Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dream Dress Unboxing ♥~

Hello all!
Oops... it's been like 2 weeks since my last post. I guess my resolution isn't sticking as well as I hoped it would ;n;
Anyways, I've got exciting news! My dream dress came in the mail! ;u;
Stock photo~
It's the Taobao brand Chess Story's Le Ballet Deluxe JSK. I've been in love with this dress ever since I first saw it, but because it was never in stock in the navy colorway, I wasn't able to buy it. A couple of months ago however, it finally appeared in dark blue! I ordered from, which I've used several times before (I highly recommend them). 
I decided to get the dress for my Junior Semi Prom, which although is a couple of months away, I still wanna be ready for  c: I think it would be super cute for semi ^.^ 
I filmed an unboxing video cause I was super duper excited :3 It's a bit short, but here it is anyways~

Now, a quick review of the dress~
This is definitely one of the nicest quality lolita pieces I have. The fabric is incredibly soft. It's mostly made from a very thin, light chiffon. It's sparkly, but not obscenely so. I was very worried about how sparkly it would be because I didn't want it to look like a costume, however it's not at all like that. And some of the glitter pieces are star shaped! ^_^
Do you see the stars? ^.^
The skirt of the dress consists of four layers; a chiffon overlayer, a lace layer, another chiffon layer, and a satin layer at the very bottom (you can't see it when you're wearing the dress). The lacey layer is also very soft, and nice quality ^_^ In the photo it looks lighter than the chiffon layers, but that's not the case in real life (also, because of weird lighting my photos make the dress look much bluer than it really is. The stock photo is more true-to-life in terms of color).

Yay ^.^
There's a detachable bow on the front, and the buttons are really cute c: I also quite like the lace which lines the bodice~
Sparkly :3 And rose lace!
The photo is a bit blurry, but you get the idea~
There are also detachable waist ties, which I haven't yet managed to tie prettily ;n; The back is also half-shirred, and has lacing, so it can adjust to both smaller and larger sizes.
Sad looking bow :c
Anyways, that's about all there is to say, I think x3 It's about knee length, and is quite comfy~ You can also fit two petticoats underneath it, if you want obscene amounts of poof. I tried it on with an A-line petti with a sad looking cupcake petti I tried to make a while ago and it was way too much x3 So, maybe be cautious when it comes to extreme amounts of poofiness c:
And to conclude, a photo of me in the dress~
I love it <3
Anyways, thank you for reading! I'm incredibly happy with this dress and so I wanted to share it with you guys ^_^
I'll be sure to post again soon
Ta-ta! And thanks for reading <3
Is there any piece of clothing that you've wanted for a really long time?


  1. Very cute! I think the length is fashionable - not too short and not too long. It'll be refreshing to see something something other than skimpy skirts and tight dresses. The lace and color are absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I like the dress very much too ^_^ I wanted something unique for semi since everyone seems to wear very similar dresses ;A; I love the color <3

  2. So pretty! The color is beautiful and it fit really well on you.

    Black Daisy

    1. Thanks so much! <3 I agree- the color is absolutely gorgeous. I think the navy blue suits the design well

  3. I really love your dress.Such a ellegant look. And i'm glad that you like it hehe <3

    1. Thank you! <3 I really love the elegance as well ^_^

  4. That is a beautiful dress! And I know how hard it is to try to keep posting often xD; But we'll get there!

    And guess what! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! <3


    1. It's a beautiful dress indeed <3 And yeah it's so difficult at times ;n;
      Thanks so much! <3

  5. It's so pretty! It was well worth the wait for the color you wanted to get back in stock :D Your unboxing video of your new dress was great as well :D
    Celestial Star

    1. I'm definitely glad I waited ^_^ IT was absolutely worth it~ I'm glad you liked the video!

  6. Hi! I'm new in your blog!
    Gorgeous! My dreamy dress is one of bambi from Innocent World. T3T

    1. Hello!
      Ahh yes I think I know that dress it's super pretty :3 I have other dream dresses too (Like Baby's Twinkle constellation skirt in navy ;A;) but this one was much more easily accessible :3 (and not crazy expensive)

  7. Cute dress ♥

    Followed u!
    Hoping for following back~

    Sacramental somnium~

    1. The dress is indeed cute ^.^
      Thank you for the follow! I'll follow back ^.^

  8. very cute *_*


    1. Thanks! I think it's very cute as well ^_^

  9. awww this dress is so pretty >w<
    Love it!! <3


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