Sunday, March 8, 2015

17th Birthday~

Hey cuties~
My birthday was almost 2 weeks ago (Feb. 22), but I still thought I'd share with you all what I did c: (I also went to New York last weekend so expect several posts about that~)

When I woke up I had a delicious cake~ It had chocolate and figs (sounds weird, but believe me, it was delicious). After opening presents (stuff from Lush, a shirt, cute underwear, and tights), I went out to the city to get sushi with my family ^_^ I decided on a Japanese place called Douzo, and it was incredible. If you're ever in the Boston area, go there. You won't regret it in the slightest~ I got their bento lunch and it was scrumptious <3 Tempura fried sushi is seriously the best thing ever.

After I finished the sushi, the family and I wandered around the neighborhood for a bit~ The sushi place was right in the shopping district, so we went to a bookstore that I like (and it's really a shame that there aren't more bookstores open anymore...). I tried to find a manga that I'd been wanting for a while but they didn't have it D: So in the evening I ordered it online c:

After the bookstore we went to an absolutely delicious hot chocolate place called L.A Burdick (definitely go there), and it was so tasty <3 I was really fully from the sushi though so I could barely finish it hehehe. We also visited a really huge local library which was absolutely gorgeous. The walls were stone and I loved the atmosphere of the place. I wish the library nearby were as pretty >u<

After returning home I watched Home Alone with my mom and sister (sister's choice of movie), took a bath with a lovely bath bomb from Lush (it smelled amazing- I think it was called Twilight), and then went to bed. It wasn't a particularily eventful day but I had lots of fun ^.^

I was supposed to go to New York the weekend of birthday, however my dad had a job interview the next  day so it wouldn't have worked out. I'm grateful though because I got to go the next weekend ^.^ I'll make a post about that later though~
In any case, birthday photos!
So sparkly~

Sorry I don't have a full outfit photo ;~; The dress I wore is from Chess Story though~
In the mail a few days later I got the book which I had ordered, as well as a nanoblock set! I've been wanting to try making something out of nanoblocks for a while, and I finally got the chance :3 The manga is called "Bride's Story" and the art is absolutely gorgeous. I'm really happy with both things <3
Isn't her outfit gorgeous? <3
It's a model of Kinkaku-ji, which is a Zen Buddhist temple built in Kyoto, Japan, in 1398
The blocks are so tiny ;u;
So, to conclude, it's nice finally being seventeen <3 Though it doesn't feel that much different from being sixteen hehe x3 Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to the year to come, and I'm hoping it'll be a good one.
Thanks for reading!

(sorry the post is sort of disorganized- I'm tired :P)


  1. Happy belated birthday! You look so pretty~ <3 I can't wait to read the post about your New York trip ^^ And the Twilight bath bomb is so cute ;A;
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Ahh thank you! <3 I'll be sure to have those posts up soon ^.^ I did a lot of things so there will be more than 1 post :3 And yess I loved that bath bomb <3 So sparkly :3

  2. Happy late birthday! As Kiyomi mentioned, you look absolutely gorgeous and your dress compliments you very well!!!

    1. Thank you so much! >///u///< I love the dress so much~

  3. Happy Belated birthday! I know the feeling of not having many book stores near you. I have to travel on a bus to get to the nearest book store :c
    I love Twilight, it smells amazing and makes your skin super smooth ^^

    Minae |

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Yeah, I really do wish there were more bookstores around :/ Twilight was fantastic~ And so pretty as it dissolved too c:

  4. Ahhhh Happy Very Belated Birthday!!!!! >w<
    So glad to hear you had a good one! And you look lovely! <3 And out of curiosity, where do you live that you are able to get to NY? :O I live in NY!

    1. Ahh thanks Kieli! <3 And I live close to Boston c: Lucky! I've dreamed of living in NY for so long >u< I'm hoping to go to college there c:

  5. Happy late birthday! Sounds like it was reallly wonderful :D I love your outfit photos! You look great! :D
    Celestial Love

    1. Thanks! <3 And it was quite wonderful ^.^ I had a great day~

  6. Happy 17th birthday sweety!
    I follow you now. Follow me back.

    1. Thanks! <3
      Thank you for the follow! I'll follow back c:

  7. Happy late birthday!! And cute dress! It suits you very well =)

    Sigh, I know the feeling. They don't sell manga books at all here where I lived so I have to always order online =.=

    1. Ah thank you! <3 I love the dress hehe x3 I wish I could wear it every day~
      Yeah it's unfortunate :/ There is a manga shop nearby but generally you can find things cheaper online c: The book was originally $17 but I think on amazon it was around $12 c:


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