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The Petrie Court Cafe Afternoon Tea Review {Metropolitan Museum of Art}~

Today I have a post different from the usual- an afternoon tea review! I was inspired to do one of a tea place I went to while in NYC a few weeks back because of the lovely blog posts of Oh How Civilized (I suggest you visit her blog if you want to become very hungry for delicious food). Ever since I stumbled upon her blog I wanted to go to an afternoon tea service. Unfortunately though, there are hardly any in the area and even if there are some, they're quite pricey. I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my mother and wee saw that they had an afternoon tea service at their Petrie Court Cafe, and so we decided to go~

The cafe was located on the first floor, but I don't remember the exact location because I was famished and thus not really paying attention to my surroundings. The space is quite casual, and because of the stone walls all of the sound waves bounced back and it was really loud. We went when there were a lot of people so it wasn't exactly a tranquil environment. It was pretty nonetheless though.
A photo of the space, from the MET's site because it was too crowded to take a pretty photo when I was there
The afternoon tea is $27 per person, or $32 per person if you'd like a glass of sparkling wine with your afternoon tea. The service comes with a small pot of tea, a scone, tea sandwiches, and desserts. There was surprisingly little food but at the same time, it was very filling. Everything was also very scrumptious; I liked it a lot. 
For the tea there are many options, falling into the categories of black, green, herbal, and tisanes. I chose the Dragon Pearl Jasmine, which was very delicious. It's a fairly popular tea, I know you can get it in many tea stores, so I suggest you try it~
I didn't use the lemon, not surprisingly~
I'm not sure what order you're supposed to eat the food that comes with the tea service in, but we started with the scones. They were pretty small, but they seemed freshly baked and they were really good. They came with a small plate of apricot and blueberry jams (the blueberry caused me to have an immense craving afterwards for it and so I bought a jar at a grocery store x3), as well as lemon curd and what I believe was clotted cream. I really wish there had been more scones ;A; They were one of my favorite things in the tea service.

I wish there was more lemon curd x3

After the scones, we moved on to the sandwiches~ There was only one sandwich of each type for each of us, and though they were pretty small, they were quite filling and very yummy. Only one of the sandwiches had meat in it, so if you're a vegetarian it shouldn't be that much of a problem. They all seemed freshly made, and aside from the egg sandwich, I liked them all.
Back left: Fig Jam, Camembert, Candied Walnuts
Back right: Classic Egg Salad on Pumpernickel
Front Left: Croque Monsieur
Front Right: Watercress (I think) and Radish
The sandwich menu stays more or less the same; I looked on the website now and the only difference is that the watercress and radish sandwich is now cucumber, radish, and anchovy butter. My favorite was probably the Croque Monsieur, although the watercress and radish was also nice and fresh and tasty. The egg salad was weird because it had curry and horseradish >.> I can't stand anything with horseradish, so it definitely wasn't my favorite. Overall though, the sandwiches were very nice.
After the sandwiches came my favorite part: sweets! Like the sandwiches, there were four varieties, and one of each type for each of us. I liked all of the sweets, and although some were very very sweet, I still liked them x3
Left: Raspberry Tartlettes
Right: Lemon Curd Tartlettes
Front left: Lemon Chiffon Cake (I think)
Front Right: Blueberry Financier
My favorite was definitely the lemon cake; it had lemon curd smothered on top and it was so light and fluffy and absolutely delicious. The financier was also really good; it was my first time trying one. The tartlettes were very, very sweet, but still yummy~
Overall I really liked the tea service a lot! I hadn't been in one before so I can't compare it to much, but I did like it a lot. If you ever to go the MET, I suggest that you try out their tea service~
Anyways, now I'm hungry for yummy food so I'm going to go eat something~
Thanks for reading!
Have you ever tried a tea service?


  1. the place looks lovely, so are the scones! i'm craving for some right now TT


    1. The scones really were great <3 I wish I could have one right now with my breakfast haha~

  2. Such a cute place! You should also try Alice's Teacup. It's about the same price but very Alice in Wonderland theme! Maybe we can see each other there!

    1. Ohh I think I've heard of it! I'll have to look it up and see it the next time I'm in New York :)

  3. I love having afternoon tea while catching up with friends.
    All the pastries looks so good!

    1. I know, isn't it nice? ^.^ I wish it weren't as expensive though >.>
      They were really quite delicious :3


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