Sunday, March 23, 2014

Anime Boston 2014!!

Hey everyone!
If you live somewhere on the east coast, you might now about Anime Boston, which is (I believe) the largest anime convention which goes on on the east coast~ I went today with a friend of mine (it's actually a three day event- but I was reluctant to spend $60 in order to be able to attend -.-), so we went just today. I though I'd write a bit about the experience~
I only had decided to go about a week before the actual con, so I didn't have much time to prepare a decent cosplay. Since I had a pink wig, I decided to go as Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied~
This was after one of the horns fell off ;A;
So yes, one of the horns fell off (which was disappointing, considering that that happened only about 30 minutes after I entered -.-), and the wig is curly, which it isn't supposed to be, but overall I'm not too disappointed about how it turned out~
I was planning on taking a bunch of photos of everything, but.... laziness xD So I did a bit of shopping at the many booths which they have, so here's the stuff I got if you're curious~
Homestuck pin!
As a few (some?) of you may know, I am somewhat a homestuck fan (though I haven't finished reading it yet... I should get to that), and Roxy's one of my favorite characters, so I got a pin that's the design on her shirt~
Miku pendant!
I saw this pendant in the shape of the silhouette of Hatsune Miku, and I was determined to get it x3 It also came on a chain to wear as a necklace, but that was an extra $3, and I'm really cheap, so I just got it in pendant form (I have plenty of chains on which I can wear it as a necklace at home).
Grab bag!
There was also this one booth which had a TON of adorable stationary items- however I couldn't decide at all what I wanted to get because I'm super indecisive like that xD. So, when I saw that they had grab-bags that were only $10 for $20 of stuff inside, I decided to get it, because I doubted that there could be stuff I hated in it (which is generally why I'm reluctant to get grab bags- you never quite know what you're getting, and if it's at an anime convention, there could be a chance that it's from an anime which you don't know and all that, which would be annoying). Thankfully, though, I was hardly at all disappointed by what was inside ^.^ It wasn't what I would choose first pick, but it still is a bunch of cute stuff~
Rilakkuma Folder~
Nyaaa~ I love folders, so I was happy to see this one x3 It looks odd because it's mildly translucent, so the back design shows through.
I have never seen this design before, so it was interesting. Not sure if it's my favorite, but still cute~
Bus letter-writing set~
I have no idea whether I'll use this, ever, but I do think it's cute for writing letters x3 It's travel themed and all~
Memo pad, pencil, and pin~
I loooove memo pads, even though I hardly ever use them -.- The pencil and the pin were also cute~ There was also a set of bowling erasers, but I gave them to my sister before I could take photos of stuff and I was too lazy to ask for them back xD 
And finally...
It's so tiny and so fluffy and so adorable I couldn't resist getting it >3< And it has lint on the flower, but that's my fault :P 
I kinda spent too much money at the convention... hehehe... but I'm sure that other people spent more xD So it's okay. 
I do wish that I had looked around more carefully though, because first, I thought that it ended at 12 (which it didn't- it ended at 4 -.-), and second, because there were a bunch of different events going on which I was oblivious to :/ (like a plushie workshop, which, I don't know what it consisted of, but it sounds cute ;n;).
I'll be going next year with a friend of mine and we're doing some fancier cosplay, so I plan on going all three days and hopefully this time I won't miss out on as much xD
I did have quite a bit of fun though- while waiting for the shops/booths/dealers to open, we sat and watched Madoka Magica in some room, which was fun c: Then afterwards we watched some other anime, but it was strange .-. So, despite not having a ton of time, what time I had was great, and I definitely look forward to going next year ^.^ If any of you are ever in Boston, and are an anime fan, I highly suggest you go~ It's great  c:
And now here are some photos of my makeup/hair for the cosplay, which I think turned out better than the costume its self xD
This was before the ears fell off xD
I have red contacts in, but because of the lighting, it's not all that noticeable >_>
Pink eyebrows!
It's very difficult to try to look evil when you have pink hair and you look like you have cat ears.
Don't scold me I'm awful at posing >n<
See this is what happens when I try to look evil. I just look ridiculous instead :P
And with that, this post is concluded~ I hope you found it interesting x3 Next year I'm planning on doing more elaborate cosplays, but I have yet to start :P
Have you guys ever been to anime conventions? How were they?
Sakura <3


  1. Oh my gosh everything you got is so cute! It looks like you had a lot of fun! ^^
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. Haha, you didn't spend too much! I spent sixty bucks on a lolita dress and headpiece last time I went, but I still use it, so it's definitely worth it!

    1. I definitely would've spent more if I had more money xD But seeing as I had only $40, I couldn't buy that much ;n;

  3. Omg so cute! I'm in love with the sheep.


  4. Wow! I think pink hair and eyebrow suits you, hehe~ You look beautiful here! :D

    Giveaway on my blog!

    1. Thank you! ^_^ Unfortunately it's a bit excessive for everyday wear in school xD

  5. I do love how your cosplay turned out and even though the wig isn't supossed to be curly , it turned out wonderful :D You look absolutely stunning and also think pink suites you very well ^-^

    Loves The Mad Twins
    Ps: circle lenses giveaway on the blog


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