Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Stuff~ (Dress and Accessories)

Hey dollies~ Sorry I don't write posts all that often; I haven't had much inspiration nor incentive of what to write .-. However, today I have just a quick post on some stuff I've purchased recently, and I thought you guys would be interested :3
(Well, really just one dress.)
So, quick background about this. A few months ago I saw this super adorable dress from Ann Taylor, which is a store I never shop in because pft boring adult clothes >n<  This was really pretty though, it sorta reminded me of sixties house wife attire what with the big skirt and high neckline. At the time though, it was very expensive ;A; However when I went there a week ago, I saw they had a promotion that was 50% off all sale merchandise (perhaps because it was the 4th of July weekend?). Excitedly I rushed in, and saw that my beloved dress was on the sale rack <3 The only problem was that it was either a size too small or much much much too big, but I tried on the smaller size and it still fit well <3 So yes, that's the dramatic story of the dress x3 
And I took a bunch of photos of myself in the dress but not the full length dress so forgive me .-.

I felt quite fancy c:
Odd angle.
I also have the stock photo of the dress that I got from the website~
It's a bit longer on me (reaches about my knees) since I'm petite and not a model :P In any case I think it's a really cute dress and it's perfect for summer and spring~
In terms of clothes I also got several skirts.... but they're for a different post :3
I finally ordered from Bodyline, so I thought I'd make a concrete review of the products (since for one of them I can't find reviews anywhere and I thought it'd be helpful for people). I've wanted to get into lolita fashion for a while and I'm finally starting to :3 I'll post outfits too at some point ^_^

I got many accessories, all from Urban Outfitters :P (It's sorta my go-to place for accessories because they often have sales and I like their necklaces and rings and knee-high socks). Like Ann Taylor, they were having a 50% off sale sale and so I decided to pick up some things~
Hat :3
I've wanted a beanie for a while (not sure why), and this was on sale for only $2.50!
I think it'll be good for the winter~ In the summer I don't really want to wear hats >_>
Flower Crown
For a very long time I've wanted a flower crown, but I could never really find any that I liked. I was inspired to get one because of Frida Kahlo's self portraits in which she has flower (I also did a rendition of a self portrait with flowers inspired by her art for my Spanish class here , if you haven't seen it). Upon seeing this, I thought the colors of it were perfect, and I just had to get it even though it wasn't that cheap x3 ($24). I do think it looks gorgeous though~ Also perfect for the summer months (and fall too~. Perhaps for a country lolita look?)
My hair just does not look good today -n-
Close up! Pretty flowers :3
Other random thing
(This ought to have a better category name but oh well .-.)
A couple of months ago I finished the anime Madoka Magica, and I really really liked it. There's an anime store close nearby and they had a lot of anime notebooks, so when I saw this one from Madoka Magica, I knew I had to have it <3 I always like having cute note books, and though I don't typically write in notebooks, I like using them in school~ I decided I would use this for Biology in school! Taking notes in cute books is always more fun :3
Yay~ <3
So yesh, this wasn't exactly a haul post, more so just review of small things I've purchased that I thought I'd share with you guys c:
Expect a  Bodyline review soon!
Ciao~ <3
Sakura <3


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