Monday, December 26, 2016

Valfre Luna and Bowie Choker Reviews~

Long time no see!
Sorry for not writing in a while- school was taking up a lot of time and I didn't have much motivation for writing anything at all...
In any case though, I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season, and that you had a nice Christmas if you celebrated it yesterday 
Today I thought I'd write a small review of some chokers I got from Valfre! They have a really nice selection of vegan leather chokers (and they also carry clothes and phone cases and that sort of thing). If I remember correctly, their stuff is handmade in California, which is really nice (correct me if I'm wrong though).
Anyways, let's start!

The chokers came in individual boxes which are quite sturdy. This is really useful because it makes storage much easier~

I was worried that they would have an artificial/plasticky scent (as fake leather often does in my experience), but these were perfectly fine~

Bowie Choker (TAN) - Valfre - 1

I thought this choker was really cute because of the large bow~ It comes in pink and black as well, but I figured that the nude one would be the most versatile and less garish (since it's already a fairly attention-drawing piece). It closes on snaps, which allows you to fit it to your neck size more or less.

I think this choker is really cute~ It's quite comfortable too! I honestly have no complaints about it- it's really well made and doesn't seem like it'll be falling apart any time soon.
Here's a worn photo of it~

I highly recommend this choker if you're looking  for something cute, but not too obviously cute~

And now for the next choker, which is my favourite of the two

Luna Choker (WHITE) - Valfre - 1

I was really drawn to this choker because of the huge pom-pom~ I really love everything that's fluffy and I thought that this would be such a cute piece for winter.

Unlike the Bowie choker, this one closes on a buckle, which I really like because it feels much more secure that way. The pompom is also incredibly soft- if it wasn't stated that this was a vegan choker, I'd definitely think that it was real fur.
The construction on this one is also great~On the whole I really like this one because it goes with a lot of my outfits, so I can wear it frequently!

Overall I'm really pleased with the quality of Valfre chokers- they're really cute and well made, and I highly recommend them if you're looking for something unique and nice quality!
♡ Thank you for reading 


  1. Very cute chokers! The beige one with pair nicely with most other colors. I also love the style of your photos - very cohesive color palette, and looks very light and airy and innocent. :)


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