Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Get Through Finals~ 25 Days of Blogmas

Hi everyone! <3
I think I'm slowly getting the hang of posting every day! Yay! ^.^
I have finals at university this week, as I'm sure many of you out there do if you're currently in school, so I just thought I'd do a little list of stuff that I do so that I can do my best on the tests, while at the same time not going insane (hehe)
Let's start!

1: Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

I can't emphasize how important sleep is when you have a bunch of tests to take. Sleep in general is really important (and I really don't get enough of it), but it's especially important when you have something big to do the next day. It's better to go to bed early than to stay up all night cramming- cramming in general isn't the best idea because ya sort of forget everything pretty soon afterwards. Sleep! And if you do want to do a bit more studying, just wake up earlier and do it then (because our brains don't function as well late at night- which makes sense, given that they've been working all day!) I suggest you get about 7-8 hours, but preferably more!

2: Study Strategically!
It's really not a good idea to leave your studying to the last minute, because cramming really doesn't go to anyone's advantage. Also, don't try to study while you're doing something else (like watching television... I'm guilty of that >.>) If being in your room distracts you, try a change of environment! Go to the library or a friend's room, or try to study with a friend! I found that that helped me a lot when studying for my calculus final (which I think I did well on). Sometimes we need other people to motivate us c:

3: Eat Healthy!
If you're spending the entire day studying or taking tests, it can be easy to forget that you need to eat! If you're hungry you won't be able to do as well as you could, so make sure you're eating! Start out with a healthy breakfast- yes, eat breakfast! Because the last thing you want is for your stomach to be rumbling while you're trying to do your test. Eat some healthy stuff too- not just 5 cups of ramen. Fruits and vegetables are good!

4: Chocolate!
I know this sounds a bit silly, but eat a square of some good dark chocolate a few minutes before your exam! The chocolate will stimulate your brain, and you'll be able to think more clearly. Like coffee, in a way, but it doesn't get you super hyper and shaky. Also, chocolate is just super yummy, so why wouldn't you want to eat it before a stressful test?

and lastly...
5: Remember to Relax
Don't let yourself get too caught up in all the studying. Not only will you do poorly if you're overly stressed, it's also just super unpleasant being stressed all the time. Take the time to do something you like to do, whether that's spending time with friends, snuggling with a pet, or even just sitting down and calmly having a cup of tea. Remember- they're just tests, and it's not worth stressing a lot over them. 

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post!
I wish you all luck on your finals/tests if you haven't taken them yet
Thank you for reading! <3

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