Sunday, April 20, 2014

Haircut~ Bangs!

Has it been a while since I've written? If so I'm sorry ;A;
But anyways, a few days ago I got a haircut! And not just a trim.... BANGS. Strange, right? I don't believe I've had bangs since I was five years old, but I really wanted to try something different for once, so... I went for it. 
I was originally going for a hime-cut style, which looks like this:
(photo found on google images)
However, since I have very thin, light Caucasian hair, it naturally wouldn't turn out like that. Aaand it didn't. Since my hair is slightly wavy and not very heavy it doesn't lay straight and flat, so what I ended up with was a somewhat retro-looking haircut. But, I'm actually happy with it ^_^ It's a very different look from what I'm used to on me- since I haven't had bangs in a really long time, and I rarely wear my hair straight since plain, shoulder length straight hair looks very boring on me. This haircut though, both adds more body to my hair (at least I think so), and it looks unique enough that I don't need to do much to make it interesting.
It's also quite versatile~ I curled it today for a video (which I will post.... at some point. I have vacation so I'll have more time to work c:), and I thought it turned out really cute~
Yayy bad posing
You can't see the side cuts as well when it's curled, but nonetheless I think it's cute :3

So yep ^u^ Quick post, but I just wanted to update you guys, since this is a very different look from what most of you are used to seeing me as.
What do you guys think?~
Sakura <3


  1. you look nice :)) and of course I want to follow each other :D I followed.

  2. you have cute bang there :)
    following you

  3. I think the bangs really suit you!

  4. Oh very cute your bangs!

  5. your haircut suits you! cute headband! would you like to follow each other via gfc, facebook, and bloglovin? or instagram too? let me know.

    keep in touch!


  6. great photos :D


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