Tuesday, August 2, 2016

StyleWe Dolly Clothing Wishlist~

Hi everyone!
Today I'd like to introduce you to an online store you may have heard of- StyleWe!
They are a shop that I think is based in China, and they carry many unique Chinese brands. The clothing prices are mid to high range, however they seem to carry a lot of interesting, unique designs that I haven't seen anywhere else! Although I haven't purchased any of their clothes myself, I have heard many positive reviews of their shop online, so I think they're definitely worth checking out!
StyleWe has a large variety of cute summer dresses out right now, so I thought I'd show some of the ones that interested me, as well as other items from the shop which I found to be cute.
Let's start!

Blue Peter Pan Collar Sweet Mini Dress
 I've really been into babydoll style dresses lately, and I really like the lace on the collar of this dress. Although the shape is simple, the details are intricate, which I think is nice~ It also seems like this would be a nice dress to wear in hot weather if it's currently summer where you live!

Pink Short Sleeve Crew Neck Mini Dress
I really like the sporty, casual look that this dress has. The grid pattern of the fabric is quite cute, and I really like the stripes on the sleeves! It seems like this could easily be a cute, casual piece~

Swing Sweet Sleeveless Plain Plunging Neck Midi Dress
I really love the length of this dress- although it's long, it seems like the material is very thin and flowy. The way that the skirt flares out is super cute, and I think the top of the dress is adorable as well.

Blue Pierced A-Line Half Sleeve Mini Dress
This dress is a bit more fancy than the other ones I've chosen- I feel like you could wear this to some formal summer event with a nice pair of heels~ I really like the lace cut-outs!

Peter Pan Collar Short Sleeve H-line Polyester Sweet Mini Dress
I'm a big fan of peter pan collars, and I think that this dress has a very classic, uniform-like look to it that the collar accentuates very well. This is probably my favorite dress- I just love the classic yet cute look it has.

There are many more cute dresses (and other things) on StyleWe, so I suggest you check them out!
Thank you for reading <3


  1. Oh, never heard of this. But all the dress looks nice and cute.
    Hi there Sakura! ^^ LOL *I keep saying hi to everyone, I wonder if people remember me lol ~ Have a great weekend! ♡

  2. Wahh all the dresses look so pretty! I'll check this site out now, thanks for showing us ^^
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!


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