Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom & White Lotus Sleep Concentrate Review

Hey beauties~
Today I'll be reviewing a product which I've been loving lately: the My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom and White Lotus Sleep Concentrate~
The packaging~ I love the lacy looking part c:
I picked this up a couple of weeks ago while in New York, and I've been loving it ever since. Here's a brief description of the product:
This jelly-like sleep concentrate moisturizer is for both day & night. It contains orange & white lotus essence, plus the patented ingredient "AquaxylTM", it instantly replenishes skin with moisture needs, helps improve and increase the ability of moisture preservation of skin, and leave your skin moisture rich and supple all day long. 
First, a look at the box, and all the instructions/ingredients on it.
English directions and warning
Bunch of Chinese .-.
You can use this mask as both a nightly moisturizer (in which case you take 2 scoops of product) or a daily one (with only one scoop of product).
Just so you get the size of a 'scoop' (no, it's not picking up a bunch with your fingers xD), here's the mini-spatula it comes with
Sorry that the background is so dark .-. Shadows were being strange
As you can see, it's very tiny, so not a lot is needed. It has a jelly like texture- though it's not globby. Just a gel.
Smells so good *u*
This moisturizes really, really well. I only use it at night because I worry that if I use it in the day, my skin will get even oilier than it really is >_> However, over night it manages to hydrate my skin very well. A while ago my skin was very dry in some places, however once using this nightly, the condition went away and now my skin is super soft and hydrated. 
I was very worried that this would make me break out, since lately my skin has been a lot more sensitive, and usually very moisturizing creams do that to my face :/ With this however, it was not a problem at all, which I was very happy with.
...The only downside to this product is that it's about a third empty. Sure, it comes filled to the top, but the actual compartment where the moisturizer is held is smaller than the jar. So there's about a third part of plastic/empty space, which is a disappointment. However, I definitely will repurchase this again, since I've never had such a wonderful experience with a deep moisturizer.
If you're interested in purchasing it, I bought it from this store for about $14 (the link is to their online store). Though, you do have to pay for shipping (after $65 shipping is free though!). Or, if you're ever in the New York area and you go to china town, go to their store and they should have it (as well as many other nice things).
I'm in love with this moisturizer- I highly recommend it to anyone.
Have any of you ever tried this? What were your experience with it?
Hope you enjoyed the post~
Also: I will be going to Japan for 2 weeks at the end of June, and I was wondering if any of you knew some good beauty products to buy there. I figure that prices of things made there will be cheaper than buying things online, so I wondered if you had any suggestions~


  1. Oh I had no idea MBD even made other products besides masks!

  2. I was unaware that they made other stuff besides masks as well. The texture looks pretty awesome. Something I'd love to try. Thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks for the review, I am always looking for good products ^.^ I love the jelly texture!
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  4. Great post! I'm Your newest follower :)

  5. Nice review!!! I recommend SANA skin care products or Hada dollywink eyeliner or the sailor moon eyeliner...The beauty mask!!!

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