Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Favorites {2015} and Random Makeup~

Hey cuties! How've you all been? c:
I'm almost done with my midyear exams but they've been quite stressful ;n; Thankfully I only have two left for Monday and then I'll be done with it all~ I really can't stand tests -.-  
Anyways, I decided to do a favorites post~ I hope you like it ^.^

I haven't really liked that many beauty products this month- I've sort of been stuck in the same routine every day. So instead, many skincare/bodycare items! c:

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub
Ahhh this scrub is amazing <3 I received a sample of it about a month ago and from the first time I tried it, I loved it. I got this big tub about two weeks ago and it's fantastic. It smells wonderful and makes my skin incredibly smooth. I don't use it every day, but then again every day it isn't necessary. I highly suggest that you try this out. If you get it though, be sure to moisturize once you've used it ^_^ Because although it is mildly moisturizing, if you have sensitive skin like mine, the scrub might be a bit harsh and drying. I haven't had any problems though, so yay ^.^

Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel
Hehe just warning you, I have many favorites from Lush this month x3 Anyways, this shower was released as a limited edition for the holidays. I was at the store and they were having a promotion going on where you buy one thing get one thing free, and my friend bought himself a shower gel and kindly gave me this one ^.^ It smells really nice- they claim that it's ginger and cinnamon, but to me it's more of a holiday-type-rootbeer x3 I really like it- it's perfect for the winter. You can't really see it in the photo, but the shower gel is sparkly! The sparkles don't stick to your skin at all (or bath, for that matter), but it's a nice touch~ I think this is a shower gel that they bring out every year, so if you see it next holiday season, I suggest you get it ^.^ 

Lush Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar
Ahh this product is amazing <3 If you aren't familiar with massage bars, you rub them onto your skin and they melt ^.^ This one is incredibly moisturizing and it smells delectable- like Earl Grey tea and orange~ Though to me it smells more citrusy, you can definitely detect the bergamot scent of earl grey. I mostly use this on my legs, because they get super dry during the winter (especially after shaving ;n;). I also have a convenient tin for it  ^.^ If you end up getting a massage bar, I suggest you get a tin to keep it in. It's useful since it keeps it from losing a lot of the smell or getting dirty. 

Okay, finally done with all the Lush products x3 Moving on~
Cleomee Three-layer Donkey Oil Mist
I got this in a Memebox a while back (which I still need to review...) I know what you're thinking- why would anyone want to spray donkey oil on them? And while it sounds gross, this spray is amazing ;u; It smells fantastic- flowery and musky and delicious. You shake it up and then spray it on, I only use it occasionally because I want to savor it :3 It's not as moisturizing as the massage bar, but it's still wonderful.

Moving on to non-beauty-related stuff
Bride of the Water God Manga 
I picked up this manga at a bookstore a couple of weeks ago, and it's gorgeous ;u; It's a Korean manga by the artist Mi-Kyung Yun, and the art is definitely some of the best that I've seen in mangas for a while. A short summary of the plot: there's a large drought in a town, and in order to win the water god's favor, a young girl is sacrificed to be his bride. The water god ends up being different from her expectations, however...
I look forward to reading the other books in the series. I'm not sure how many there are, but I definitely want to find them :3

Psycho-Pass Anime
I heard many good things about this anime from many different people, and now that I've started watching it, I can't seem to stop ;u; It's a fantastic science fiction anime based upon an old sci-fi short story. It's sorta complex to summarize, but I highly highly suggest you watch it. It is a bit gorey and it has some disturbing elements, so if that sort of thing bothers you, then beware.

Pokemon X
I got this game around the beginning of the month and I've been loving it >u< It's super fun~ If you have a 3DS and you haven't yet gotten this, I really recommend it~ The graphics are really pretty, and it's a game which doesn't need too much effort so it's quite relaxing to play.
That just about finishes up my favorites for this month~ There aren't too many of them because I haven't really tried many new things ;~; So sorry about that.
Yesterday when I was done with my exams (I only had one in the early morning), I just came home and relaxed. I decided to try big eye makeup and I like how it turned out so I'll now spam you with photos :3 I still need to get lower eyelashes though, but I've ordered a box in the mail ^.^ They should be here around mid February~ 
I was inspired by Anzujaamu's way of doing eye makeup, and I really like how it turned out ^.^ I've tried big eye makeup before but I've never been too fond of the result.

I think this photo is my favorite :3

If you're curious, the lenses that I'm wearing are the G&G Shinny Violet lenses that I got from Pinky Paradise {see my review for them here!}. I got the wig off of Ebay, and the bear ear hair clips that I'm wearing are from my Etsy store! {Here's the link to them, if you're curious to see more photos}.
What do you think of this makeup look? I'm personally quite fond of it c: The lenses especially enhance the eyes~
Anyways, thank you for reading! ^.^
Have you tried anything from Lush?
Any tips on big-eye makeup?


  1. I've never tried anything from Lush. I always read positive reviews about them though, especially their bath products :D I really like your eye makeup! Looks great on you!
    Celestial Star

    1. Lush is really good ^_^ Both their bath products and their skin products are fantastic~ Thanks! I'm glad you like the eye makeup ^_^

  2. Nice favorites! Love your wig <3

    1. Thanks! ^.^ I love the wig too, but it's in sort of shabby condition right now ;~;

    2. It doesn't matter, It's better than don't have any, I don't have any wig and I want one >-<

    3. Aw you should get one! They have really cheap ones on ebay~ (less than $20). I also heard that Taobao has nice wigs for pretty cheap

  3. I love lush products, they all smell so great and feel amazing on your skin!
    Have you watched the new season of Psycho Pass? I heard it really awesome, I need to watch that soon ^^
    Your eye makeup looks amazing!

    minae |

    1. Lush is amazing <3 I wish I could get everything from their store hehe~
      Hmmm I'm on episode 15 or so on Netflix and they don't specify what season it's from .-. Maybe I've seen it? I dunno x3
      And thanks! I like it too ^_^

  4. nice products *_*


    1. Thanks! They are indeed quite nice ^.^

  5. These all sound amazing! The Ocean Salt scrub from Lush is so great, it works so well and always leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized! I love your pink wig, by the way *u* It looks great on you c:
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. I'm glad you like the scrub too! Hehe thanks about the wig! It's in really bad condition though ;~;

  6. Wonderful ^^ I'd love to try out the Korean manga *0* Looks so pretty! σ(≧ε≦o) ♥

    1. You should read it! It's really good ^.^

  7. Yo look so cute with your pink wig!


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