Thursday, March 26, 2015

GBT GC2 Brown Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored!}~

Hello everyone!
Today I have another circle lens review for you, thanks to my lovely sponsor Klenspop! In my last post about them, I wrote more about their site, so if you're interested in that, you can see it here.

The lenses I got sent are the GBT GC2 Brown lenses. When I saw the design I thought they were super cool and unlike any others that I had before in the past. Here's the stock photo:
Taken from the Klenspop site~
I've seen designs like this before, but I've never had the opportunity to own them. Although the design seems quite intense, it actually looks really natural on the eyes! It's only when you look more closely that you notice the pattern, which I think is a cool detail.

As with my previous experience with Klenspop, the lenses came in a box.
Eyes need style too!
On the back of the box there are instructions for putting in circle lenses, which is pretty useful if you're a beginner.
I put them in differently though~
Included in the box are the lenses, as well as a lens case and tweezers! I don't use tweezers often at all, but they do seem like they would be useful. Maybe I should pick up the habit of using them.
I now have a large assortment of these tweezers, and no clue what to do with them x3
Now on to the lenses themselves~ As usual, first some basic information about them.
Brand: G&G Contact Lenses
Price: $13.00 (super cheap for contacts!)
Diameter: 14.3 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Life Span: 1 Year
The lenses come in these tiny vials that are positively adorably chubby.
On the left is the chubby one, the right, a regular sized one. Isn't the difference huge? :o
Some information on the backs of the vials, mostly in Korean. Sorry that I can't translate ;~;
The design of the lenses looks very similar to the stock photo. They have a sort of vine pattern which isn't too visible at first glance, but once you look closely, it's very obvious (and pretty!) The back of the lens doesn't differ too much from the front, it's just a little bit more faded. The reason I'm pointing this out is because sometimes lenses have a sort of white-colored back in order to block out your regular eye color and make the lens color more prominent. Because these don't have that white backing, they seem very natural and thus they blend in well with my hazel eyes.
The back of the lens on the left, the front of the lens on the right
Closeup of the design~
The part of the lens isn't too huge, so you'd still be able to see the middle part of your eyes.It does however have a subtle graduation, which would make the change of color look more natural.
Of course, what use would all this be without photos of how they actually look when worn! ^_^
Firstly, in natural light~ IT was a sunny day that day, and the photos were taking in the light streaming in from the window.

The color difference between my eyes and the lenses isn't too noticeable in this lighting c:

Next, dim lighting! Mostly these show off the size of the lenses, since you can't really tell what color they are in such lighting.

You can only really see the black outline here ;~;

And finally, the lighting which shows off the lenses the best: camera flash! Of course, you wouldn't see this effect in regular life unless you're always standing in bright lights x3
I really love how my eyes look in this picture ^.^
The limbal ring doesn't look as dark in this photo as it does in others~ More of a dark brown here than a black c:

And finally, just some random photos x3
I was wearing a scarf in all of these because I didn't like what my face was doing x3 Also, hearts!
It's a very warm fuzzy scarf- I love it <3
I like both of these really high contrast photos
Especially this one
Now that all the photos are out of the way (and sorry that there are so many of them), some more writing about the lenses and their properties.
Enlargement: These aren't the most enlarging lenses that I've worn, but I like that about them. It makes your eyes look cute without having them be like an alien. If you don't wear a lot of makeup they still look fine, though I do recommend at least a bit of eyeliner so that the lenses themselves aren't too stark.

Design: The design is really pretty and natural~ As I mentioned before, it's not too 'in your face', so they aren't that unnatural c: It's also cool how they sort of look like vines.

Comfort: Now here is where unfortunately, I had a problem ;A; The right lens for some reason always drives me crazy >.> I first thought that it was a problem with my eye, since I occasionally get irritations, but when I wear my other lenses, it's not as much of a problem :/ The left one is fine however, so I'm assuming it's just a defect in that particular one. It's not too problematic, just a tad uncomfortable. Maybe eye-drops would help- I'll have to carry them around to school. The left one was super comfortable though ^_^

Overall I really like these lenses a lot, especially the design since it's oh-so unique ^_^ Get them here if you're interested! Thank you once again Klenspop!
Visit their site here!
Now, as a footnote, sorry if I look/sound super tired. College stuff hasn't been very successful so far, in terms of getting in places, and its very, very draining. I'm not sure what to do at this point... I still have places to hear from, but I'm scared >.> If I could please ask you guys, send me positive thoughts ;~; I could use them, please ;~;
Anyways, sorry for that not too happy ending. 
Thanks for reading~

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Petrie Court Cafe Afternoon Tea Review {Metropolitan Museum of Art}~

Today I have a post different from the usual- an afternoon tea review! I was inspired to do one of a tea place I went to while in NYC a few weeks back because of the lovely blog posts of Oh How Civilized (I suggest you visit her blog if you want to become very hungry for delicious food). Ever since I stumbled upon her blog I wanted to go to an afternoon tea service. Unfortunately though, there are hardly any in the area and even if there are some, they're quite pricey. I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my mother and wee saw that they had an afternoon tea service at their Petrie Court Cafe, and so we decided to go~

The cafe was located on the first floor, but I don't remember the exact location because I was famished and thus not really paying attention to my surroundings. The space is quite casual, and because of the stone walls all of the sound waves bounced back and it was really loud. We went when there were a lot of people so it wasn't exactly a tranquil environment. It was pretty nonetheless though.
A photo of the space, from the MET's site because it was too crowded to take a pretty photo when I was there
The afternoon tea is $27 per person, or $32 per person if you'd like a glass of sparkling wine with your afternoon tea. The service comes with a small pot of tea, a scone, tea sandwiches, and desserts. There was surprisingly little food but at the same time, it was very filling. Everything was also very scrumptious; I liked it a lot. 
For the tea there are many options, falling into the categories of black, green, herbal, and tisanes. I chose the Dragon Pearl Jasmine, which was very delicious. It's a fairly popular tea, I know you can get it in many tea stores, so I suggest you try it~
I didn't use the lemon, not surprisingly~
I'm not sure what order you're supposed to eat the food that comes with the tea service in, but we started with the scones. They were pretty small, but they seemed freshly baked and they were really good. They came with a small plate of apricot and blueberry jams (the blueberry caused me to have an immense craving afterwards for it and so I bought a jar at a grocery store x3), as well as lemon curd and what I believe was clotted cream. I really wish there had been more scones ;A; They were one of my favorite things in the tea service.

I wish there was more lemon curd x3

After the scones, we moved on to the sandwiches~ There was only one sandwich of each type for each of us, and though they were pretty small, they were quite filling and very yummy. Only one of the sandwiches had meat in it, so if you're a vegetarian it shouldn't be that much of a problem. They all seemed freshly made, and aside from the egg sandwich, I liked them all.
Back left: Fig Jam, Camembert, Candied Walnuts
Back right: Classic Egg Salad on Pumpernickel
Front Left: Croque Monsieur
Front Right: Watercress (I think) and Radish
The sandwich menu stays more or less the same; I looked on the website now and the only difference is that the watercress and radish sandwich is now cucumber, radish, and anchovy butter. My favorite was probably the Croque Monsieur, although the watercress and radish was also nice and fresh and tasty. The egg salad was weird because it had curry and horseradish >.> I can't stand anything with horseradish, so it definitely wasn't my favorite. Overall though, the sandwiches were very nice.
After the sandwiches came my favorite part: sweets! Like the sandwiches, there were four varieties, and one of each type for each of us. I liked all of the sweets, and although some were very very sweet, I still liked them x3
Left: Raspberry Tartlettes
Right: Lemon Curd Tartlettes
Front left: Lemon Chiffon Cake (I think)
Front Right: Blueberry Financier
My favorite was definitely the lemon cake; it had lemon curd smothered on top and it was so light and fluffy and absolutely delicious. The financier was also really good; it was my first time trying one. The tartlettes were very, very sweet, but still yummy~
Overall I really liked the tea service a lot! I hadn't been in one before so I can't compare it to much, but I did like it a lot. If you ever to go the MET, I suggest that you try out their tea service~
Anyways, now I'm hungry for yummy food so I'm going to go eat something~
Thanks for reading!
Have you ever tried a tea service?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

New York City Haul~

もし もし!
The first post I'd thought I'd do regarding my recent NYC trip is a haul post! I got some nice things while there and so I thought I'd share with you guys~
Lets start!

The first shop I was most eager to visit was the Disney Store. There aren't really any nearby here, so I was eager to go to it (they also used to have a Sanrio store, but it's closed now :c) The reason I wanted to go to the Disney store so badly was because of.... Tsum tsums! You may have heard of these super cute characters~ It was originally a phone game in Japan, and they made plushies as well, and now the craze has moved to the states and I'm obsessed <3 I originally just got two (one for me and one for one of my friends)... but then I had to go back and get more x3
He's so soft and fuzzy I love him <3
Winnie the Pooh! (This one was for my friend- I already gave it to her~)
This one is bigger than the others, and super huggable <3 <3 <3
My little sister got the Marie one~ They're friends! :D (also Tsum Tsums are stackable how cool is that)
There will soon be a Big Hero 6 collection of Tsum Tsums that will be released and I really want to get myself them ;u; Baymax <3 <3
Moving on~
I was also at Sephora, and although there are plenty of Sephoras here, the one in Times Square was so big <3 The most exciting thing was a perfume that I've been wanting for a while now: Nest's White Sandalwood perfume~ Firstly, I think the packaging is absolutely stunning. I'm also obsessed with any scents that have sandalwood in them~ I also got a cleanser and moisturizer from First Aid Beauty, as well as a nail varnish (sort of. It's clear but ever so slightly pink- and it was one of their 100 point rewards, so essentially free!)
The packaging is so gorgeous and artsy on the perfume <3
I also stopped by a couple of beauty/drugstores in Chinatown, which had surprisingly nice things c: My family and I went into this small drugstore because my sister was thirsty and so we wanted to buy her water, but they turned out to have a slew of nice beauty products so we got some :3
Bath salts, warming eye masks, lotion type thing, and peach cough drops~
 The eye mask thing is really cool! Once you take it out of the packaging it starts warming up and it smells like roses and it's delectable <3 I also love anything peach flavored, so I had to get the coughdrops.
Foot mask and lip mask
I haven't tried the foot mask yet, but the lip mask is really weeeird .-. In a good way though! It's made of a gel and so it conforms to the curves of your lips perfectly, and it was quite moisturizing! I did look a bit silly though >u<
I also stopped by the store oo35 mm, which I went to in my previous trip to New York. I wasn't incredibly impressed with their selection this time around though, but I did pick up a few face masks.
I've only tried the honey one- it's really nice! They also included free samples and a grape bag c:
So that's esssentially all that I got in New York, but I will show you some things that I got at a super cute store a bit more than a week ago c: The store sells all sorts of interesting knick-knacks (I can't think of a better word for them). I saw this super cute vintage notebook and had to get it x3 (I also got cute stickers because I have a terrible addiction for them).
Aren't they adorable? ;u;
All the pages are so cute <3
Stickers :3
I think I'm going to use the notebook for my Czech studies~ I also got super cute sticky notes that match the notebook~

Aaaand that's about it! Sorry if the post seems a bit scattered- I'm tired >_>
Thanks for reading! I'll have another post about NY up soon~