Thursday, October 15, 2015

Himi Fashion Kawaii Wishlist~

Hi cuties!
Sorry about not writing super frequently- I've been lacking inspiration ;~;
But today I thought I'd do a wishlist from the store Himi Fashion!
If you don't know them, I highly suggest that you check them out! They're a Storenvy shop with a ton of super duper cute items, all of which I want naturally hehe~ So I thought I'd compile a list of some cute things from their site, because I thought you guys would like them too~ There will also be links to all of the items in case you're interested ^_^
Let's start! 

Galaxy Skirt
I think this starry, fluffy tutu style skirt is just the cutest thing ever! I love how the starry fabric peeks out from beneath the tulle, it just looks so magical <3 I'm really not sure what you could wear this skirt with honestly, but it's just too cute >u< Very mahou shoujo~
Strawberry Lolita Dress
I think strawberry prints can often look too sweet, but this one looks really classic and adorable ^_^ The faded blue looks so cute with the strawberries, and I just love the lacy bits on the sleeves. I love strawberries in general, so this dress is definitely something I want~
Sailor Doll Dress
I really love uniform/sailor style clothes, they're just so cute >u< Because of the neutral greyish/brown color I think this is pretty wearable. It also comes in white, pink, and black though, if those are more your style ^_^ I'd probably wear this with some knee high socks (of course) and some cute oxford heels. This would definitely be super cute for the fall~
Ichigo Shirt and Skirt Set
As I've already mentioned, I love strawberries <3 So this set of a skirt and t-shirt is super cute! They look adorable together, and I'm sure they'd be adorable when worn separately with other cute items. I really want more clothes that have food on them, because food is just wonderful~
Fuzzy Sheep Leggings
Hehe, these are definitely the most impractical item on this list, but I can't resist ;u; I love sheep, I love fuzzy things, and these just seem so comfy! I have no idea where you'd wear these- I'd probably just wear them around the house because I can't imagine a situation in which I could wear these hehe. But... sheep! <3
Bunny Pumpkin Shorts
Alright, I don't think I'd ever be able to pull these pink bunny pumpkin shorts of... but in an ideal world where I could, I'd definitely wear them. They're just so derpy and cute and I love them >u< What more could you want from shorts? They're so pink, cute, and poofy! The bunny dress is also cute (and more wearable), but it's out of stock sadly ;~;
Strawberry Sweater
And of course, the number of strawberry items on this list increases, because I am a college student with no maturity whatsoever. It has bunny ears though! And strawberries! And what seems to be strawberry milk! This would honestly be a really cute sweater for working out I think (like if you're running outside and it's a bit chilly!)
Floral Blouse
Finally, something that's not pink or fluffy or frilly >u< I really like this blouse because I think it would work for a lot of styles- lolita, mori girl, dolly kei... etc. It's simple but because of the floral embroidery on the collar it's cute and elegant, which I think is just perfect <3
Pastel Baseball Jacket
Aaaand we're back to pink stuff. I've wanted a pastel baseball jacket for forever, and this one is just so cute! I love the wings on the front, it's a cute detail that makes it really unique and cute~ I think this would be nice for the autumn/winter here in Florida, because it seems warm but not too warm. I like it! <3 (It's just a bit pricey, which is unfortunate ;~;)
Strawberry Kimono Jacket
Nope... still not done with the strawberries hehe. I saw a similar jacket being worn on Josephine from Frilly Pink Dreams (here's her instagram, check it out!), and she's a big fashion inspiration for me so when I saw her wearing a strawberry kimono style jacket I'm like I need it now. I honestly don't know what I'd wear it with, but it's so cute ;u; Maybe with a white pleated skirt or something... hmmmm... Eh who cares, it's strawberry patterned, and that goes with pretty much everything <3 <3
Rosy Brown Wig
I don't really wear wigs, but I really love the color and the style on this one. I wish my hair could look like this >u< And speaking of hair, I'm thinking of dying mine, either a dusty lavender brown shade, or something like this. What do you guys think? Please let me know! <3
Sakura School Bag
By now you guys must know that I love cherry blossoms, or sakura! <3 This bag is super duper cute, and it seems big enough to carry around school supplies in... maybe? I just really like the brief-case style design of it, and of course I love the sakura flower <3
Fluffy Deer Horn Beret

I really like fluffy things, clearly~ I think that the horns on this fluffy beret add a really cute touch that's perfect for winter and fall (or really for any season if you want to be a rebel). I personally love the pastel pink one, but all the colors are really cute ^_^
Kitty Ear Beret
The last item is this really cute kitty ear beret! I love cats (and I love my cat), so I'd love this beret~ I honestly don't know which color I like most- red is definitely most autumnal, but the beige and the black are super cute too ;u; What do you guys think?
Whew! Finally, I think that's it (and I did have to cut this down a lot so that it wouldn't be a super duper long cumbersome post). 
I ordered from Himi Fashion a few days ago, so when that package arrives, I'll do an unboxing video as well as a review, so look out for that! None of the items that I purchased are listed on here, so it's a surprise!

Also, Himi Fashion has kindly given me a discount code for you guys!
For 10% off of any purchase from Himifashion (or Cutie Mori, their other shop), you can use the code

I hope it's useful to you guys! <3
Which item was your favorite?  I'd love to know!
Thank you for reading!


  1. Omg everything is so incredibly cute!! Asian fashion is so adorable! Those leggings and berets <3
    Thank you so much for sharing this ^-^

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. It's super adorable, isn't it? >u<
      Thank you for reading! <3

  2. amazing post !!!
    Would you like us to support each other's blog ? Follow me and I'll follow yours too ! xx

    1. Thank you! ^.^
      Yes, I'd like that! I'll let you know once I follow you~

  3. Beautiful items:) Would you like to follow each other? I always follow back:)
    Have a nice weekend!:)

    1. They're really cutee, aren't they? ^_^
      And yeah I'd like that! I'll let you know on your blog~

  4. Omg, I kind of wanted to look away half way through the post because I knew if I kept scrolling, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from purchasing something! Thanks for sharing your wish list :)

    1. Haha I definitely felt the same way writing it- it's tough not just buying everything in sight! Thanks for reading! <3

  5. Replies
    1. I'm glad you liked the wishlist ^.^
      The shop is super cute, isn't it? I wish I could own everythig that they have hehe


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