Monday, October 19, 2015

Aqua Petit Jelly Ice Cooling BB Review~

Hi everyone!
Today I've got a review that's a tad overdue, but that's ok~ 
If you remember, a little while ago I did a Jolse skincare haul. I was in need of a new BB cream (as well as some other items), and so I got a new one, which I'll be reviewing today!
Let's start!

The product comes packaged in a very pretty box with snowflakes on it~ Probably the only snow I'm ever going to get while living in Florida *cry*
On the side are the instructions and ingredients~
This BB cream promises to cool your skin by 5 degrees celcius, and to make your skin look 'clear as ice'. 
The top of the box is pretty <3
And here are the contents of the box~
There's the BB cream, as well as an additional sponge. Sponge, you might ask? Well, that's how you apply it!

This product is a spray on formula, so when you press down, it sprays onto the sponge and you can just rub it onto your face!

Now since you're rubbing this all over your face, I suggest you was the sponges frequently to prevent bacteria from accumulating on it and being transferred onto our skin (that's why the 2nd puff is convenient- you can just switch them out!)

First, I'll discuss the coverage~

My bare face!
*runs away in horror*
And now, with the product applied~

(This has powder on top too)
I think the coverage of this BB cream is quite nice! It seems to clear up most redness on my face, and overall makes me more presentable. I wouldn't say it makes my skin 'clear as ice' as was promised, but it's definitely good enough~ 

And now onto other tidbits of information about this BB cream!
It's SPF 50, which is perfect for the Florida sunlight (it's seriously sunny here every single day). 

It smells okay, I guess. It's like sunscreen, which isn't my favorite scent, but I have nothing against it. It  can be a bit strong when you're first applying it, but as with most face products, the scent fades relatively quickly.

And in regards to the cooling effect, which I was most excited about... I guess it cools my skin? When I first apply it, it feels quite nice and cold, but that feeling fades after about five seconds. Oh well.

Overall I'm pretty content with this BB cream. It works just fine, but out of all the BB creams that I've tried, it's not my top top favorite. It's definitely unique though!
Anyways, thank you for reading!
I'll have an exciting hair-dying post up soon so look out for that :3


  1. The bb cream applicator is definitely unique! I haven't seen any like that so far~


    1. It's super unique, isn't it? Hehe that's definitely one of the reasons why I was prompted to buy it x3

  2. Oh nice review. The package and the bottle is very pretty. I think it's a unique one too. ◕ ω ◕
    *Hello? Would you mind visiting my blog and would you like to follow each other via GFC, and bloglovin? Thank you! You have a nice day! ♡('∀' ჱ)

    1. I'm glad you like it! It's definitely a unique product ^.^
      I'd love to do so! I let you know on your blog~

  3. What an interesting applicator! I agree, it's very unique. I tried out the aqua petit cc cream awhile back and really liked it, but I accidentally dropped it somewhere and lost it :( Thanks for the review~

    1. It's definitely one of the most unique applicators that I've seen. Aw, I'm sorry you lost it! :c
      Thanks for reading! <3


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