Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yesstyle Mori Girl Purchases&Review~

Hi everyone!
Today I have a belated review of some Mori girl-style clothes that I got off of Yesstyle a while ago (quite a while ago, actually, but never mind that). As some of you may know, Yesstyle is a website which carries Korean and Japanese fashion. They have different shops on there, and thus many things for varying price ranges. Quite a few months ago I found out that they carry clothes that would work for Mori girl fashion too! I was incredibly excited about that, since there aren't any (cheap) stores that carry Mori-appropriate clothes here in the states.
I shopped from two 'stores'- Moriville and Storyland. Both of them have reasonably priced clothes- around the $20-$40 range. There are a large range of clothes; dresses, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts, you name it! In the end however, I decided on a sweatshirt, a dress, and a skirt, so I'll write a quick review of each ^_^ The items are no longer available, but I'll still post the stock photos c:

No. 1: Sheep Sweatshirt!
The stock photo~
I. Love. This. Sweater. 
Lately I've had a huge obsession with sheep, and when I saw this super cute, fluffy, over sized sweatshirt with a fuzzy sheep, I knew that I had to have it. 
The sweater is less big looking on me than it is on the model, mostly because I'm not a model xD It is slightly long though, it just barely covers my bum. So, it's cute to wear with leggings on lazy days~
It's super soft and super warm- the inside is lined with a fuzzy material, and the hood is lined with a fluffy fabric that's sort of like the fabric on the sheep.
It says "Mee~! Keep your chin up."
 The sheep is oh so soft <3 And I like the inspirational message hehe~ I was worried that the sleeves might be too short, but they're just perfect.The outer material is a sort of typical sweatshirt fabric, it's very thick too which is nice.
I've been wearing this really often lately, it's just so comfy. 
Anyways, some photos!
I love pairing this sweatshirt with fluffy bear ears~

You can really see how fuzzy the hood is in this photo~
Moving on~

No. 2: Pleated Skirt with Lace Trim
Stock photo~
Okay, I know I said I loved the sheep sweater a lot, but I love this so much too! Although this seems like a pretty plain skirt, it's the lace trim at the bottom that I found to be the defining feature that made me fall in love with the skirt. It's an extremely versatile skirt, I feel like I can wear it with pretty much anything. The quality is fantastic, and it looks exactly like the stock photo. The waistband is super stretchy, and inside is elastic (which sometimes folds in half, which is annoying...) Aside from the minor problem with the elastic, this skirt is fantabulous.
I thought it'd be cute with a top that has lace on it~
My Totoro pin ^_^
Here I'm wearing it with the sheep sweatshirt, although you can't really tell, can you .-. In any case, the two of them combined make a super cute, super comfy outfit!
Closeup of the fabric and of the waistband
Also, one more thing I forgot to mention about the skirt- it's lined! The lace is attached to the bottom of the lining, not the bottom of the actual pleats. However, the lining does sometimes ride up and thus make the lace not visible, which makes the skirt seem more boring ;~; But that mostly happens when you're wearing tights, on bare legs it doesn't ride up much~
I love this skirt to death- I wear it way too often but it's just so versatile!

Last item~

No. 3: Dress!
Stock photo~
Okay, first thing's first: Don't get your dress if you're tall. Don't get it if you're moderately tall. I'm five foot four inches and this is way. Too. Short. It's super cute, but wayyy too inappropriate >_>
Solution however: I wear it with a skirt underneath! Mostly just with the skirt above, since it's just a few inches longer.
Aside from the length issues, this is such a cute dress! I chose it out because I liked the collar and the lacy part at the bottom. The fabric is a sort of linen material, and it has a very loose fit so it would be able to fit on a variety of body types (not if you're tall though, unfortunately).
I wore it once to school without a skirt underneath and it was very short >.> Here are photos nonetheless though~
So. So. Short.
Also tea is yummy
Isn't the collar cute?~
It looked cute with the cardigan c:
I don't know what I'm doing with my face.
I really like this photo~
Anyways, to finish up, I really like everything that I got in this 'haul', so to speak. I'm excited to be wearing Mori girl fashion more c:
Also, tomorrow I go to Anime Boston and I'm so excited!!! I'll be sure to post lots of photos and stuff about it c:
Thank you for reading!
~Sakura <3


  1. I love the white dress!
    So pretty♥

  2. oh my goshhh i love storyland <333

    i was thinking of ordering myself, but ende up not getting anything cx
    the clothes look lovely on you~

    have fun at ab! i'm going to acen this year, but that's in may
    can't wait for the pictures! ^^

    1. They're both really great ^_^ There's also one called Fairyland, which has a lot more products.
      You should order from there! And you're not super tall, so it should fit you well c: Thanks! <3
      I will ^_^ I'm so excited~ Have fun at acen! I'll be sure to post many photos c:

  3. All the things you got are so cute!! :) You look amazing in everything c:

  4. superlove the sheep sweater and hoodie.the fur accent between the hoodie is really relatedable with the 'sheep' concept instead ^3^ cute!

    1. I know right? ^.^ It's super adorable~


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