Friday, September 20, 2013

30 Random Facts about Me (Tagged by June from Junniku~)

This is a sorta spur of the moment post, but I was tagged to do June's '30 Random Facts about Me' so.... here it goes xD
(Also here's a link to her blog. Check it out. It's awesome :3)
Time to me to fail at thinking of stuff to write, but I'll give it a shot!

1). I hate fish, but I love sushi and sashimi (strangely). Living next to the ocean makes you tired of cooked fish all the time o.O

2). I'm learning two languages at school, Spanish and Japanese. In addition to that I know English (obviously), Ukrainian, and Russian.

3). I've been wanting to learn to play the saxophone since I was in 4th grade, however I've never gotten around to it. I do however play the piano~

4). In second grade I slipped on a patch of ice and bit my lower lip in half ;A; (ow.)

5). My friend has recently gotten me to looooooove anime ♥ 
Currently I'm loving Clannad a lot (I swear I've cried like 8 times already)
6). When I was younger I would competitively ice skate, however after moving to the east coast I stopped since skating lessons were really expensive .-.

7). I have a cat named Beasty, who, when she was about a year old, would climb up the jeans of me and my friends while we played Wii. It. Hurt.

8). When it comes to emotional books/movies/television shows, I never cry (with the exception of Clannad)

9).  My taste in music changes ALL the time, so whenever people ask me what music I like I'm always troubled as to what to tell them.

10). In the past several months I've become addicted to Homestuck, which, if you don't know, is a webcomic thingy which is pretty interesting :3
*sob* I need to do more productive things with my life.
11). I would rather be in the mountains than the ocean; I love skiing ♥ 

12). I'm a bit of a shopaholic, and I just can't resist shopping cause it's so fun xD I'd rather buy one or two expensive things that I like than 5 not so expensive things that I like but don't love.

13). I hate Wednesdays because on those days I have about three and a half hours of math (if you count the time I take to do homework, it's probably about 4. Which is 1/6th of the day. Which is just ridiculous.)

14). My favorite drinks are chai tea lattes and green tea frappuccinos (plain green tea is also delicious)

15). As you've probably guessed from the title of my blog, I love cherry blossoms ♥ The trees are just soo beautiful but I don't think I've ever seen one in real life :( Which makes me sad.
16). I very rarely buy drugstore makeup for a very terrible reason: the majority of the time, the packaging isn't cute xD.

17). I like drawing a lot however I don't have very much time for it now because of school :( Which is sad.

18).  My most irrational fears are of mold (which just creeps me out) and of frisbees. Why frisbees? When I was six I was throwing one around with my dad and when he threw it to me I didn't catch it in time so it sliced my eyebrow open ;n;

19). My least favorite subject in school is history, especially American history (since I'm pretty sure there've been only 3 years when I haven't learned it -.-)

20). I LOVE Miyazaki movies; my favorite has to be Princess Mononoke, or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. If you don't recognize those titles, it's the same guy that made Totoro (which you should've at least seen somewhere :P)
21). There was a time a few years ago when I was obsessed with making paper stars, since it was super fun~

22). I would rather it be very cold and snowy than very hot and sunny. I love the snow! ^_^

23). I take boxing lessons, which surprises many people since I'm pretty girly and don't seem like the type of person that'd box xD

24). I love sewing, since it's super calming :3 Needle felting (I think it's called that) is also quite enjoyable.

25). I get stressed very easily (which is bad) and often because of that I get very sick (which is even worse).
26). I'm terrible at keeping secrets of my own, so if something happens that I feel that I shouldn't be telling I'll still tell people -.- Despite that I keep other people's which is strange xD

27).  I like cooking quite a lot, it's always been my goal to make the perfect French macaron, however I always fail terrible ;A;

28). I have a younger sister who is six years old, and quite annoying.

29). If I were a fruit, I'd be a lychee (random, I know, but we needed to answer what fruit we'd be for an anime club meeting thing xD)

30). My favorite type of sashimi is maguro (tuna) Because I'm super creative when it  comes to facts about me :P

goronyan, I think she's saying? o.O
So yeah! That pretty much concludes this spur of the moment posts, hope you enjoyed it xD

Bye everyone~ ^_^


  1. Awesome post, girlie!~ 8D <33 Omigosh, I'm exactly the same with #26 - I really can't keep my own secrets. T-T It sometimes comes around to bite me in the butt later, but sigh.

    And OW, you've had some pretty painful experiences! o.o Lips and eyebrows ow ow ow. I'd have a crazy fear of frisbees too, if my eyebrow were cut open. T-T (And beasty sounds so cuuuute. *u*)

    1. Yeah, whenever something happens I just can't keep it to myself xD
      Yep, frisbees haven't been kind to me in the past ;A;
      Beasty is adorable, I'll post a photo of her at some point :3

  2. Mmm I love anything green tea flavored too, including plain green tea! :D
    I love Clannad too! *o* It's one of my all time favourite anime. Have you watched Kanon? It's very similar, also very sad. :3

    1. Ooh yeah Clannad is great :3
      Hm, I haven't seen it, I'll check it out at some point though! ^_^

  3. 20 & 21 <3 I still have leftover paper to make paper stars. I hope to get back into making them. I use them for my product photos. awesome post girly!

    1. Ooh right, I love how you have those paper stars in your backgrounds! :D

  4. Aha, I'm guessing Ryan's got you into liking Clannad. xD

    "18). My most irrational fears are of mold (which just creeps me out) and of frisbees. Why frisbees? When I was six I was throwing one around with my dad and when he threw it to me I didn't catch it in time so it sliced my eyebrow open ;n;"

    How hard was your dad throwing that frisbee? D:

    1. Hehe, yep, Ryan xD
      Not even all that hard, it's just that the frisbee was old and made of some beaten up plastic so the edge was very sharp... ;n;

  5. I love cherry blossoms as well ღ
    That's a pity you never seen one in real life >.< . In Italy they aren't so common , but somewhere you can see some cherry trees .
    And I also love Miyazaki movies ( my favorite one is "Spirited Away") and snow (but I live in a seaside town in Southern Italy so it's rare to see snow ㅠ.ㅠ )
    I enjoyed reading this post ~
    Best wishes
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog


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