the mask
So yes, the pink thing on the right is the mask. Mask, how? You strap it onto your head, and it's supposed to tighten out fine lines and wrinkles that may be on your neck and chin. I, not having any fine lines of any kind anywhere, find this to be a bit useless for me xD However, I gave it to my mother~ It's also really uncomfortable to wear :/ You can adjust how tight it is, but even so it's uncomfortable cause it's mushing your face and making it difficult to breathe. One also looks quite terrifying/silly when wearing it xD But, at least someone in my house can use it~ So that's good :3

#4: OSEQUE Silk Foot Peeling ($42)
As some of you may know, recently there have been these foot mask things which you put on your feet and then as the days go by your feet shed layer upon layer of skin. This however, is a more convenient way to do such a thing, and it doesn't have effects which lead to your feet shedding skin for 5 days so yay! :D 
Description, if any of you are actually reading these c:
When I saw the box, I thought it would be that kind of mask (who knows, there could've been several in there)
However.... it's in...
A bottle!
Yes, a bottle~ That sorta makes it more convenient, in my opinion. In terms of how it works, it's really a lot like the Cure Natural Aqua Gel, if any of you guys saw my review of that {click here to go to it!}. Basically, you just rub it on and it sloughs off layers of skin. On the card they recommend that you use a callus removing buffer but.... I didn't have one >n< I still think it worked pretty well though! My heels are really dry and cracked so there wasn't a massive difference, but I think that over time it should be really effective. I really like this product :3 

#5: with shyan Ruby Pusher & Eraser ($17)
It's nice that they included a thing for ones nails~ I don't really do much to my nails, but this is a nice set for upkeeping ones nails' appearance.
Much description.
The set contains a cuticle 'eraser', as well as a pusher stick thing.
I love the dandelions on the cap! ;A;
The cuticle pusher is also quite pretty~
It's like a night sky, what with the sparkles~
In terms of effectiveness, this set was actually quite effective. The cuticle eraser softened my cuticles enough so that it was easy to push them back with the stick. Now, my nails look very nice and fancy~ I shall paint them at some point during the week so as not to waste this opportunity :3
And... last product!

#6: Cool Dr.Scalp+ & Hot Speed Manicure ($11)
2 hair products~
Last card~
Okay first off.... how confusing is it that one of the products is called "Hot Speed Manicure" but it's meant for your hair not your nails? Confusing >n<
They're both relatively small~
The red one is nourishing is, and the blue one removes excess sebum from your scalp. I've only tried the red one since I have a very dry scalp as it is, but the blue one smells fantastic :3

Overall... yeah! I think that this box was overall quite nice :3 I had a ton of coupon codes and ended up paying only $7 for all of this! (Not including shipping). $7 for $150 worth of stuff.... that's quite nice :3
I hope you found this review helpful~ Memebox has lots of cool boxes, and though I've only tried this one, I think I'll try some more in the future once I have sufficient funds~

Have you guys tried any boxes? What are your thoughts on them?
~Sakura <3

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Top 4 Anime Series~

Hello guys~ 
Sorry that I'm bad at updating often >n< I've just been somewhat busy lately (which seems odd, it being summer and all, but unfortunately it's true). So today I decided to do a quick post of my top four favourite animes, which I hope will interest you guys since I know that some of you out there are anime fans too :3

Intense art is intense
Fate/Zero is the prequel to the anime Fate/Stay Night, though it was made after Fate/Stay Night was made, which is odd. This however, results in an amazing art style, as well as a very cohesive well-done plot. The plot of this is a "holy grail" war, where seven people have seven 'servents' fight to the death in order to get the grail, which is a bizarre wish-granting device.
Definitely for more mature audiences, since there are some disturbing aspects to it, but overall I think it's an incredibly made anime. It's dark, it's intense, it's sad, the art is fantastic. It's also that very rare type of anime which has no high-school students! :D But yes, an overall fantastic show. I just finished it recently, and am trying to restrain myself from watching it yet again.

Madoka Magica
Pretty fan art~
It feels a bit odd placing this after Fate/Zero, since Fate/Zero is really dark and mature and Madoka Magica is a shoujo, but this is fantastic. It's a 'magical girl' type anime (think Sailor Moon and the likes), but sort of on a whole different level. While the characters are really young and possess some of that child-like charm, the plot gets very intense and deep. The art is at times simplistic, but in some situations it becomes very collage-like and interesting to view. 
The plot is simple, of a young girl named Madoka who gets asked to sign a contract and become a magical girl and fight witches. It's much more complex than that however, but I won't spoil anything c; Don't underestimate it because it's a magical girl shoujo though; it's so much more than that.

Pretty art~
Yet another very good anime which surpasses the standards one sets for it. It's all science fiction-y and about time travel, though the primary focus isn't really that. It's also pretty short, if I remember correctly (then again, all of the animes which I watch are short since I don't like watching things longer than 24 episodes). I watched this last summer, and remember really liking it. 

Sword Art Online
Cover art~
This I think is a really common favourite for a lot of people, but I still like it a lot x3 In it, all of the players in a game get stuck inside of the video game, and if they die in the game, they die in real life. This results in a lot of tear-jerking moments when characters you've become attached to die, but by the end, it's a really feel-good anime. The second season was awful though. Don't watch the second season >n< Now they're releasing a third season, which from what I've seen, is very good <3 I highly reccommend this too, since it's not too serious of an anime, but also not completely light fluff.

So.... yeah! I hope you guys found this relatively interesting c: If you've seen any of these shows, tell me what you think of them <3
What's your favourite anime?

Sakura <3