How to Contact/Find Me ♥

If you'd like to talk to me (and believe me, I'd love to hear from you), you can email me at I check my email about once a day~
I also have a YouTube account, and I would appreciate if you checked it out ^-^
Hope to hear from you soon 


  1. Are you going to make a plush tutorial? I was thinking a fox.

    1. Hmmm I could do that~
      Maybe I'll make a separate tab for crafty stuff c:

  2. Are you still active or not? I found this blog after ingesting 10+ cups of tea studying for a final. Why in the world am I talking about this to a total stranger? Cause I liked the pin on google images. The Totoro pin. Anyways, happy living. 1 am here. Test in 7 hours. BRING IT.


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