Monday, August 31, 2015

Dresslink Back to School Wishlist~

Hello everyone~
I've already started going to school, and many of you will be starting soon as well, if you haven't already.
So, I decided to do a back-to-school themed wishlist with the items from the online shopping site Dresslink!
If you don't know, Dresslink is a fashion site with lots of really budget-friendly fashion items. They have a massive selection, so I picked out some of my favorites that I thought would be nice for school~

Let's start!
I really love skirts in this style- I think they're just so cute! Something like this is easy to coordinate- throw over a plain t-shirt and you're all set to rule the world! (well, sorta). I really like this in the mint, lilac, and white colorways~ 

Okay, this may not be the most versatile of item,s but isn't it just adorable? The fact that it's knee length makes it a little bit more wearable than if it were shorter. I think it looks really fairy-like~ Also, it's probably really fun to walk around school in a skirt like this~ I know I'd feel like a fabulous ballerina fairy princes... hehe~

Cable-Knit Batwing Cardigan
Autumn can be chilly at times, so it's nice to have something cute you can throw on to stay warm~ I like the design of this cardigan- it seems really soft and floofy and chunky and I love it <3 I'd wear this with a knit infinity scarf and a pair of leggings (or a skirt if I weren't feeling lazy)~ The red color looks perfect for fall ^-^
Angel Wing Hoodie
If you prefer something less fluffy and cuddly, how about this cool as ice, sleek hoodie... with wings? This looks really cool- and it's not too over the top. When someone's looking at you from the front they think 'oh just a regular black hoodie' but then you turn around and you have wings! I think this is nice for days when you want to dress simply but then still have that magical component to your outfit~
Lacey Mori Boots
Fall is the perfect time for adorable boots, isn't it? These are just so cute! I love the lace lining the top, and the bow too <3 I probably would wear these all the time because they look so comfy~ They'd be perfect for a mori girl coordinate, I think~
Scalloped Pumps
Now on the other spectrum from the boots, these really cute ruffly heeled shoes! I love the bow, the contrast of the white at the toe, and the little charm hanging from the strap~ I prefer these in the pink and white.  They'd be adorable for a fancy occasion, or even when you want to just look cute ^.^
See-Through Messenger Bag
Okay, so this isn't per-se for school, but I thought it was really cool, just for the weekend or shopping or whatever. See through items seem to be really stylish right now, and this bag seems nice and roomy for whatever stuff you may put in it (just keep in mind that everyone can see what you have inside- so don't keep a rolled up wad of $100 bills :3)
Rose Sunglasses
Even in the fall, there's always a lot of sun. These are definitely more spring-ish, but they're too cute to resist *u* The flowers are just so pretty and dainty, and these are definitely a pair of sunglasses that will make you stand out- in a good way!
Hot Air Balloon Necklace
This is really one of the cutest necklaces I've ever seen <3 The bow on the chain is super adorable. This is a really cheaply priced necklace, and it's a really nice statement piece for any day~

Anyways, that's about it for my back to school Dresslink wishlist! 
I hope you found it interesting~
Thanks for reading!
Which item was your favorite?


  1. nice choices ^^
    I love Dresslink too ^^

    1. Yeah Dresslink has some pretty cute stuff! ^_^

  2. The pumps are adorable, I feel like the black ones would totally be in my shopping cart hehe!
    Junniku blog!

    1. They are really cute~ I feel like they look super vintagey/retro c:

  3. ohh I have a thing for knee length skirts at the moment, the black one is soo cute but my mom keeps saying they look too old fashioned for me >.< ♥ I like most of the items you chose tbh!! The see through bag is cool too especially the drawstring bag version of it (if you know which one I mean haha). Did you already order any of these clothes? I'm interested if dresslink is a reliable and good clothing website~

    1. Knee length skirts are really cute :3 Well there's nothing wrong with being a bit old fashioned~ I'm going to be reviewing the tutu skirt, the sunglasses, and the hot air balloon necklace soon! I've ordered from them before and given the item prices, the quality is reasonable (I have a skirt I got from them about a year ago and I wear it all the time and it's holding up just fine)

  4. Everything is adorable!! <3 I really the skirts and the cardigan :3

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. It really is, isn't it? ^.^ I also really like the skirts~


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