Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big Eye Makeup Tutorial~

Hey cuties!
So.... to be honest I filmed this video forever ago. I think it was in February >_> But hey, it's here now! This'll be a quick post, but I thought I'd still share the video with you guys (and the products that I used to create the look)~
Firstly, the video itself!
It's a pretty basic tutorial, without fancy colors and stuff, but you can pretty much personalize it however you want ^.^ 
A list of the products used~
Geo Ultra CK105 Circle Lenses
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Skinfood Shortcake Eyeshadow (sorry, don't know the color name ;~;)
Shara Shara Colour Eyes Stick Shadow
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Holika Holika Magic Pole Waterproof Mascara
Secret Stargirl S-Style 2 Set Delicate Lash
Duo Eye Adhesive
Sephora White Eyeliner
Bodyline Eyelashes
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush
Tokidoki Luminosa Powder
Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer

So, not as many products that there have been in previous tutorials~
And naturally, photos!
I really love the flower crown ^.^

Anyways, I hope you like the video! Subscribe if you want to see more in the future ^.^
Thanks for watching! <3
What sort of videos would you like to see in the future?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vassen Kirei Blue Lens Review {Love Shoppingholics Sponsored!}~

Hello cutie pies!
Today I'll be introducing a new sponsor of mine: Love Shoppingholics! They sent me an email a little while ago asking if I wanted to review some of their lenses, and I did! ^_^
Love Shoppingholics is an online shop that sells mostly circle lenses, but they also have beauty products and other such things~ They have a wide selection of lenses and I had a hard time deciding which ones to get! They ended up not having the pair I wanted in my desired prescription, however they then offered to send me the Vassen Kirei Blue lenses which I agreed to because they're pretty~
So, thank you Love Shoppingholics for these lenses!
Let's start!
Before I get into anything, as usual, basic lens information~
Name: Vassen Kirei Blue
Brand: Vassen
Price: $23.90
Diameter: 14.5 mm (Enlargement effect 16-18mm)
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Shelf Life: 1 year opened
So, nothing too unsual about these lenses~ I find it interesting that they list the "enlargement effect" however, since it's not something I've ever seen before.
Also, before I talk about the lenses themselves, I'll talk about the service from Love Shoppingholics~

Shipping: The shipping took quite a while, longer than I'm used to. It took about a month or so for the lenses to arrive; granted the lenses were coming from Singapore. They also included a tracking number, which was nice~

Packaging: The shipping envelope it came in was nothing special, just a usual paper envelope.
Address covered by a butterfly because why not~
Inside that however.... is the best thing ever <3 <3
Nevermind the "Merry Christmas" packaging, just look how cute!!!
I love the little satchet and the ribbon that's on it <3 I'll need to find a cute use for it~
They also included a little thank-you card, which I thought was cute~
All the thank you!
They included a really cute lens case- elephants! And I find it convenient that they're blue like the lenses themselves~
Their little trunks are the cutest ;u;
The vials were wrapped in a foam-like material and they were pretty secure in there, so no need to worry about them breaking in transit~
The vials themselves are just typical circle lens vials- nothing special about them. The lids were quite pretty though~

Butterflies, flowers, and by awful prescription <3
Now, on to the actual lenses!
When I saw the design, I was a bit hesitant because it seemed really, really unnatural.
The back of the lens looks the same as the front~
The design (by itself) also isn't outstandingly pretty or anything like that, but on the eyes, it's a whole new story. I'll let you see for yourself.
Window Lighting
So. Pretty.

My eyes look really cartoon-like like this~
Window Light+Camera Flash

Dim Lighting
Well, more or less dim.
Aren't they gorgeous???
They're vivid, but not so vivid that you feel super unnatural wearing them. If you have brown/hazel eyes, like me, these look nice because the design has a ring of brown in the centre which allows the lenses to blend with your natural eye color. Since the lenses aren't super opaque, they don't cover your natural eye color completely, which allows them to be more natural than they would be if they were opaque. Where the lens is no longer on my iris it's evidently a much brighter blue, so if you have light eyes these would definitely pop more than they did on me. These are indeed a little bit larger than my natural iris, so the effect is cool because there's a slight ring of bright blue between the iris and the limbal ring~
Anyways, clearly I love this design a lot. So, here are some full pictures of me wearing them~

You can really tell they're blue from this photo~
I liked my eyeliner that day~

I don't know why but this is probably my favorite photo~
And a few more things about the lenses
Comfort: These are really comfortable! Even after wearing them for the whole day, I felt no problems~ Definitely one of the more comfortable pairs of lenses that I have ^.^
Enlargement: As you can see, these are really enlarging. Thus, I recommend you have some sort of eyeliner/eyelashes, since otherwise it might make your eyes look a bit like that of an alien.
To sum it all up, I really love these lenses, and although I was a bit skeptical of the design at first, I'm really happy I ended up with these lenses ^.^
Thank you for reading, and don't forget to visit Love Shoppingholics!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rainbow Eyes and Flowery Jumper OOTD~

Just a quick post today~
I wanted to write something to interrupt the circle lens reviews (I have three left to do and I don't want to write similar things multiple times in a row)
I liked my hair and makeup and outfit today so I thought I'd share them with you~
They're rainbow eyes!

At my school today we had Day of Dialogue, which is a day during which we have many assemblies discussing things relating to the LGBTQ community. I'm not going to go into detail about the day, but I thought it would be cool to do rainbow eyeliner~ I used my Lime Crime palettes which are super pigmented and awesome for such things~
Anyways, here are some full face photos c:

I think rainbow eyeliner is really cute cause it's a small detail that's not super noticeable unless you get close to a person c: It's not super overpowering, which I like~
Anyways, outfit! I only have one picture and it's not the best because I really have no good places to take photos in my house but oh well >.>
Flowery Jumper OOTD
Hairbows: Forever 21
Cape/Cardigan thing: MNG Suit
Blouse: H&M
Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Dr. Martens
It was a bit too warm for this outfit today, but oh well~
Also, a closeup of my slowly expanding picture wall c: I have yet to put up some of the things that I got at Anime Boston, but some of there are there~
My best friend drew me the Baymax drawing at the bottom left :3
Isn't it awesome?
Anyways, sorry for the short post~ I'll have a new one up soon c:
Thank you for reading!
Do you like to decorate your walls?

Friday, April 10, 2015

EOS Dark Ice Pink 2 Tones Lens Review {LensVillage Sponsored!}~

もしもし みなさん!
Today I have a new sponsor of mine to introduce to you: LensVillage! They kindly contacted me a few weeks ago about whether I wanted to review a pair of lenses from them (naturally I did).
LensVillage has a huge selection of colored contact lenses, and their website is very easy to navigate. You can search for lenses by either brand or color (their color selection is gargantuan, and very specific too [there are two separate categories for aqua and turquoise]). I also find it super cool that they have gold colored lenses! (Unfortunately, the ones that I want come without prescription >n<)

So, thank you LensVillage for sponsoring this review!
Let's start!

As you can probably tell from the title, I ordered the EOS Dark Ice Pink 2 Tone lenses~ I've been wanting them in blue for a while but spur of the moment I decided on pink instead, because why not? I've never owned pink lenses before c:
The shipping time for these was I believe about two weeks, which is pretty average waiting time for ordering lenses~
The lenses came in an interesting bag that I had never seen before when ordering. It was essentially a normal bubble mail envelope, but it was blue too!
It looked like this! (Also, adorable bunny from Anime Boston~)
Inside the packaging, the stuff was a bit loose, but the lenses were bubble wrapped so I didn't worry that they could have broken. Along with the lens vials, there was a cute animal lens case and a card about LensVillage Insta-selfie contest~

I think they're bears?
What do you guys think? I'm bad at these cases ;u;
Before I start showing the lenses themselves, here's some basic information about them!

Brand: EOS
Price: $23.00
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.7 cm
Water Content: 42%
Life span: 1 Year

Like all the circle lenses I've purchased in the past, these came in glass vials (which were very difficult to open, but that's the case for all of them...)
I like how the label has hearts on it ^_^
You can see a bit of the lens here~
Please remember to soak your lenses in contact solution for eight or more hours before putting them on! You don't want to hurt your eyes!
Here are pictures of the lenses in the case~
On the left is the reverse of the lens, on the right the front of the lens
Close up~
I really love the design of this lens, but I feel like it's definitely not one for everyday use. Here are the photos in any case, I'll let you decide yourself how versatile they are x3
Window Light
So pink~
As you get further away, the color seems less vivid
Camera Flash
It looks super light like this
Dim Lighting
Even in dim light it's visibly pink, which I think is quite impressive.
Full Face Photos!

So yep, those are the lenses! Before finishing up I'll write some thoughts on them
While the design of these lenses is very cool, it's definitely not something for an everyday look, at least not for me. Also due to the very pale nature of the lenses (since they have no prominent limbal ring), I think they would look nice with strong eye makeup. If you have no eyeliner on at the very least, it might look a bit odd. 
Side note: I think the blue version of these lenses would look super cool if you decided to do a sort of frozen Anna (from Frozen) cosplay~ Because they do give that sort of frosty appearance to the eyes~
These are pretty comfy! In the left eye it was a bit uncomfortable for a while, but I then realized that I was probably wearing the lens inside out >_> (It's difficult to tell which side is which because the designs on both sides are so similar). Once I got both the lenses in correctly though, I could hardly tell that I was wearing them.
Overall I like these lenses! I won't wear them frequently, but when I do, they will be awesome :3
Thanks for reading the review!
And thanks once again to LensVillage for sponsoring this post~
Visit their site if you're interested!

~Sakura <3
What do you think of pink lenses?
Have you ever tried lenses in a quirky color before?