Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bodyline Review~ (L543 and L325)

As promised in my previous post, today I have a review of some Bodyline things for you guys!
If you do not know, Bodyline is a Japanese store which sells Lolita clothes. 
A brief introduction to the style:
Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired by Victorian and Rococo styles. There are three main categories; Gothic, Sweet, and Classic. I myself prefer Classic, but I think the most popular is Sweet. The style has nothing to do with the novel Lolita, they just happen to go by the same name. It's a fashion about looking pretty~ Most Lolita clothes cost a ton of money though... and that's where Bodyline comes in!
Bodyline has very affordable clothes, in comparison to how much brand dresses cost. While a brand dress can run to be about $250, most of Bodyline's are about $60. It's a perfect brand I think for people interested in the fashion who are just beginning or are budget conscious, like me!
I've been wanting to get into the fashion for about 3 years now, and I finally decided to be brave and buy some clothes :3 I only bought 2 skirts because I thought that in case the fashion didn't look like I wanted it to look on me, I could always tone them down by not wearing a petticoat or a fancy blouse with them. I am very happy though, and plan to continue expanding my wardrobe in the future :)
Anyways, that was very long, and so now I have a review of 2 skirts for you guys; L543 and L325 (it's a shame they don't have prettier names for their clothes)
I did a YouTube video about it too, if you're interested ^_^

First up will be L543, because it's sort of the simpler one which I think could be more manageable for every-day life. It's not at all classic style, but I still thought it was really cute and it was the first skirt I decided to get c:
Here's the stock photo, since I didn't take any full sized photos of me wearing it~
I got it in black and white~
I thought that this skirt would look really cute with a black or white blouse, or even just a baggy sweater over it when I was feeling completely lazy and just wanted to wear it like a component of a typical boring outfit. I think it will be good either way c:
The stock photo shows it as looking really really puffy, but you'll only be able to achieve that by wearing tons and tons of petticoats >_> Or, maybe it just has to be the right type of petticoat- I don't know. But with mine it doesn't quite have that effect xD 
Here's my full-sized photo of it~
Sorry for the glare on the left side of the photo
In any case, on to mini reviews of everything about the skirt
The fabric of this, you can't really tell from the photos, but is quite shiny and slippery. It doesn't obviously shine, but in certain lighting it looks pretty shiny. Which is a bad thing, but there isn't really anything I can do about it. It's not that noticeable though, which is good.
There's lacing in two places, the front and the back
The front~
The front looks really nice but I don't like how it's attached to the lace because I'm always afraid that it's going to rip >_>

Sorry about messy lace >_>
There's also shirring for the back, but the lacing works for those of you who are thin enough that it needs to be laced up~
Lace and Details
Lace is definitely an important part of Lolita clothes, and Bodyline has been known in the past for not having the best of lace. The one on this skirt isn't too bad though, it's the crocheted type one (I think called cluny lace?) And it doesn't look bad.
Also a minor problem, one you really really can't notice but since I'm picky I noticed that the bows were sorta lopsided and not very neat looking and that bothers me -n-
Overall this is a really cute skirt! I think it's pretty and I like it a lot~ I will have to lose a centimetre or two from around my waist so it fits more comfortably though xD
Also for sizing reference, I got size M and it's measurements were:
Length: 57 cm
Waist: 66-70 cm
On to the next skirt!

I fell in love with this skirt, though was a bit torn as to whether I should get it or not. I'm really really happy that I decided to buy it though ^_^
I got it in brown~ Though I wanted all of the colors >n<
I seriously didn't think that I would fall in love with this skirt as much as I did. I mean, I thought it was pretty and all, but I'm completely enamored with how it looks on me~ It definitely looks very Victorian. With an ivory colored blouse, it's beautiful. Because of the color and the style, it's also really easy to get a steam punk look (I love steampunk) just by using well chosen accessories (like a pocket watch necklace and other such things).
My photos of it don't portray the color all that accurately; Bodyline's is better, but I'll show some close ups and a couple of reviews of various components of it, like for the previous skirt.
(Also, full-sized photo)
Sorry that it's bent weirdly >_>
This has mildly shiny fabric, however it's less noticeable than with the other skirt I got. The fabric itself is also really sturdy, so it doesn't feel cheap. there are 3 layers of skirt; the sides, the thing in between, and the very bottom one. It's heavy, but even without a petticoat it looks pretty puffy (you should still wear a petticoat with it though to get the perfect silhouette)
There's lacing in the front, and shirring in the back. I really do love the details of the front.
So prettyyyy ^_^
The shirring on the back is boring, but I'll include a photo anyways
There really isn't any lace on the skirt except for that near the lacing, but here's a closeup
It's barely noticeable
Aside from the lace being shiny, it's well made and looks quite nice with the skirt. I like that this skirt isn't completely dominated by lace~
One Other Tiny Thing
This skirt goes directly under the bust, so if you're small chested like me, it will really emphasize that.... area. Whether this is a good or bad thing in your opinion I don't know, but for me, who is used to looking like a 12 year old boy most of the time, it was an interesting surprise~
The size M fit me really nicely, and I tightened up the front lacing a bit so that it wouldn't slide down.
Here's the measurements for the size which I got~
Length: 62 cm
Waist: 64-74 cm
Aaaand yep! That just about concludes this review~ I hope you find it helpful, if any of you are considering buying either of these skirts~
Thanks for reading!
Sakura <3

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Stuff~ (Dress and Accessories)

Hey dollies~ Sorry I don't write posts all that often; I haven't had much inspiration nor incentive of what to write .-. However, today I have just a quick post on some stuff I've purchased recently, and I thought you guys would be interested :3
(Well, really just one dress.)
So, quick background about this. A few months ago I saw this super adorable dress from Ann Taylor, which is a store I never shop in because pft boring adult clothes >n<  This was really pretty though, it sorta reminded me of sixties house wife attire what with the big skirt and high neckline. At the time though, it was very expensive ;A; However when I went there a week ago, I saw they had a promotion that was 50% off all sale merchandise (perhaps because it was the 4th of July weekend?). Excitedly I rushed in, and saw that my beloved dress was on the sale rack <3 The only problem was that it was either a size too small or much much much too big, but I tried on the smaller size and it still fit well <3 So yes, that's the dramatic story of the dress x3 
And I took a bunch of photos of myself in the dress but not the full length dress so forgive me .-.

I felt quite fancy c:
Odd angle.
I also have the stock photo of the dress that I got from the website~
It's a bit longer on me (reaches about my knees) since I'm petite and not a model :P In any case I think it's a really cute dress and it's perfect for summer and spring~
In terms of clothes I also got several skirts.... but they're for a different post :3
I finally ordered from Bodyline, so I thought I'd make a concrete review of the products (since for one of them I can't find reviews anywhere and I thought it'd be helpful for people). I've wanted to get into lolita fashion for a while and I'm finally starting to :3 I'll post outfits too at some point ^_^

I got many accessories, all from Urban Outfitters :P (It's sorta my go-to place for accessories because they often have sales and I like their necklaces and rings and knee-high socks). Like Ann Taylor, they were having a 50% off sale sale and so I decided to pick up some things~
Hat :3
I've wanted a beanie for a while (not sure why), and this was on sale for only $2.50!
I think it'll be good for the winter~ In the summer I don't really want to wear hats >_>
Flower Crown
For a very long time I've wanted a flower crown, but I could never really find any that I liked. I was inspired to get one because of Frida Kahlo's self portraits in which she has flower (I also did a rendition of a self portrait with flowers inspired by her art for my Spanish class here , if you haven't seen it). Upon seeing this, I thought the colors of it were perfect, and I just had to get it even though it wasn't that cheap x3 ($24). I do think it looks gorgeous though~ Also perfect for the summer months (and fall too~. Perhaps for a country lolita look?)
My hair just does not look good today -n-
Close up! Pretty flowers :3
Other random thing
(This ought to have a better category name but oh well .-.)
A couple of months ago I finished the anime Madoka Magica, and I really really liked it. There's an anime store close nearby and they had a lot of anime notebooks, so when I saw this one from Madoka Magica, I knew I had to have it <3 I always like having cute note books, and though I don't typically write in notebooks, I like using them in school~ I decided I would use this for Biology in school! Taking notes in cute books is always more fun :3
Yay~ <3
So yesh, this wasn't exactly a haul post, more so just review of small things I've purchased that I thought I'd share with you guys c:
Expect a  Bodyline review soon!
Ciao~ <3
Sakura <3