Monday, June 16, 2014

Small Life Update~ (and Country OOTD)

Hey lovelies~
Sorry I haven't posted in more than a week
Life has been packed, since I have final exams coming up this week (and I had my language finals last week), so I've been cramming for them >_>
Also, unfortunately I won't be going to Japan, due to complications with my passport. Basically it's been ready for 2 months now, but they hadn't ever sent it out. This is why I sometimes which I had an American passport instead of a Ukrainian one :( But, oh well I guess. Sometimes bad things happen, but we shouldn't let them get us down. 
As compensation for the Japan trip, I decided to buy a few things from Bodyline (pretty clothes), as well as a little Pullip doll :3 
From the Zodiac collection
She's so prettyyy :3 
Anyways, I also have an OOTD for today (I haven't posted one in a while, so sorry D:)
This filter makes my legs look orange .-. I swear they're not!

I called this outfit "country" in the post title because it seemed sorta like that to me, what with the checkered skirt and brown belt that has leather on it :P In addition to that my hair was really frizzy and I had lighter makeup today than usual. So I don't know xD
My face and very frizzy hair
So yep c: Hm I really don't know what else to write about so I will compile a list of posts I will write at some point this summer (don't worry though, there will be plenty more than what I write about here~)

Bodyline review and unboxing video
Little Pullip doll ranting (because she's so pretty)
Wood Nymph Makeup Video
Maybe some DIY posts?
Hauls from Korean makeup sites
Reviews of Korean Makeup
Other various makeup tutorials

Yeah I'm bad at coming up with ideas >_> If you have any suggestions of posts to write, or makeup products you recommend that I could later review, then please make suggestions ^_^

And sorry about today's boring post-- I just wanted to write something since it had been a while. But, next week school will have ended, so I'll have a lot more posts then c:
Ciao! Thanks for reading~
Sakura <3


  1. Oh, no. I'm so sorry, hon. :c

    I know how you feel - I don't have an American passport either.

    1. Thanks :c
      Yeah :/ It's often so annoying having a passport from a different country :/

  2. Oh sweetie I am so sorry. What a bummer! Just don't let it get you down. Lovely outfit, btw! Well I often don't know what to write either, just do what you love to, that's the best honey. You have a nice blog here. Keep up the good work! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. I'll try not to :c Thanks~ I also quite liked this outfit. Thanks for the advice!
      Following you~

    2. Thx bunches honey. just followed back #89 I know it's hard right now, been there, done that, but maybe some other time. Oh and your post is not boring, how can it be? You shared a piece of your life with us. Keep in touch honey. xoxo

  3. Sorry your Japan thing didn't work out ;; I'm actually going to Japan next month for the first time! I'll be posting about it on my blog so swing by if you want and maybe it will inspire you for when you finally go!!! Your dream of going WILL happen I promise ^^ xooxox

    1. Thanks :c Oh that's cool! I look forward to reading those posts~ I hope you have fun! ^_^
      Thank you for your support :)

  4. Oh! Your outfit is just too cute! I do already follow you! Do follow me back yah?


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