Friday, April 21, 2017

Peiliee Shop Review {and Sweet Strawberry OOTD}~

Hi everyone! 
I recently purchased a wig from Peiliee, which is an online store which sells clothes and other cute things, such as jewelry and lingerie. They're based in Sweden, and they carry brands such as Bobon21 in addition to their own original designs~
I purchased the Barbie Pink Colour Changing Wig, which is no longer in stock unfortunately, but I thought I'd still write a review nonetheless ^^
So, let's begin!
Firstly, here's the stock photo of the wig~

In the photo, it's a pretty light brown/pink mix, which I thought would go well with a lot of clothes that I have~
I made my purchase on April 6th, and the wig was shipped out on the 8th, which is a pretty reasonable processing time! I really don't like when shops take forever to ship out their items, so it was nice that I didn't have to wait too long ^^ They also provided a shipping number, but unfortnately I couldn't get it to work ;^; The last time I ordered from them the shipping number didn't work either, which is a bit of a shame because I like obsessively checking the tracking eheheh ^^" Online they said that shipping to the US would take about 5-15 days, and my package arrived on the 17th, which falls right in the middle of the expected time frame. 
The wig arrived very well packaged, in a big and sturdy box~
All my items were in a nice thick plastic bag which was customized with the shop's name~ I like that this was included because I'll be able to store the wig in it c:
And everything that was inside the bag:
The wig was surrounded by a plastic barrier-thing, so that it wouldn't get smushed- I appreciate that so much care was put into the packaging! I also got a free wig cap (which has been very useful) in addition to cute cat paw sticky notes (which were also free!)
Here's the wig itself:
To be honest, I was a bit disappointed about the colour... I really was expecting more of a light brown with just a hint of pink, but in reality it's just a dusty pink colour with some streaks of brighter pink and light brown ;^;
Here's a closeup of the colour:
Colour aside though, this is a very nice quality wig. The fibers are smooth and soft, and it's a fairly thick wig, so you don't see the individual wefts. The construction is very nice! It's a 70 cm long wig, which I think is a good length; it still looks like a cute long wig, but it doesn't tangle too easily. 
I thought the brown colour would be more noticeable in bright lighting, but nope, still pink ^^"

Here are some more photos of it worn:

On the whole I think this is a very nice wig; it's high quality and a very pretty colour, I just wish it were more like the stock photo ;^; I'll still need to keep looking for a light brown wig, I guess ><
To summarize my whole experience:

Shipping: ❤ (5/5)
The wig was shipped out quickly and it arrived in the expected amount of time c: The packaging was also very sturdy!

Item Quality: 
Although the wig is nice quality, I'm a bit disappointed that it's not the exact shade that it was online... ;^; Although, I guess this is often a problem when buying wigs, you can never be 100% certain how it will look due to different lighting...

Overall Service: 
I received emails every time there was an update about my order, which I found very useful~ In addition to that, I appreciate the small gifts! The wig cap has been very useful; I've actually never used one before, but it makes the whole wig process much easier c:

Overall Experience: 
Despite the wig not looking exactly like the stock photo, I was happy with my experience shopping with Peiliee. I'll definitely be purchasing from them again because I think they're a great site with many cute items and fantastic service~ 

And to finish off this review, an outfit! I put the wig in braids and I thought it turned out quite cute~
Sweet Strawberry
Wig: Peiliee
Blouse: Amavel
JSK: Ank Rouge

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this review helpful 

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