Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Latest Skin Saver~

Good evening!
How are you all today? Sorry I haven't written in a week- I was sick most of last week and I had three tests in school on Monday which has been stressful >_> My skin hasn't been in the best condition, however I recently found a face mask which has improved it a lot. So, I figured I'd share it with you guys~
Some of you may have heard of the company LUSH, which is a handmade, animal-cruelty free cosmetics store which originated in the United Kingdom. I recently bought a bath bomb from them and now I'm hooked, so I decided I'd try one of their many face masks (which you can only purchase in store, since they're made fresh and need to be refrigerated.) Since my skin was acting up, I decided on the one called "Brazened Honey", which is to "Deep cleanse and refresh oily, congested skin", which sounded perfect for me.
The description on the container is different .-. But still true~
The masks contain natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, almond, ginger, turmeric, and lime juice (which for some reason on their site, it says that it's a synthetic. Isn't it easier to just use regular lime juice?) They claim that the mask exfoliates, softens, brightens, warms the skin, and cleans out the pores. All these claims, I find true (more or less). The only more or less false claim is it cleans out pores- the blackheads on my nose weren't gone, but they removed really easily with a pore strip (more so than usual). I really can't describe this mask because I really, really like it. I don't have all that much left to say xD
The only complaint I have is that the jar isn't too full -.- But even so, I was barely able to finish the mask by its expiration date (which, due to its ingredients being all fresh, is only about 20 days or so). It smells amazing- like spring. Flowers, honey, and happiness <3 It's very pleasant, though a bit strong. If you're sensitive to smells, this might bother you a bit. 
If you're interested, they have these in practically every LUSH store, which I know are in the US and in the UK, however I'm not sure about other countries.
Do you have a LUSH in your country? Have you tried this mask before?
Hope you found this useful ^.^ And if you're interested in a good, deep cleansing mask, you should definitely buy this c: (it's $6.95 for the size which I got, which is more than enough for every-other-day use).
Ciao! <3

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  1. I heard Lush from a beauty blogger
    she bought from Singapore
    it's not available in Malaysia yet
    wow I really want to try its product
    looks great


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