Friday, March 3, 2017

Some New Clothes- Yahoo Japan Auctions Mini Haul~

Hi everyone!
I think it's been quite a while since I've posted about clothes, so today I thought I would do a post sharing some things that I've recently received in the mail!
I've really been into shopping on Yahoo Japan Auctions- you can find such cute cheap things on there~
So, here are the five items that I received!

1. La Maison Amavel Blouse

When I started wearing lolita fashion a few years ago, I really liked the designs of Amavel blouses- I feel like everyone had their 'tea party' embroidery blouse. So, I was happy to find this one! La Maison translates to 'house', which I feel is an unusual word to put on a blouse, but it's cute nonetheless~ It's rare that I find short-sleeved blouses that suit me, but I really like how this one fits! It's something that I think I will be wearing often.

2. Ank Rouge Fantasy Night Skirt in Navy

Ahhh this skirt has been a dream piece of mine since I first saw it a couple of years ago ;u; I really love everything that has a zodiac print on it, and so I think that this skirt is just so beautiful~ I found it at an amazing price, and it turned out to be brand new (with a tag and everything)! So, I was really lucky to find it, and am super happy~ It was also made in a pink and gold colorway, so I think someday I'll try to get that as well!

Here are the previous two items in an outfit- I wore this yesterday and felt quite cute~

3. Ank Rouge Turtleneck Top

This is just a nice casual top that I thought I could wear with a lot of different things~ It's a very soft and stretchy material, and I love the shoulder ruffles! It also has small scalloping on the ends of the sleeves and at the base of the top, which I like~ I have a top that's very similar to this, but it has lace at the base of the collar and a moon cut-out on the chest; I really love that top, and so I decided to get a more casual version of it ^-^

4. Liz Lisa Pink and Tan Plaid Miniskirt

I sort of purchased this skirt on impulse because the waist tie had pom poms and I love clothes with pom poms ;u; It's actually a really old item- the tag on it is different than the other Liz Lisa items that I have, so I was worried that it was a replica, but it turns out that the brand had different tag when they first started out so it's okay~ It's really nice quality, but it's made of wool, which is a bit pointless in Florida, so I think I'm going to have to resell it ;^; I don't want to just have something lying around that I won't be using...

But anyways, here are the last two items worn~

5. Long Sleeved Amavel Blouse

When I saw the listing of this blouse it looked as though it was a thin chiffon material, but it actually ended up being silky satin! I really really love the design of this blouse- I think it's fancy but not too fancy, and I really love the champagne color of it~ The ribbon ties on the neck are removable! They attach via buttons underneath the collar- the other Amavel blouse I got also has buttons under the collar, so I can use these ribbons on the other blouse too, which is nice~
And here it is worn~

On the whole, I'm really happy with everything I got! I hope you liked seeing it~
Also, I made a YouTube video with an unboxing of all of this, as well as a small review of the shopping service I used, so please check it out if you're interested!

Thank you for reading~
Which item was your favourite?

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