Sunday, September 28, 2014

Born Pretty Store Wishlist~ {and Coupon!}

Hey everyone <3
Just a simple post today, I have a store introduction and a wishlist ^_^ Everything is from the online store "Born Pretty"~
Store link! {Click here!}

A quick description of their store~
Born Pretty sells a lot of really cute things, such as hair accessories, clothes, stationary, jewelry, makeup, and other many lovely things ^_^ The prices are really cheap (like, very cheap), and they have free shipping! Always a nice thing since I hate paying a lot of money for shipping >n< They have many cute things, so I decided to compile a wishlist ^.^
Star ring {$1.99}! {link}
I really like astrological things, and so I think that this ring is super cute :3 Plus it's quite cheap for something so cute :3

Bear ring {$0.99}! {link}
I'm pretty sure I've seen this ring in many places; it's just so cute *u* I love rings; they're easily my most used type of accessory.

Snake ear cuff {$2.20}! {link}
I really like cool accessories like this~ My friend has a really awesome dragon ear-cuff, but it's super expensive ;n; So I saw this and thought that it was super cool, and definitely more reasonable priced ^_^ It's like the snake is whispering in your ear... :3

Fancy Crown Necklace {$2.99}! {link}
I like how fancy this looks~ I think it'd be a cute way to make any outfit seem more posh *throws sparkles*
Hair Stuff

Bunny Ear Scrunchies {$1.85}! {link}
I think these are really cute :3 I've seen these kinds of hair ties around and I always think that they're so adorable x3 They're like little bunny ears sticking up ^.^ Polka-dotted bunny ears- even better! :D The mint green one is super cute, but sadly it's out of stock ;n;

Strawberry Hair Curlers {$4.08}! {link}
I've seen these strawberry hair curlers everywhere, but they're just so cute ;3; I'm not sure how effective they'd be at curling my hair, but they're just way too cute x3

Leaf hair clips {$1.93}! {link}
First off, that photo is so ethereal and beautiful <3 The leaves are super cute >u< I think they'd make one look like some sort of forest sprite~
Other Stuff :3

Ribbon Knee Highs {$7.44}! {link}
Ahhh I feel like I can never have enough knee highs~ I like socks :3 And I think these are really cute ^.^ They'd probably be more versatile in darker colors, but I really like how the dark red looks c:

Cute Animal Notebooks {$2.36}! {link}
I really love cute stationary >u< These aren't that practical for actual note-taking I think, however for just jotting stuff down {shopping lists, stuff like that}, I think it'd be pretty good :3
That just about concludes the wishlist ^.^ Did you guys see anything ya liked?~ 
Born Pretty has a lot of really cute other things, so you should go check it all out :3 
For a 10% discount, use the code...


I hope you guys find it useful ^.^
Thanks for reading!
~Sakura <3

Which of the items is your favorite?
Have you ever ordered from Born Pretty before?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TONYMOLY Cat's Wink Clear Pact Review~ {and 100th post!}

Hey lovelies~
First off, this is my 100th post! Hooray! ^_^
Today I have a review for you guys of a pressed powder that I recently bought in a Jolse haul :3 {haul!} The packaging was super adorable, so I just had to get it >u<
It's TONYMOLY's Cat's Wink Clear Pact!
First off, isn't this package just absolutely ADORABLE??? When I took it out of the box I couldn't stop smiling x3 Unfortunately when you take off the outer packaging it doesn't have as many details, but nonetheless, it's still super cute :3
No paws or stripes ;n; But at least it has whiskers, eyes, and a nose~
The packaging is really sturdy (and super cute), so I think it's perfect~  It also comes with a puff and a mirror c:
And the ribbon says cat's wink~
The mirror is a nice size, which is good, since it means that you can actually see a large portion of your face when applying the makeup :3 The puff is also super soft~ It makes the application of the product really pleasant. 
Separating the puff from the actual powder is a thin plastic sheet. I wish that it was something sturdier, but oh well~ At least the two are separated c: The powder came embossed with a cute cat's paw :3 Unfortunately it rubbed off really quickly, but that was expected, however it was still a nice detail ^_^
Pretty ^.^


Now instead of blabbering about how cute the packaging is, I'll get to an actual review of the product itself c:

First off, I really like the texture of this powder. It's like those super fancy HD powders that blur out all of your imperfections and leave no trace of themselves. It's not really noticeable on bare skin, more so when you wear it on top of some other makeup. Normally when I use powders, they leave a sort of powdery finish to my skin which I really dislike. This however, manages to just mattify my skin without making it seem like I'm wearing powder on top~

There's a very slight scent to the powder, but it's really only noticeable if you put your nose a centimeter away from the powder and sniff it. It's a pleasant, gentle floral smell, but even if you're sensitive to smells, it shouldn't bother you much. It isn't noticeable at all when you wear it, which is good~

As a powder, this works really nicely. It keeps my face from getting oily throughout the day, and it stays on all day~ It has very minimal coverage though, which is good I suppose since it keeps the makeup from looking cakey. 

And now, photos!

Before (and sorry that I look so sleepy- I took these photos in the morning):

Parton makeup-less skin ;A; Big pores *cry*

Half-and half:
There's sort of a difference :3
On the right side I'm wearing the powder, on the left, I'm not. I think that there's a visible difference c: No shine, at least~
Completely applied:


So yeah! That about sums it up ^.^ 
I really like this powder, and I highly recommend it :3 
I hope you guys found this review helpful! ^_^
See ya next time~
~Sakura <3

Have you ever tried this pact before? Did you like it?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

100+ Followers! {and some outfits!}

Hello lovely dolls!
I've reached 100+ followers!

A week or so I also reached 100 followers, so thank you guys so much <3 I'm really happy that you all enjoy my blog, and I didn't think that I'd bring in such a wide audience! ^_^ I'm really grateful to have you all, whether you actively comment on my posts, or simply read them silently~ It means a lot to me ^_^
I will try to post even more in the future and be an even better blogger :3 
So thank you all once again <3
Since this would've been a very plain and short post if that were all, here are some outfits from the past 2 weeks ^_^ I've been trying to have more creative outfits, so tell me what you think! (Also, sorry for the shoddy quality photos. I need to start taking legitimate outfit photos with my actual camera, not my phone camera.)
Casual Steampunk(ish)
Blouse: DKNY
Necklace: Newbury Comics
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: 9 West
This was my outfit on the first day of school ^_^ I love this skirt <3 And the shoes are super comfy :3

Blouse: Guess
Dress: Thrift shop
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Marshals
Sorry that you can't really see the shoes >n< The problem of standing on a dark carpet in dark shoes >n<

Vintage Waitress
Blouse:  Hand-me-down (from a coworker of my dad's)
Skirt: Nordstrom

Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Shoes: 9 West
I really love this outfit <3 It sort of reminded me of a 60s waitress because of how poofy the skirt was (and the length)~ When I wore this to school I got a ton of compliments and lots of people asked to feel my skirt >u< I liked it :3

I was also at Anthroplogie a couple of days ago and I saw the cutest dress ever <3 <3 <3
I tried it on and I thought it looked adorable so here's a photo :3
Pretty dressing room~
I thought it looked really cute~ I loved the color and the fit of it (I don't know why- lately I've been loving more shapeless dresses, I think they look super cute :3). Sadly it was $138 ;n; I hope it goes on sale someday though!

So yes, that about sums it up! 
Once again thank you all so much <3 Love ya all~
~Sakura <3

What sorts of posts would you like to see more of in the future?
What was your favorite outfit?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cult Party Kei Makeup Tutorial~

Hello! ^u^
I realized that I hadn't done a makeup tutorial in quite a while, so last weekend I decided to film one~ Miraculously, I managed to edit and upload it in less than a week! :D So I hope you guys like it~

I only discovered Cult Party Kei quite recently, and I think it's a really cool fashion~ I really like how it looks, and I especially like their makeup. It's sort of a combination of what (to me) looks like dolly makeup and vintage makeup (with bright lips and cat eye eyeliner). Both of those styles I really like, so I was eager to do a tutorial~

I like how it turned out ^u^ What do you guys think? c:

Here are some more photos too~
This has to be my favorite photo~ I love how the eyelashes look so long :3
Same photo as the video thumbnail~ 
This turned out sorta derpy. Oh well xD

I also used a bunch of new products in this tutorial, so if you're curious, here's the list of everything c:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Tokyo Milk Dark Salted Caramel Lip Elixer
TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm
Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion in Magic Pink
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in No. 1
Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
TONYMOLY Cats Wink Clear Pact in No.1
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Skinfood My Shortcake Eyeshadow Silk Type in SPK01 (I think this is the color)
Lime Crime Palette D'Antoinette 
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Sephora White Eyeliner
Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner
Makeup Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara 
Ardell (I think) Eyelashes
City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon
Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick in No. 4, Moistfull Cherry Red

Also, if you're curious, the songs played were Yuki ni Saku Hana (from the anime Shinsekai Yori), and Tomoni by Kokia.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! ^u^
Do you have any suggestions for future videos?

~Sakura <3
What do you think of Cult Party Kei?

Sunday, September 14, 2014 Haul/Review~

Hey dolls <3
As many of you know I've been trying to get more into Lolita fashion, and so I decided to order my first dress and petticoat :3 They were both from Taobao brands- Classical Puppets and Magic Tea Party. Since I've had a bad experience ordering directly from Taobao in the past (my package never came :c), I decided to use a shopping service. There are lots of various shopping services out there that tailor to Taobao lolita brands; Qutieland, Clobba online, and several others I'm sure. I remember stumbling onto this website a while ago, but concerned about the legitimacy of it, I decided to not return. 
I then found a dress which I loved on Qutieland, but with shipping it was really quite expensive  >n< I then remembered about my-lolita-dress, and so I visited, hopeful that they had the dress I wanted. They did, and at a cheaper price! I looked more into the website and saw that no one had had any negative experiences with the website, so I decided to order it c: Since there are few written reviews on the site, I thought I'd  make one c:

First some info about the site (as much as I know about it, that is). They carry lots of Taobao brands, such as Infanta, Classical Puppets, Magic Tea Party, and An*tai*na (they do however have some brand-less clothing items, which I personally would be hesitant to buy because I don't know of the approximate quality). It's run by a girl (maybe 2?) and she is quite friendly ^_^ I emailed her a couple of weeks before ordering because I was curious about one of the products and she promptly replied and was very friendly, which was quite nice~ The site is nicely organized (though the recently changed the layout, so there are a few glitchy areas). 

I ordered two things, a dress from Magic Tea Party, as well as an A-line petticoat from Classical Puppets.
I also did an unboxing video, if that interests you~

I'll start with the dress though :3

Photo from
1st, their dress naming is bad- Double Tone Applique Flowers Meetup Lolita Jumper Skirt {link} The bizarre name however, doesn't take away from the awesomeness of the dress <3
Majestic cat hanger is quite fantastic.  
I love all of the details on it~ There's corset lacing on the back, as well as tons of pretty details everywhere else on the dress.
Lacing~ (I may replace the ribbon at some point- it's not the best quality.)
The leaves on the bows are shaped a bit oddly... my boyfriend asked if they were bunnies >u<
Ruffles on the bottom~
The print is also gorgeous <3
I love that it has a vintagey feel to it~
The fabric is really nice and soft- it's very good quality and not at all stiff as I feared it might be. The fabric of the bows, waist ties, and headbow is stiffer (but that makes sense- since they need to hold their shapes). The bows are quite pretty ^_^ They have pins on the back so you can move them around to wherever you want to- I like keeping them at the bottom of the straps though c:
Like this~
Here's a closeup~ The fabric is a bit more like linen or something like that
The waist ties are detachable, and the buttons on which they attach are pretty and have a rose on them c: The ties also have a ruffle at the bottom of them. I don't wear the waist ties though, mostly because I don't know how to tie it so that it looks nice >_> Do you guys have any tips on tying pretty bows?
Pretty :3 It also came with a spare~
Long waist ties~ There are ruffles on the bottom, but It was hard to get them in the shot :P
The Magic Tea Party tag is also quite pretty :3
It's really fancy I don't want to throw it out *u*
They also have the dress in grey, but I preferred it in white~
The grey is cute too~
I also purchased the bow~ It's a bit too big for me to wear on a daily basis, so I will wear it when I go to Anime Boston in April :3
My dress came with the bottom one~
I like how the bows come with a bow on them :3 It's also quite comfy- it doesn't squish my head at all.
Me looking derpy while wearing it :3
Petticoat time :3
It's Classical Puppet's A-Line Petticoat 1 {link}
Stock photo~
They have it in a ton of colors (even one called "ice cream"- it's light pink and light yellow :3). Since most classic dresses are a-line, I decided to get an a-line petti, though I only later realized that the dress I ordered was bell shaped >_> Oh well, it still looks good under it :3
I'll do a separate review of the petticoat at a later time, since I want to show the effectiveness of it and otherwise this post would be way too long. Here's a photo of me wearing it though~
Sorry the photo is bad- shoddy indoor lighting and phone camera.
And of course, a couple of photos of me wearing everything!~
I had just tried everything on so pardon the lack of a good outfit x3
I also tried it on a few days later but the petticoat was badly adjusted in this photo >_>
Fancy shoes though :3
So yes, I hope that you found this (very long) review helpful ^.^ I highly recommend the site, and I will be ordering from them in the future most definitely.
Thanks for reading!
Have you used a Taobao shopping service before?