Friday, October 17, 2014

Colder Weather, Rant on Sexism, and Side-Ponytails~

A sort of odd combination of topics today, I know, but I wanted to write a post that was more life-based c:
Firstly, it's been slowly getting colder here in the northeast. It was really warm at the start of this week, but now it's chillier. It's the perfect sweater weather, and a little while ago I assembled an outfit I liked quite a bit, so I decided to share it with you~
I also really liked my makeup that day, so here are some photos c: I've been using false eyelashes a lot more lately; these ones are from Ardell (I think), and they're only half lashes so I think they give a cute shape to the eye c:
I like this photo ^.^ Curly hair :3
Headband is from Bodyline!
Much filter 
What do you think of the eyelashes? c:
And onto the outfit~ It was pretty chilly that day, but not cold enough that I needed a jacket. The sweater is cozy :3
Cozy Sweater Weather
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Bodyline
Socks: Urban Outfitters
I absolutely adore this sweater from Urban Outfitters- it's super cozy and perfect for cold fall or winter days. It's also quite fuzzy :3
Love you guys <3

And now, on to the rant.

So yesterday, I was at chess club (nerdy, I know, but I like it). I have been going since last year, and both years I've been the only female in the group of about fifteen guys. It was my first day going this school year, however (due to being sick, I haven't been in school on the day we have clubs for a while). 
So yesterday I came in for the first time, and I played a game with my boyfriend. He's not a bad opponent, but nonetheless I beat him the first time we played. The second time I wasn't as focused and he got me in a bad position, at which point, a guy came up (I don't believe he was an acquaintance of boyfriend). He then asked boyfriend if he could play him when we finished, and boyfriend said "No you play the winner", to which guy responded "Oh yeah I know". Yeah I know. As in, "Yeah, I know that you're obviously going to win". You see why I'm bothered?
I strongly hate it when people assume that girls play chess more poorly than boys do. Yes, fewer do, but that doesn't mean that they aren't as experienced. I've been playing since I was about six years old. So naturally, this guy's comment really bothered me. In addition to that, he started backseat playing (telling the other person what a strategic move would be), which really bothered me even more. 
So, after I beat boyfriend, I played the other guy and beat him too. At least that gave a sense of accomplishment~
Now I know that this small experience of sexism is absolutely minuscule to what other girls and women in different parts of the world experience, but nonetheless, I wanted to share something that happened to me. It has been bothering me quite a bit, so I decided to share. It's just something that I've dealt with my entire life; but at least it feels good to see people surprised when I play better than they do :3

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Being talented at something your  gender isn't usually accredited to?

And finally, to end on a more cheery note, today I put my hair in a side pony tail when I returned from school and I thought it looked quite cute :3
Such sass (also wearing falsies here- the ones I got in my Memebox)
So yes, I like it :3 

Anyways, thank you for reading! And sorry for my little rant x3 Hehe~
Bye! See you in my next post <3
~Sakura <3
Has the weather been getting colder where you live?


  1. Hello! I just recently started following your blog and I just have to say: I adore it :3 you're so dedicated to blogging and makeup and fashion and all the things I wish I could be dedicated to…
    also, you're adorably gorgeous. And high five on beating those boys in chess! I play chess but sadly am not too great at it, so I'm glad to see some female victory going on ;D

    1. Thank you so much! >u< I'm so glad to hear you like it ^.^ I personally think I could be more dedicated, but I try! I'm sure that you could as well ^_^ <3
      Thanks >u< And yes hehe I liked beating them :3 Females don't win often enough >:-( Girl power!

  2. Great!! post!! You're so cute, make up and outfit so so cute!!

    Ah I see, must of been annoying for that to happen, but you can look at it as he was too scared to play you because he knew you would beat him ^^ And you did to prove a point that your skills are no match for his low level of play!! ^____^/

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thanks! ^_^ <3
      It was annoying, but when I look at it in that way it does make me feel better :3 Hehe~

  3. I expereience the same things in chess club in my school! It's so helpful to hear someone else has this problem too, i thought it was just my school ! Like how when i beat my guardian, someone always has to comment how he was "beaten by a girl, really??". It's so disheartening but i'm so glad i'm, not the only one. I'm sorrry it happens to you as well, love :(
    Is it an American thing for men to be sexist againt women? I'm sorry if you';re not american i'm just assuming because I did not have this problem before I moved here..
    -Love Princess Doll

    1. Ahhh yeah it's a frustrating problem -.- I think men are sexist most everywhere- I myself am not American (I've lived here for quite a while now however), and I think men (at least where I'm from) generally think they're smarter than women
      Let's prove them wrong though :3 hehe~


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