Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Favorites {2015} and Random Makeup~

Hey cuties! How've you all been? c:
I'm almost done with my midyear exams but they've been quite stressful ;n; Thankfully I only have two left for Monday and then I'll be done with it all~ I really can't stand tests -.-  
Anyways, I decided to do a favorites post~ I hope you like it ^.^

I haven't really liked that many beauty products this month- I've sort of been stuck in the same routine every day. So instead, many skincare/bodycare items! c:

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub
Ahhh this scrub is amazing <3 I received a sample of it about a month ago and from the first time I tried it, I loved it. I got this big tub about two weeks ago and it's fantastic. It smells wonderful and makes my skin incredibly smooth. I don't use it every day, but then again every day it isn't necessary. I highly suggest that you try this out. If you get it though, be sure to moisturize once you've used it ^_^ Because although it is mildly moisturizing, if you have sensitive skin like mine, the scrub might be a bit harsh and drying. I haven't had any problems though, so yay ^.^

Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel
Hehe just warning you, I have many favorites from Lush this month x3 Anyways, this shower was released as a limited edition for the holidays. I was at the store and they were having a promotion going on where you buy one thing get one thing free, and my friend bought himself a shower gel and kindly gave me this one ^.^ It smells really nice- they claim that it's ginger and cinnamon, but to me it's more of a holiday-type-rootbeer x3 I really like it- it's perfect for the winter. You can't really see it in the photo, but the shower gel is sparkly! The sparkles don't stick to your skin at all (or bath, for that matter), but it's a nice touch~ I think this is a shower gel that they bring out every year, so if you see it next holiday season, I suggest you get it ^.^ 

Lush Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar
Ahh this product is amazing <3 If you aren't familiar with massage bars, you rub them onto your skin and they melt ^.^ This one is incredibly moisturizing and it smells delectable- like Earl Grey tea and orange~ Though to me it smells more citrusy, you can definitely detect the bergamot scent of earl grey. I mostly use this on my legs, because they get super dry during the winter (especially after shaving ;n;). I also have a convenient tin for it  ^.^ If you end up getting a massage bar, I suggest you get a tin to keep it in. It's useful since it keeps it from losing a lot of the smell or getting dirty. 

Okay, finally done with all the Lush products x3 Moving on~
Cleomee Three-layer Donkey Oil Mist
I got this in a Memebox a while back (which I still need to review...) I know what you're thinking- why would anyone want to spray donkey oil on them? And while it sounds gross, this spray is amazing ;u; It smells fantastic- flowery and musky and delicious. You shake it up and then spray it on, I only use it occasionally because I want to savor it :3 It's not as moisturizing as the massage bar, but it's still wonderful.

Moving on to non-beauty-related stuff
Bride of the Water God Manga 
I picked up this manga at a bookstore a couple of weeks ago, and it's gorgeous ;u; It's a Korean manga by the artist Mi-Kyung Yun, and the art is definitely some of the best that I've seen in mangas for a while. A short summary of the plot: there's a large drought in a town, and in order to win the water god's favor, a young girl is sacrificed to be his bride. The water god ends up being different from her expectations, however...
I look forward to reading the other books in the series. I'm not sure how many there are, but I definitely want to find them :3

Psycho-Pass Anime
I heard many good things about this anime from many different people, and now that I've started watching it, I can't seem to stop ;u; It's a fantastic science fiction anime based upon an old sci-fi short story. It's sorta complex to summarize, but I highly highly suggest you watch it. It is a bit gorey and it has some disturbing elements, so if that sort of thing bothers you, then beware.

Pokemon X
I got this game around the beginning of the month and I've been loving it >u< It's super fun~ If you have a 3DS and you haven't yet gotten this, I really recommend it~ The graphics are really pretty, and it's a game which doesn't need too much effort so it's quite relaxing to play.
That just about finishes up my favorites for this month~ There aren't too many of them because I haven't really tried many new things ;~; So sorry about that.
Yesterday when I was done with my exams (I only had one in the early morning), I just came home and relaxed. I decided to try big eye makeup and I like how it turned out so I'll now spam you with photos :3 I still need to get lower eyelashes though, but I've ordered a box in the mail ^.^ They should be here around mid February~ 
I was inspired by Anzujaamu's way of doing eye makeup, and I really like how it turned out ^.^ I've tried big eye makeup before but I've never been too fond of the result.

I think this photo is my favorite :3

If you're curious, the lenses that I'm wearing are the G&G Shinny Violet lenses that I got from Pinky Paradise {see my review for them here!}. I got the wig off of Ebay, and the bear ear hair clips that I'm wearing are from my Etsy store! {Here's the link to them, if you're curious to see more photos}.
What do you think of this makeup look? I'm personally quite fond of it c: The lenses especially enhance the eyes~
Anyways, thank you for reading! ^.^
Have you tried anything from Lush?
Any tips on big-eye makeup?

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Lolita Wardrobe~

Hello all ^_^
Today I'll be doing a wardrobe post showcasing my lolita clothes c: It's the January EGL theme (EGL is the online lolita community), and I thought I'd post it on my blog~
My wardrobe is very small, since I only started wearing lolita about half a year ago. I don't have any big brand clothes, but I'm very fond of everything that I have, and definitely plan on getting more lolita clothes in the future~
This will be a fairly short post, since I don't have that many clothes, but I still thought I'd share with you guys ^_^
Let's start!

Chess Story Le Ballet JSK Luxury Version
This dress was on my wishlist for a very long time- I think it's absolutely gorgeous. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces- it's super luxurious and soft. I was surprised by how wonderful the quality was- every aspect of it is perfect. For a full review, you can see my latest post here.
Magic Tea Party Ripples of Flowers JSK
This was my first JSK, so it's really special to me ^_^ It's very soft and works well for all seasons. I wear it quite often, either with a short sleeved blouse or a cardigan on top~ The ivory color is quite pretty.
(That's it for my dresses... ;n;)
Bodyline L325
I wish Bodyline had actual names for their pieces ;A; But in any case, I love this skirt ^_^ It was my first lolita piece~ I don't wear it often enough because it's so ruffly and dramatic- it is gorgeous, however. I also want it in the green colorway, but it's always out of stock on the website :c
Bodyline L353
This is definitely my most versatile piece- I wear it very often. It not only looks good in lolita coords, but also in mori girl coords, which I like~ The fabric is gorgeously detailed, and I love how the high-waist looks. I still haven't gotten around to replacing the lacing, which I'm not a huge fan of. I think it's a gorgeous skirt in any case, and I want to get it in some other colors too c: (maybe the grey and the black).
Bodyline L543
A skirt that I don't really wear too often. I loved how it looked in the stock photos but it's not really my style- I can never think of how to coordinate it ;n; I do like it, it's just that I don't really have anything that matches it. Hopefully as my wardrobe expands, I'll be able to wear it more frequently.
Magic Tea Party Zodiac Skirt
Another one of my favorite pieces, I fell in love with this Zodiac print ever since I first saw it. I've been obsessed with zodiac related things for quite a while now, so seeing this print made me want it instantly. I was able to get it a couple of months ago, and I love it ^_^ Up close the print is absolutely stunning too~
Bodyline L527
I'm kind of obsessed with chiffon, and the fact that this is made of chiffon makes me love it <3 I think it's Bodyline's only chiffon blouse, which is quite sad. It's very soft and looks great under both JSKs and skirts- I like the ribbons that you tie around your neck. In the future I think I'll get it in the white as well.
Bodyline L474
I really liked how this blouse looked, but the sleeves are too short on me ;n; It's super cute and all and looks nice even with non-lolita clothes (with jeans for example- the fact that the bottom of the shirt poofs out is really flattering). I just wish my arms could shrink a bit >n<
I wear this blouse on my casual days. It's really light, chiffony fabric (but it's not too thin, which is nice). I like the sleeves and how flippy they are.
Shoes and Accessories
I really like making wristcuffs :3 I haven't actually yet worn the pink ones because I can't decide what they'd look good with- I have however worn the ivory and dark red ones c:
Forever 21, Handmade, Magic Tea Party, offbrand
The giant headbow is from Magic Tea Party and it's super cute c: I always wear some sort of bow in my hair- mostly the small ones though.
Bodyline Shoes272
I really love oxford heels- and these are really comfy. They're my only pair of lolita shoes ;A; Thankfully though, they're really versatile.
I'm not going to show tights/socks and that stuff because I sort of wear them with all types of outfits, and I was too lazy to get them out x3 hehe~

Anyways, I hope that you found this post (at least somewhat) interesting ^_^ 
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dream Dress Unboxing ♥~

Hello all!
Oops... it's been like 2 weeks since my last post. I guess my resolution isn't sticking as well as I hoped it would ;n;
Anyways, I've got exciting news! My dream dress came in the mail! ;u;
Stock photo~
It's the Taobao brand Chess Story's Le Ballet Deluxe JSK. I've been in love with this dress ever since I first saw it, but because it was never in stock in the navy colorway, I wasn't able to buy it. A couple of months ago however, it finally appeared in dark blue! I ordered from, which I've used several times before (I highly recommend them). 
I decided to get the dress for my Junior Semi Prom, which although is a couple of months away, I still wanna be ready for  c: I think it would be super cute for semi ^.^ 
I filmed an unboxing video cause I was super duper excited :3 It's a bit short, but here it is anyways~

Now, a quick review of the dress~
This is definitely one of the nicest quality lolita pieces I have. The fabric is incredibly soft. It's mostly made from a very thin, light chiffon. It's sparkly, but not obscenely so. I was very worried about how sparkly it would be because I didn't want it to look like a costume, however it's not at all like that. And some of the glitter pieces are star shaped! ^_^
Do you see the stars? ^.^
The skirt of the dress consists of four layers; a chiffon overlayer, a lace layer, another chiffon layer, and a satin layer at the very bottom (you can't see it when you're wearing the dress). The lacey layer is also very soft, and nice quality ^_^ In the photo it looks lighter than the chiffon layers, but that's not the case in real life (also, because of weird lighting my photos make the dress look much bluer than it really is. The stock photo is more true-to-life in terms of color).

Yay ^.^
There's a detachable bow on the front, and the buttons are really cute c: I also quite like the lace which lines the bodice~
Sparkly :3 And rose lace!
The photo is a bit blurry, but you get the idea~
There are also detachable waist ties, which I haven't yet managed to tie prettily ;n; The back is also half-shirred, and has lacing, so it can adjust to both smaller and larger sizes.
Sad looking bow :c
Anyways, that's about all there is to say, I think x3 It's about knee length, and is quite comfy~ You can also fit two petticoats underneath it, if you want obscene amounts of poof. I tried it on with an A-line petti with a sad looking cupcake petti I tried to make a while ago and it was way too much x3 So, maybe be cautious when it comes to extreme amounts of poofiness c:
And to conclude, a photo of me in the dress~
I love it <3
Anyways, thank you for reading! I'm incredibly happy with this dress and so I wanted to share it with you guys ^_^
I'll be sure to post again soon
Ta-ta! And thanks for reading <3
Is there any piece of clothing that you've wanted for a really long time?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Resolutions, Presents, and Christmas~

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have happy and fantastic years ^_^
I thought I'd do a casual post today just listing some of my new years resolutions for this year, in case you were curious~ I haven't done a post like this before so I thought why not c: Plus, it's fun to look back upon old resolutions~ I also thought I'd show you guys what I got for the holidays, because I personally like seeing people's holiday presents :3
Firstly though, resolutions!

No. 1: More Blogging
I feel like my blogging habits have been really sporadic and I think I could be writing more often. It's just that sometimes I don't really know what to write about, so then I just end up not writing which isn't good -.- I promise this year I'll write more often! And I'll try to include more outfit posts as well because I like chronicling my outfits :3

No. 2: More Lolita
I started getting into lolita fashion about half a year ago and I definitely want to wear it more often. There are several things I want to get (if you're curious, look at my holiday wishlist). I think it's a really cool fashion and I'd love to be able to wear it more often. I need the confidence though, because sometimes it can feel awkward walking into school looking all fancy when everyone else is in leggings and t-shirts and staring at you -.- I also want to go to a meet-up at some point, cause those seem really fun c:

No. 3: More Art
Because of college applications and work I've been really busy and thus haven't had much time to draw, which is sorta sad. I have my independent study in school (an hour a day of drawing), but I think it would be nice to draw more outside of school too.

I can't think of any more resolutions so on to the stuff I got for the holidays! ^.^
Tree <3
From Family
Socks, honey body scrub, and rose barrettes~
I got this on a small holiday that was 6 days before Christmas (I celebrate a lot of holidays hehe). The body scrub smells amazing- not like honey though, more like peach. And the socks are really comfy~
Art book, tea set, bluetooth headphones, running shirt, notebook, and kinder chocolates
I'm really happy about the art book cause I've wanted it for a while and I really like the artist (Brandi Milne)'s artwork~ I took a few photos so you guys could see it c:

Isn't it cool? I like how it's kinda creepy-cute~
The tea set I got is also really nice- the tea is seriously one of my favorites now. It's from Teavanna and it's called Rose Blush Oolong or something like that- I highly recommend that you try it if you have a Teavanna near you. The set came with a tumbler, a tea tin, and three bags of tea~

The little fox notebook was from my little sister~ I think it's pretty cute, though I don't know yet what I'm going to write in it.
Socks and lush!
I really wanted some socks from Urban Outfitters and something from LUSH this holiday season, so I got those today~ (We give presents for New Year too- Ukrainian tradition). The socks are really pretty and comfy, and the thing from LUSH is the 'Shades of Earl Grey' Massage Bar (I didn't know the name was so.... interesting...) It's convenient that I got the tin with it ^.^ And it smells absolutely amazing <3 <3 I haven't used it yet but it seems fantastic.

From Friends
Lord of Misrule bath bomb and Hot Toddy shower gel
One of my friends was seriously awesome cause he gave me a Kyubey plush and LUSH things, so essentially that's the best thing ever x3 The bath bomb smells amazing as does the shower gel (which I actually got afterwards from him cause he bought himself a shower gel at LUSH and they were having a promotion going on where you buy one holiday thing get one holiday thing free so he gave me the free one). Anyways, both smell amazing. I haven't used the bath bomb yet cause it's so pretty ;u;. The Kyubey plush is super cute and super soft too~

I got things from other friends too but I kinda forget to take photos of one (I got tights and incense), and I haven't yet received the present from another friend because it hasn't come in the mail yet. I'll show you guys when I get it though c:

Yes, I got myself a present x3 But it's something I've been wanting for a very long time...
A 3DS XL!! And Pokemon X~
I've wanted a 3DS ever since I saw Pokemon X because I thought it was such a cool game x3 I know, a silly reason to buy a gaming console, but it was totally worth it. I got the DS for only $120 which I think was a great deal because it's brand new ^.^ I really wanted it in the pink/white colorway but I would've had to pay about $100 extra and the money just isn't worth the color -.- I do plan on getting some sort of case for it at some point though so that should be good enough c: I got the games second hand and my dad got me Super Mario 3D Land as a present :3 Both games are really fun and I've been playing them all day hehehe~
Pretty Nintendo~ My friend has the same one c:
Anyways, I'm happy with all the presents I got for the holidays ^.^

Now in general: Christmas! I had a pretty nice Christmas c: My family and I had a fancy tea service thing for brunch and we made pretty sandwiches~
Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon roe, and dill
Duck rillette and pickled red onions on brioche buns
Salmon, cream cheese, chives, and red onion; black forest ham, honey mustard, and brie
The sandwiches were really good, and surprisingly filling, even though they were small and there weren't very many of them. We also had fancy chocolates for dessert, and I made a roll cake the night before which was yummy too.
They look like marbles!
Matcha and red bean whipped  cream~
The food was really good- but it took super long to prepare -.-
I also wore lolita, so here's my outfit~
Blouse: Bodyline
Skirt: Magic Tea Party
Wrist-Cuffs: Hand-made
I really liked this outfit ^.^ Plus I just love this skirt x3 hehe~ Here are a few shots of my makeup

Anyways, sorry that this post is infinitely long- I didn't expect that it'd be so long and then I sorta just added more and more stuff so, sorry hehe~ But thanks for reading ^.^ And have a wonderful new year guys <3
What are your resolutions?
What did you get for the holidays?