Sunday, May 25, 2014

Super Pinky Green Circle Lens Review~ (Honey Color)

Good afternoon everyone~
Today I have a very much overdue blog post on a pair of circle lenses I bought 5 months ago... but better late then never, eh? 
The lenses and the cute hippo case they came with~
First, some information about the lenses.
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Percentage: 45%

These, like most circle lenses, are yearly. 
They came in pretty vials which were ridiculously hard to open, but I think that's the case with pretty much all circle lenses.

Design: The Design of these lenses is quite pretty; 2 different shades of green (they seem like 2 different shades) fading out towards the middle, and streaks of a muted black leaving the limbal ring (which is quite dark). These look very vivid green on my hazel eyes, and I think that if you have very dark eyes, then these should show up decently on your eyes as well. They're quite enlarging as well (in fact you can see the whites of my eyes through the edges of the design, even)
Comfort: These lenses, like their red counterpart which I reviewed a while ago {link} aren't as comfortable as some lenses which I've reviewed before, but if you're wearing them for about 8 hours or so you should be fine. Sometimes they're annoying to put in, but after a minute or so the discomfort fades away and you're left with a feeling of not even wearing lenses for the next 8 hours~
Pictures! Because pictures often say things better than words can.
Yellowish indoor lighting
Window lighting
With flash
As you can see, the vividness of the lenses shows up best in flash, but even so it's clear that the eyes are green.

Excessive posing. Don't judge me c:
And now, some photos which I took at the arboretum while wearing these lenses. You don't really see the color in these photos, but I think the enlarging effect is quite obvious. 
Ignore the random thing in my hair >n<
Flower crown!
Lying on the grass was a bad idea -.- My dress was dirty afterwards :c
So yep~ That about concludes this review, and now, for the final rating:
Comfort: ♥

In general these are great lenses- I highly recommend them if you want pigmented green lenses which don't look overly fake.
I hope you guys found this helpful, and that if you're looking for lenses, you'll try these out.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous lenses! They look great on you!

    1. Thanks! They are really pretty lenses-- I wear them the most often out of all the contacts I have

  2. I'm definitely loving the review and pictures you too. Those green lenses look beautiful with your eye color. More of these!! <3

    1. Thanks! <3 I'll have a review of a pair of black lenses I ordered once they arrive~

  3. Pretty lenses! You look so sweet and lovely! <3

  4. They actually look really natural! xooxox

    1. They do, surprisingly! I was really worried that they would look far too artificial, but thankfully they didn't~

  5. Korean-Lens shop is the only website that offers a free pair with any order? I was wondering if someone followed the shops and know where to find the best prices now ? Last time I bought online the best offer was on this shop because of BUY 2 GET 1 FREE and other offers. Anything better now to buy cheap contact lenses ? (I do not need correction).
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hmm, most shops offer discounts around the holildays-- I'd suggest you look then. I'm not sure about any shops that have deals at the time now- sorry!

  6. Cute lenses.. they look natural!!

  7. I love these lenses on you!! They're so pretty, I'm actually really tempted to try these out too, now *u* It's too bad about the comfort, though D: Great review!
    -Kiyomi xx

    1. You should try them! ^u^ They're really quite great, and the comfort is decent if wear them just for the school day or something like that.
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it~

  8. I rarely see people reviewing green contacts and it always makes me wonder why because they look really good! I love how natural they look, they'd be perfectly suitable for everyday wear. :) You're really cute, I love the flower crown! It's so summery. :)

    1. Yeah, its odd that there are so few green lens reviews out there! I personally love how green lenses look~
      Thank you! ^.^

  9. I love how natural-looking and highly pigmented the lenses are. They're perfect for everyday looks :) And they look great on you! :D

    Strawberry Bunny

  10. Those lenses look amazing on you! I love that tone of green *u*

  11. These suit you so well and look so natural~~ I sadly can't wear contacts that are bigger than 14.2 :(

    1. Thanks!
      Aw, that's too bad :( I'm sure that there are many lenses out there which aren't that big and look really nice too though :)
      Pinky paradise has a nice selection of lenses only 14 mm diameter here if you're interested~
      I hope if you're interested you're able to find a pair that you like! :)


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