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Anime Boston 2015!~ {Very picture and text heavy}

Hey bunnies~
I'm super excited about this post, since I'm very eager to tell you all about Anime Boston 2015, which I went to this past weekend ^_^ Unlike last year, I went all three days. If you haven't heard of Anime Boston, it's the biggest anime convention in the northeast, and conveniently it's very close to where I live. 
Unlike last year, I was prepared to go since November (which is when I got my ticket), but due to school and such, I didn't really have time to assemble a cosplay (I wanted to go as Princess Mononoke). Nonetheless, I dressed up in lolita, which was fun too~

And now, moving on to the days~

Day No. 1
The first day was a Friday, and conveniently, I didn't have school that day due to it being Good Friday. Since I don't celebrate it, and since I didn't have to babysit my sister, I was able to go all day! Well,  not all day, since the full eighteen hours would have been positively exhausting, but a good number of hours~
Before I get into what I did, here are some photos of what I wore/makeup! The dress arrived the day before, so it was super timely. 
My makeup took me so long >.> False lower eyelashes are a serious pain.

Casual Sailor
Dress: Cutie Mori {Review coming soon!}
Accessories: Urban Outfitters, Love Couture
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: 9 West
Looking off thoughtfully, thinking about the ocean~
I don't even know what I'm doing here xD
Don't judge my friend was the one giving me posing ideas x3
I got at the convention centre around 12:30 I think, and once I picked up my ticket, I was all set to go~ The first event my friend and I went to was the Cosplay Death Match, where various characters from various animes/mangas appeared on stage, and based upon who won the most cheers from the crowd, the character won or lost. They then 'fought to the death', and there was an entire sub-plot about zombies and pigs that turned human... it was random, in short x3 My friend and I only stayed for the first round because it was a very long event, but it was fun ^_^ I never saw anything like it before.
I don't really remember the order in which we did things after that...
We wandered around the Dealer's Hall and the Artist's Alley, where I got some stuff c: For lunch we went to Wagamama, and I had their delicious Chicken Katsu Curry (seriously, it was very good. I really recommend it). We also saw the first five episodes of an anime called "Diabolik Lovers" which is a very... odd vampire anime. It's addictive though, and I'm watching it right now hehe~
Anyways, that's about everything major that happened the first day, so here's a picture of everything that I got that day c:
So many things *u*
Before I move on to the next day, here's a video detailing all the stuff that I bought! ^_^ Watch it if you're curious for more descriptions of where I got the things that I got~

Day No. 2
Saturday was the day I was the longest at the convention, and it was so tiring ;~; I had a ton of fun though :3
Firstly, outfit! I wasn't able to get fantastic photos of my full outfit but I do like the face photos c:
I love this picture so much *u*

Dreaming about running away to a land of flowers, magic, and sweets...
I also really like how my hands looked that day c:
Sweet-Classic Lolita
Dress: Magic Tea Party
Wig: Ebay
Blouse: H&M
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Magic Tea Party, Handmade, Sorbet Jungle
Bag: Tokidoki x Sanrio
Yet another silly pose proposed by my friend
Now, the stuff I actually did on Saturday!
When we got there, there was a huge waiting line. Seriously. Huge. And it was just to get in. So we stood. And we waited. When we got in we went to the registration room because one of the people in our group had to get their ticket. Once the ticket was finally obtained... guess what. They made us go out again. And wait in line. Again ;A; It wasn't fun -.- It was super windy and my dress and wig were flying everywhere and being all blar. 
But, once we finally got in, it was much less hectic c: We didn't know what to do with ourselves for a while, so we wandered around the dealer's hall. I tried to restrain myself from shopping, but was unsuccessful >.>
Here's what I got over the course of the day:
The pink bunny is for my sister :3 Though I want it for myself >n<
After a lot of shopping, we saw an anime called "Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne", which was essentially a mecha version of Madoka Magica. (I'm not kidding- the main character's name was Madoka and I'm sure that the voice actor of the Homura-like girl was the same as the voice actor of the actual Homura). Anyways, it was a good show, and I think I'll continue watching it c:
For lunch we went to a grilled cheese place called "Cheese Boy". Their sandwiches were decent but way overpriced >.> I did however get a coupon for a free sandwich, which is nice ^_^
We went to Karaoke in the evening and my friend wanted to sing but there would've been a wait that was way too long so in the end he wasn't able to ;~; 
The second day was super tiring since I was on heels all day, but I had fun ^_^
Day No. 3
Sunday was a shorter day, since the convention ended at four rather than at two in the morning x3 There weren't many interesting things going on that day, but I did go to a panel on obscure J-RPGs with my friend, and that was interesting c: The panel was super long though and we didn't stay for the entire thing, so I unfortunately wasn't able to hear about many games for the DS ;~; (it's the only gaming system I have). 
Here's my outfit:
I covered my mouth up cause it looked weird >.>
Wintery Classic
Blouse: Bodyline
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline:
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Fur Collar: Etsy
Wristcuffs: Handmade

You can see the fur collar here better~ My friend gave it to me for my birthday and I love it ^_^

The sheep is one of the fabulous things that I got, I love it so much <3
For more detail about it watch the video at the beginning of the post~

Also, and interesting observation
On Saturday, when I was wearing all sorts of frilly and pastel and sweet things, I had a ton of girls asking me for photos, but on Sunday when my look was darker, only boys asked for photos :o I just thought it was interesting the contrast between what the different genders found appealing~

I didn't stay for very long on Sunday because there honestly wasn't that much to do. We went into the gaming room but it was very crowded, so we were only able to play some very old airplane-shooting-thing game x3
We had lunch at Panda Express and it was delicious and unhealthy and I loved it <3
Here's the stuff I got on the last day:
And that's about it! ;~;
I had a ton of fun at the convention and I'm really happy that I decided to go all three days this year. If I can, I definitely want to go again next year, and maybe in cosplay ^_^
Anyways, thank you for reading! 
I'll see ya in my next post~
~Sakura <3
Have you ever been to a convention?
Which outfit was your favorite?


  1. Kyaaa~ you look so kawaii-desu >v<

  2. Wahhhhh now I really wish I was able to go >< You look so lovely in your coords! <3 I especially love your sweet coord~
    And so glad to hear you got to do a lot and had fun!
    Where did you find those Pote Usas?!!!! I LIVE for those bunnies!
    And where did you find the little sheep/ram plush? I feel like I know that design!

    1. It was so much fun! Ahh thank you <3
      I don't remember where I got the bunnies ;~; A lot of the booths had them though
      She sheep was from a store called Sorbet Jungle, they have an online shop! They have really cute things :3
      Thanks for commenting Kieli! <3

  3. Everything you wore was so beautiful and cute! Where did you buy all these outfits?

    1. Thanks Jenny! ^_^
      I wrote the places where I bought everything at the bottoms of the photos c:


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