Thursday, June 29, 2017

Etude House Color My Brows Review + Pompompurin Inspired OOTD~

Hi everybunny! 
Today I'll be reviewing the Etude House Color My Brows mascara, which is a product I received in my large haul from Althea a little while ago~ This is a product I've been using pretty much daily, and so I wanted to share my thoughts on it!
Lets start!
The brow mascara is available in 5 colours, and is currently being sold for $5 on Althea (which I think is a fairly reasonable price! It's quite comparable to drug store brow product prices). It's nice that they offer a wide selection of colours, even blonde, to match a wide variety of hair colours ^-^
I got the color "natural brown", which is the second one in the photo above. Although my hair is dark brown, I don't like it when my brows are too dark, so I went a shade lighter ^^
The product comes in a small cardboard container that has instructions and ingredients written on it.

And the tube of mascara itself is quite small, which makes it convenient for bringing along with you!
The brush is a bit smaller than a typical mascara brush, and is sort of rain-drop shaped. This makes application quite easy! It allows you to fill in large patches of your brows, or use the tip to more precisely fill in the ends.

I really like this product because of how easy it makes filling in my brows, and it does a pretty thorough job too!
Here's a comparison:



Although the difference isn't massive, the mascara was able to achieve the sort of look I generally prefer with my brows! It lightened them a bit and also made them appear more full. Plus, I think that when I have my eyebrows filled in, my makeup seems much more balanced! 
Another point about this mascara is that it holds your brows in place, sort of like a brow gel! My brows can be quite unruly at times, so this is an appreciated feature ^^"
Here's another photo of my look from that day, in slightly different lighting. I think the product is much more noticeable here!

On the whole, I really, really like this mascara! It's very reasonably priced, it's compact, and it's easy and quick to use~ I honestly love the idea of brow mascaras, it seems much easier to me than using a brow pencil. Although, if you like your brows to be either dark or well-defined, you might want to avoid mascaras. I think it would be difficult to achieve a sharp, 'on-fleek' brow look using this; it's more for a natural sort of look (and also, since they don't offer very dark colors, you wouldn't be able to achieve dark brown/black brows).
Although I haven't tried the blonde mascara myself, I imagine it might be useful if you have dark eyebrows but blonde hair, so that you can get less of a color difference between the two ^^"
Ultimately, I really recommend this! This has become one of my favorite products, and I use it every day on my brows~
Before I go, another outfit! This was very loosely inspired by Pompompurin, but I think it turned out quite cute ^-^
Fuwa Fuwa Pudding
Dress: Liz Lisa
Sweater: Lands End
Shoes: eBay (I think? They were a gift)
Accessories: Eyecandy, Bodyline, offbrand (gift from Ukraine)

Anyways, thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely lovely day~
What sort of brow look do you prefer?

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  1. hehe I think I've said it before in one of ur posts - but I love those pompom earrings~~
    Personally I like to fill in my brows with a pencil first then apply this etude house color my brows just to set and colour the hairs :)
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    xx Charmaine

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