Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lolita Holiday Wishlist {Lolita Blog Carnival}

Hello all!
Today I have my very first Lolita Blog Carnival post! ^_^ I'm quite excited, so I hope you find it interesting :3 
I guess I'll just dive right in and post some things that are on my lolita wishlist this holiday season~ I plan on getting these things eventually, maybe not necessarily during the holidays, but definitely at some point ^_^

No. 1: HMHM Dress
Pretty ^.^
Now, I'm not sure of the exact name of this dress, but I think it's super adorable~ It's from the Taobao company HMHM, and since I don't yet have any black lolita clothes, I thought this would be a nice first. It's also not too obviously lolita, so I could wear it toned down as well c: It seems versatile- which I like :3
No. 2: Chess Story the Unicorn Castle Cloud Bag
I think this bag is absolutely gorgeous, it's so happy and puffy ^.^ The only problem is it's out of stock almost everywhere in the white colorway ;A; So, I'm hoping it will show up soon ;n; Cause the pink just doesn't do it for me >n< There was another bag which I really wanted which was in the shape of an old fashioned clock and it was absolutely gorgeous, but sadly it's out of stock right now :( If any of you know any good handbags for classic lolitas, don't hesitate to tell! ^_^
No. 3: Mirukuma's Lolita Surprise Package {link!}
The sweet lolita version~
I've been looking for a lolita subscription box-type-thing for a while now but there are very few, and the ones that exist seem kinda sketchy. This one however, seems very nice ^_^ You actually get a brand item (or brand items, if you're lucky), as well as one or two things from a Japanese brand (like Chocomint, Sanrio, or San-X), and 2-4 Japanese candies. This is sort of a combination of everything that I love, and at the relatively low price of $38 including shipping, I'll definitely be getting it with my next paycheck :3 (If you're curious as well, it's currently available in sweet, classic, and otome styles).

No. 4: Chiffon Blouse
This one is by Dear Celine~
I think chiffon blouses look gorgeous with lolita. I already have a black, short sleeved chiffon blouse, but I want something longer as well. The Dear Celine one is nice, but really expensive (around $90), and at that price I'd rather buy a brand blouse :P The lace sleeves are quite nice though...~
No. 5: Black Long Sleeved Blouse
This one is by HMHM~
I already have a short sleeved black blouse, now I want a long sleeved one c: I think I'm severely lacking in my blouse variety, so I want to get a couple more so I can make more varied outfits. I like the details on the one above~
So yep, that's about it ^_^ There are other things I want, but I thought I should make this list more realistic than just dream dress after dream dress x3
Check out the posts done by these lovely people as well (will update as more people post)~
~Sakura <3
What's on your wishlist this year?

Monday, December 29, 2014

December Favorites~

Hello all!
It's been a little while since I've done a favorites post, so I thought I'd do one for December since there were lots of things that I liked c:
Let's start!

Rodial Stem Cell Super-Food Cleanser
I've tried something by this company before and it was fantastic, so I decided to try this. I don't regret it- it's truly amazing. It washes off absolutely all my makeup, and in addition to that, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. I've been using it for a few weeks now and there have been no negative effects on my skin, so I'm happy with it ^_^ The jar is huge, so it'll last me quite a while c:
Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack
I got this skin pack in a Memebox a while ago (I have yet to review the box...), and it's amazing. It smells really fresh and it's a very quick mask- it takes only about 7 minutes for it to dry. It makes my skin soft, and in addition to that my pores do seem smaller than they were before c: If you can find this somewhere, I really recommend that you get it ^_^
Tarte Blush in "Magic"
I've heard many good things about the Tarte blushes, but they're quite expensive so I never got one. On Black Friday however, they had a boxed set of Tarte products (a mascara, a lip gloss, and this blush), for only $10, so naturally I got it. This blush is fantastic. The color is very vibrant and pretty, and although the compact is small, the product is very dense and it'll last a while. I've been using it for more than a month and I still haven't made a dent in the design of the surface, so I think it'll last quite a long time. It also stays for a long time on the face, which is nice. So, if you're looking for a long-lasting blush, this is the one I think you should get~
Teavanna Rose Blush Oolong Tea Set
I got a set of this tea tumbler, tea tin, and tea for Christmas, and I really love it <3 The tea is amazing, it's very fruity and floral and delicious. I also like the tin and the tumbler, the tumbler in particular is quite useful c: This is definitely one of the tastier teas I've tried from Teavanna- and I've tried many good ones.
The Crimson Labyrinth- by Yusuke Kishi
I became interested in this book because its author was the creator of my favorite anime, Shinsekai Yori. Naturally I had to read it. This book is fantastic- I can't put it down, actually. I've been reading it non stop and not only is the plot fascinating, the writing is very good. For those of you curious about a plot summary, it's a satire about intense game shows (Running Man I believe is the one being made fun of), so people have to make the right choices to win. People have compared it to the Hunger Games, but I personally like this more because of how much more suspenseful it is, and how much more strategy the characters have to use (no offense to you Hunger Games fans out there). I had to buy a copy of this because it wasn't in my library, but I don't regret it.
Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice
As much as I love Madoka Magica, this is better. Sadly though, there isn't an anime adaptation :( Like Madoka Magica, it's about magical girls (this is essentially set in the same universe- Mami Tomoe even appears).The art is very good (in my opinion, better than in Madoka Magica), and the plot is a lot sadder. If you like manga, I highly recommend this.
Big Hero 6
This movie is amazing! I saw it with my friend and my sister this weekend and I love it so much <3 The animation was great, the plot was great, and it was just fantastic :3 It's definitely one of the best Disney movies I've seen in a while- I could watch it over and over again :3 If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should~
And that's about it~
I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and since I probably won't post again until next year ;D, Happy New Year!
Have you tried/seen/read any of these? Did you like them?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Christmas Tree and Surgery~

Happy first night of Hannukah! (To those who celebrate it~ I know that here where I live, about half the people do x3)
Sorry I'm writing infrequently D: I started my part-time job last week and though it's really fun, I'm really busy between it and doing homework >_>
Anyways, on to less dull stuff, I thought I'd show you my Christmas tree!

My family and I got it this past weekend, so I decorated it with my younger sister~ I love most of the ornaments we have x3 Hehe~ We have lots of ones we got about 10 years back in Ukraine, and in addition to that there are a couple that are really old (from about the 70s).
Anyways, pictures are better than words, so here are some c:
Full tree! (Minus a bit of the topper)
The clock ornament is one of my favorites- and the bunny one is super old x3
Another favorite ornament of mine~ The tail is super soft c:
Felt house! (and another old bunny ornament- this one kinda crazy looking hehe~)
We have either two or three of these in different colors- I like them a lot :3
Fluffy sheep!
(Fitting, since I'm reading Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase)
Winnie the Pooh~
This reindeer is really pretty but super heavy.
Kinda demented clown, but it's ok hehe x3
And to 'top' it all off (hehe pun~), the tree topper!
So while I have more ornaments, these are some of my favorites and I thought I'd show you guys c:
On a different note, I have surgery tomorrow D: It's nothing major, but I'm still a bit nervous cause I've never had it before. But, at least it's early in the morning, so I get to spend the rest of the day at home~
Update: Surgery went well~ It was really quick and I'm more or less fine now c:
And with that, ta-ta!~
Thanks for reading c:
Which ornament was your favorite?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Review~ {Pinky Paradise}

Hello and happy December!
I'm sorry that I've been a bit inactive- last week I was working on college applications and studying for SATs, so I didn't have much time for post-writing. I'm back now with a review however, of some lovely lenses I got in the mail this week ^_^
They're the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses ^_^ I bought them off of Pinky Paradise, which has a large selection of lenses c: So, I thought I'd do a somewhat quick review. There aren't many photos because the lighting has been really bad lately (lots of cloudy days ;n;) so I apologize for that. Anyways, lets start ^_^
Some basic information about the lenses:
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Current Price: $23.90

Shopping Experience: I've already done several reviews of Pinky Paradise where I've mentioned my shopping experience, but this time around was a somewhat unique situation which I thought I'd inform you all of before you ordered (it's not bad though, so worry not~). Pinky Paradise claims to have a huge selection of lenses, and that's quite true indeed (there really are a lot), but the problem is, not many of them are in stock. It says that they're in stock, but that's sometimes not the case... I originally ordered a different pair, but then Pinky Paradise (promptly, thankfully) messaged me to tell me that the lenses I wanted were out of stock in the colorway I wanted. I was a bit irritated, but they said I could chose another pair of lenses or they could refund the money. I chose another pair. Guess what? They were also out of stock -.- And same with 3rd pair... I was starting to get a bit annoyed :P Finally however, I chose the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses, which were actually in stock x3 So, moral of the story, be careful when ordering the lenses, and maybe message them before hand to make sure that they're in stock c: Otherwise, I have no problem at all with Pinky Paradise~ My order came really quickly along with a cute macaron lens case and a small gift c:
Sorry for so-so lighting! I had gotten home and it was already dark outside ;n;
Anyways, lets get on to the review c:
Lens stock photo~
These came packaged in vials, as usual. I think I'm getting better at opening lens vials though, finally! ^_^
(again, sorry for bad lighting)
Design: These are really pretty lenses, and they're quite popular, but much to my disappointment, when worn, they look almost identical to my Geo Ultra CK105 lenses. This isn't necessarily bad, since I love how those lenses look on me, however I was looking for someone different and I didn't think the black limbal ring would be so visible on these lenses. But, oh well. They look lovely, just very similar to what I already have. However if you don't have a pair of black enlarging lenses already, these are good c:
Comfort: These are super comfortable! I've worn them for many hours and they're really comfy- I feel like I'm barely wearing them. No complaints whatsoever about the comfort c: The diameter is quite large, but they feel no different from my regular lenses.
Window lighting
They look really nice and enlarging in all sorts of lighting c:
Photo taken with flash
The brown isn't too visible (or maybe it just blends in with my eyes too much). In any case, I like how they look, it's just that they're so similar to my other lenses >_> Here's a photo of them so you see what I mean.
Similar, no? The only difference is that the Geo Princess Mimi lenses have a slightly thinner limbal ring. Well, I can always just wear them on days when I don't want to have such gargantuan eyes :3
And some more photos, just of me derping around x3

To conclude, I really like these lenses. Though they're similar to my Geos, they do give a nice warmth to my eyes that they don't c: If you're  curious, these lenses also come in green and grey (if brown isn't to your liking~)
So yes! I hope you found the review helpful c: Sorry if I sound kinda scattered- I'm really tired (had SATs today, and a race tomorrow)
If you plan on ordering from Pinky Paradise, you can use my code redsakurabeauty to get a free gift c: (Most likely hair velcro thingies, but they're useful if you want to wash your face or apply makeup~)
On a happy note, I'm starting the first day of my part-time job on Monday! ^_^ I'm super excited :3 Where I live it's really difficult to get a job unless you've had previous work experience, or if your parents know someone who's hiring (neither was the case for me). So I'm happy :3 I'll probably dissipate it all away on pretty clothes, but oh well x3 I think I'll do a giveaway too, so stay tuned for that c:
Thanks for reading!
Ciao lovelies <3
What are the best circle lenses you've ever tried?