Saturday, March 14, 2015

New York City Haul~

もし もし!
The first post I'd thought I'd do regarding my recent NYC trip is a haul post! I got some nice things while there and so I thought I'd share with you guys~
Lets start!

The first shop I was most eager to visit was the Disney Store. There aren't really any nearby here, so I was eager to go to it (they also used to have a Sanrio store, but it's closed now :c) The reason I wanted to go to the Disney store so badly was because of.... Tsum tsums! You may have heard of these super cute characters~ It was originally a phone game in Japan, and they made plushies as well, and now the craze has moved to the states and I'm obsessed <3 I originally just got two (one for me and one for one of my friends)... but then I had to go back and get more x3
He's so soft and fuzzy I love him <3
Winnie the Pooh! (This one was for my friend- I already gave it to her~)
This one is bigger than the others, and super huggable <3 <3 <3
My little sister got the Marie one~ They're friends! :D (also Tsum Tsums are stackable how cool is that)
There will soon be a Big Hero 6 collection of Tsum Tsums that will be released and I really want to get myself them ;u; Baymax <3 <3
Moving on~
I was also at Sephora, and although there are plenty of Sephoras here, the one in Times Square was so big <3 The most exciting thing was a perfume that I've been wanting for a while now: Nest's White Sandalwood perfume~ Firstly, I think the packaging is absolutely stunning. I'm also obsessed with any scents that have sandalwood in them~ I also got a cleanser and moisturizer from First Aid Beauty, as well as a nail varnish (sort of. It's clear but ever so slightly pink- and it was one of their 100 point rewards, so essentially free!)
The packaging is so gorgeous and artsy on the perfume <3
I also stopped by a couple of beauty/drugstores in Chinatown, which had surprisingly nice things c: My family and I went into this small drugstore because my sister was thirsty and so we wanted to buy her water, but they turned out to have a slew of nice beauty products so we got some :3
Bath salts, warming eye masks, lotion type thing, and peach cough drops~
 The eye mask thing is really cool! Once you take it out of the packaging it starts warming up and it smells like roses and it's delectable <3 I also love anything peach flavored, so I had to get the coughdrops.
Foot mask and lip mask
I haven't tried the foot mask yet, but the lip mask is really weeeird .-. In a good way though! It's made of a gel and so it conforms to the curves of your lips perfectly, and it was quite moisturizing! I did look a bit silly though >u<
I also stopped by the store oo35 mm, which I went to in my previous trip to New York. I wasn't incredibly impressed with their selection this time around though, but I did pick up a few face masks.
I've only tried the honey one- it's really nice! They also included free samples and a grape bag c:
So that's esssentially all that I got in New York, but I will show you some things that I got at a super cute store a bit more than a week ago c: The store sells all sorts of interesting knick-knacks (I can't think of a better word for them). I saw this super cute vintage notebook and had to get it x3 (I also got cute stickers because I have a terrible addiction for them).
Aren't they adorable? ;u;
All the pages are so cute <3
Stickers :3
I think I'm going to use the notebook for my Czech studies~ I also got super cute sticky notes that match the notebook~

Aaaand that's about it! Sorry if the post seems a bit scattered- I'm tired >_>
Thanks for reading! I'll have another post about NY up soon~


  1. That Baymax gif is adorable! I haven't played Tsum Tsums yet, it seems so addicting. Great haul!


    1. Haha yeah Baymax is wonderful <3 I wish I could play it but I have a Windows phone and it's not on the Windows store ;A; I'm glad you found the haul interesting!

  2. Omg everyone is so crazy over Tsum Tsums xD I don't have any yet but I do want them =x So many are sold out and you have to be really careful with fakes Dx

    1. They're so cute I want them all <3 <3 Hmm, I haven't heard of there being fakes! :o Though I suppose if you buy directly from the Disney store or from their online store then you shouldn't worry too much about it c:

  3. Everything you got is so cute~ I love the Tsum Tsum you got! I didn't know about the BH6 collection oh my gosh now I'm really excited ;A; Thank you for sharing that! Great haul~ <3
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Thanks! Haha I'm glad you know about it now ^.^ I want all of them <3 <3

  4. what a lovely and interesting blog! i'm looking forward to more posts from you and i'm definitely adding you to my gfc :)

    have a sweet day

    1. I'm so glad you like it! ^_^ Thanks for following! <3

  5. Wow!! The donald duck plushie is so cute!
    I followed you on bloglovin~

    1. I know right? ^_^ I'm not really a huge fan of Donald Duck but the plush was so cute I couldn't resist <3
      Thanks for the follow! <3


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