Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Recap and 2016 Resolutions~

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all celebrated well ^_^ I definitely had a lot of fun last night ^_^
I thought I'd write a post today about new years resolutions, and look at the ones from last year and see how I did.
Let's have a look shall we?
2015's Resolutions
No. 1: More Blogging
I had 8 more posts in 2015 than 2014 so... I guess that's a bit of progress? Not really though OTL
I did have many more sponsored posts though, which was nice ^_^ And I think I got a decent posting schedule up, averaging a bit more than a post a week. Yay! Hopefully the productivity will continue into the future ^_^

No. 2: More Lolita
While in Boston, I did get more into the lolita lifestyle. I went to several meetups, and met lots of cool people, but then had to move away ;~; I aim to wear lolita about once a week or so, which is certainly more than I did before. In general, I've spread out to wearing 'cute fashion' a lot more frequently, which I'm pleased with.

No. 3: More Art
I definitely spent a lot more of my free time doing art in 2015. I don't have any art classes currently, but I still make time to draw, which I'm happy about. I've also been doing a lot of polymer clay sculpting, which is lots of fun! I've certainly improved my skills also in lots of different mediums.

On the whole I think 2015's resolutions were kept quite well!
And now, 2016's resolutions! Hopefully I keep them up!
2016's Resolutions
No. 1: Go Cruelty Free
Recently I watched the documentary The True Cost, which discussed the fast fashion industry and how much damage it is causing to both the workers and our environment. It was really quite horrifying (it's a very good movie though- I highly recommend you give it a watch). A lot of retail shops are guilty of the atrocities committed, and I don't want to support that, so I've decided to stop buying things from places like that (Forever 21, H&M, and the like). It's just a bad mindset, and I don't want to be part of that. In addition to that, I want to only purchase makeup/skincare that isn't animal tested. A lot of brands though are going cruelty free in that regard, so it shouldn't be much of a challenge. This also sort of ties in to it, but I want to eat less meat, for both health reasons and ethical reasons. I have high hopes for this resolution!

No. 2: Cosplay!
I've always wanted to do cosplay, but I've never really had much motivation to do it lol. This year I'm hoping to do 1 or 2 cosplays, maybe go to a couple of conventions. I'm thinking of cosplaying Shiro from No Game No Life and maybe a human version of Charlotte/Bebe from Madoka Magica~

No. 3: Lose Weight
I feel like this is on absolutely everyone's resolution list at some point or another haha. Pretty self-explanatory, so I'm not going to go into it too much.

No. 4: Work More on my YouTube
I really need to have more motivation for working on my YouTube channel. I'm just really bad with uploading videos frequently, which is bad. So, I'm hoping to film a lot more and post a lot more this year ;u; Maybe once a week? *crossing fingers hopefully*

And yeah, I think that's about it! 
Let me know what your resolutions are, I'd love to hear them!
As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you guys have a magical year <3 <3


  1. Happy New Year! :) I hope that you will achieve all your expectations and resolutions for next year!
    I think buying cruelty-free things is a good idea! :)
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too! ^_^ And likewise!
      I'm hoping that it'll go well ^.^

  2. Id love to go with you on your cruelty-free journey! Please do blog about it <3 Id love to learn more about what to avoid especially clothing stores.

    BCfactor Blog |

    1. I'm glad about that! ^_^ I'll definitely have to do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Hey, lovely blog!
    Wanna follow each other??


    Waiting for you darling!!


    1. Thank you!
      And yes, I'll let you know on your blog ^_^

    2. Thanks dear, following you too!!

  4. Your New Years resolutions are nice!! I always tell myself to blog more often too but then I end up only blogging once a month or maybe even 2 or 3 months hahah~ I'm also planning to do more Cosplay but I'm still very hesitant about that Lolita part because I'm too shy to wear it in public just because I'm scared that some people will stare at me :-( I think Lolita is sooo adorable and cute though!! So I hope you'll be able to wear more of it and have the confidence ♥ Also good luck on your new years resolution, I'm sure you will be aable to achieve all of them!!
    My New Years resolution is to lose weight too haha xD and also to work on my self confidence and do things I want to do without worrying about what people might think!! Maybe find a boyfriend too XD Lol

    Mindy ♥

    1. Having a constant blogging schedule is definitely a struggle ;~; People do stare sometimes when you wear lolita, but I guess it's just something that comes with dressing fancily. It's just a matter of feeling comfortable in it- when you feel normal wearing it, you notice the stares a lot less c: I hope some day you can wear it! ^_^ Good luck on all of your resolutions too! <3

  5. Happy new year, sakura! I REALLY REALLY hope the Youtube goal works out amazing for you (as with all the other ones, but that just stood really out to me LOL)!! I'm pretty much on the "lose weight" bandwagon too (who isn't... lol), and i wanna be like 105 T_T; omg... BUT GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!!!
    Btw, I am forever your #1 fan of your art. *_*
    Junniku blog! (What I got for Christmas)

    1. Happy new year June! ^_^ Thanks for your support! I feel like everyone wants to lose weight haha- I hope you reach your goal!
      And thank you! ^_^

  6. You have a very great blog. Do you want to follow each other? Let me Know and i follow you back <3 Eileen
    Beautyarea & more

    1. Thank you! ^_^ And yes, I'll let you know on your blog once I follow you ^_^

  7. A lot of things on your list is similar to mine! I want to go cruelty free too. I'm not wasteful so, the products I do use (like Maybelline and MAC) that do test on animals.. i'll have to finish them lol. But from now on I want to only buy cruelty free make-up. I've never bought skincare products that test on animals though, so i'm halfway there lol! Great post, I hope your resolutions go well! x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. It's nice that you're going cruelty free! Definitely don't throw away the stuff that you've already purchased haha- no point in wasting it xD Thank you! I wish you luck on your resolutions as well ^_^


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