Saturday, August 22, 2015

MILK Horoscope Skirt and Star Clip Unboxing~

Happy Weekend everyone!
How were your weeks?
A little while ago I ordered from Closet Child, which some of you may know as a site which sells used lolita/otome clothes (as well as new accessories).
Some of you may know that I'm completely obsessed with anything constellation/zodiac/stars related, so when I saw this skirt from MILK (which isn't really a lolita brand but oh well), I just had to have it. I also got a star hair clip, but I'm not sure what brand it's from ;~;
I did an unboxing video, so here's that~
Sorry about the glare from my glasses >.> I forgot that sunlight was a thing that reflected, so oops ;~;
Anyways, here are more photos ^.^
The awesomely awesome print

This one's my favorite <3
I'm a pisces! They look dead though ;~;
I love how the print looks so water-color; I just think it's very pretty that way <3
The button's really pretty in real life- it's sort of like a prism
And of course the MILK tag
Also, here's a quick outfit that I put together for the skirt~ I wore it to get afternoon tea with my mom, so that was fun ^.^
Pinky Horoscope
Cutsew: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Skirt: MILK
Hair Clip: I dunno ;~;
Bag: Betsy Johnson
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Juju Footwear
And here's the outfit actually on me :P Well, not all of it, but most of it haha
Anyways, that's about it! I just wanted to show you guys the skirt cause I thought it was super cute~
Thanks for reading!
Ciao <3


  1. wow wow wow, Really loved both items! They're super cute :3 And you look so beautiful <3

  2. I love how you style your outfits, the way each piece always goes together, it looks great~
    I love your bag btw, it's adorable <3
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

    1. Aw thank you Jasmine! ^.^ I try hehe
      I love it too! I've had it for a few years now but only lately started using it hehe

  3. wow so pretty =)

  4. Aww, the skirt is super cute and the whole outfit is on point! It looks super cute on you Sakura. ^__^
    Junniku blog!

    1. Ahh I love the skirt so much <3 Aw thanks June! >//u//<

  5. OMG, so kawaiiiii~ <3

  6. This is a super cute skirt ;A; I love the pattern~
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Ahh yeah the pattern is my favorite <3 It's definitely one of my favorite constellation items

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  8. The skirt is to die for *.* You look so adorable!
    Mary l giveaway

    1. Ahhh I know I love it <3 And thank you! >u<

  9. you look so cute wearing the outfit!^^ Really really like the horoscope print n.n

    1. Thank you! ;u; I'm obsessed with the print <3 I wish I could wear it each and every day...

  10. The print on the skirt is so gorgeous!


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