Monday, February 9, 2015

My Weekend {H-Mart and Crafting}~

There have been crazy amounts of snow here in the northeast
So my weekend is now 4 days long :3 The snow is raging outside right now, and so school was canceled for today and tomorrow. Yay!
I thought I'd just do a mini update~
This weekend was pretty uneventful in all honesty x3 I finished Pokemon X, the second season of Psycho-Pass, and Kobo Abe's novel The Woman in the Dunes(which I highly recommend).
I also went to H-Mart yesterday and got a bunch of yummy stuff :3 I thought I'd share some of the more interesting things that I got with you guys c:
Citron tea
I love this stuff. So much. And the jar is so pretty! Once I'm done with it maybe I'll keep pens in it or something c:
Instant Milk Tea
I saw this and I thought it was really cool! It's teabags with powdered milk and sugar in them, so you can instantly have milk tea ^_^ This is the Earl Grey variety- they had 2 other sorts as well~ I know that they also make rose milk tea, which I really want to try. It's insanely sweet though >_>

Meltyblend Fruity Strawberry Chocolates
Omigosh these are delicious *u* They're tiny and there are only fifteen but that's okay x3

Peach yogurt gum!
I think it's so cool how it closes with a magnetic strip :3
Green Tea Korean Pancakes
These are super tasty :3 I got them to eat for breakfast~ On the inside there's a cinnamon filling that's really yummy. It does get very hot though... several times I've burned my tongue ;n;
Seaweed snacks! Very crispy and yummy :3
Pokemon soup! My sister and I love these :3
Red bean soup with mochi
It's sweet! And very good food for this kind of cold miserable weather
Syn-ake Sheet mask (I dunno why they couldn't just spell it 'snake')
My Beauty Diary's Collagen Firming Sheet Masks
I absolutely love these masks. They always make my skin so nice and soft ^.^ I first tried one last year when I went to New York, and I was finally able to obtain some more :3

Anyways, that's all I got from H-Mart, so moving on~
This weekend I've been crafting quite a bit. A few days ago a lolita sewing book that I ordered from Ebay arrived in the mail! I'm super happy about it :3 I haven't yet gotten around to making any substantial items (both because I don't have enough fabric and because I'm worried about the instructions being completely in Japanese), but I plan on doing that soon ^_^ Maybe during my next school break?
Anyways, here's the book :3
The girls on the cover look so pretty ^_^
There are several volumes of this book, but I liked the patterns in this one the most so I got it c: Almost everything is in Japanese, which will make the projects more challenging, but at least there are diagrams ^_^ There are also patterns c:
I like the JSK on the right!
I feel like I'd never be able to pull this off, but it's super cute x3
So yeah, I made lots of accessories this weekend x3 From the book I made a bow and a 2-way clip~
Lacy Cherry Blossom Hair Clip
Felted Checker Cookie Clip~
The cookie clip was super fun to make c: I hadn't done needle felting in quite some time so it was nice to be able to do it again ^_^ I can use it as both a hairclip and as a brooch~
I also made some ribbon-tie bows. I dunno when I'll use them, but they're fuzzy!
So soft ;u;
So yep, that just about concludes what I've been doing x3 Clearly I'm quite lazy. But at least now I have food! ^_^
Anyways thanks for reading! Sorry that this post had some many pictures >_>
Ciao loves!
What do you like to do when you're stuck in the house all day long?


  1. The clips you made are cute! And would love to hear more about your sewing adventures with the book in future posts - good luck with the Japanese! You can do it!
    Ellie | wunderstar

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like them ^.^
      I'll be sure to post more about the sewing once I actually make something :3 I'm glad that you're interested!


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