Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Top 5 Animes of 2015~

Hi guys!
I can't believe that the year has almost come to an end! I feel like a lot of things have happened this year- I'm definitely ready for a fresh one x3
I've watched more anime this year, so I thought I'd post my 5 favorites! I actually don't have animes that I disliked, mostly because if I dislike an anime, I stop watching x3 
These are in no particular order (because that'd make things hard), so let's start!

No Game No Life
This anime is about two siblings, Shiro and Sora, who are complete shut-ins who spend their days playing video games. One day however, they fall into a separate world where everything is dictated by these games, even the position of king is decided by a game! This was a very addictive and fun show to watch. I loved the artwork and animation, and I thought it was a really engaging story. It's not very long, which is a shame (I'm still waiting for a second season). I highly recommend it! It does have lots of fan-service though, so beware that hehe~ It doesn't really have a very deep meaning to it, so if you're looking for some intense anime that'll make you think, this isn't for you. It's just an interesting, fun, fluff anime~ I liked it a lot! And I really want to cosplay Shiro because she's so so so so so adorable ;u;

Nagi no Asukara
Oh my GOSH this anime was absolutely gorgeous. It's about 4 kids who are from the ocean-world and their interactions with those above (they end up having to go to school on the surface). It deals a lot with the clashes between the two types of people. The story starts out slowly- I started it about 2 years ago but didn't like it because it was so slow. But a little bit further in the story gets much more interesting and engaging. I thought this was an absolutely beautiful anime, with a gorgeous soundtrack, and I really really really highly recommend that you watch it if you haven't already. I must admit, I didn't like the second season/second part of the show as much as I did the first, but overall it's still one of my favorite animes. Please watch it <3

Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Moon wasn't a show that I watched as a kid, so I don't know how this newer version compares to the old stuff, but all I can say is that I loved it <3 The plot's not complex- Usagi, a middle schooler, becomes a magical girl and has to save the world and everything with her friends (a pretty typical mahou shoujo anime if you ask me). I just thought it was a really nice magical girl anime- I've only watched Madoka before, and this was definitely quite different from that (which is one of my favorite animes of all time), but I liked it nonetheless. Definitely made me cry several times *wipes away tear stoically*. It's pretty different from what I normally watch, so I'm surprised I liked it. Give it a watch if you haven't seen it already.

Tamako Market
Of course, this is on my list. I thought this anime was the cutest thing ever- it was so much fun to watch, the art was really pretty, and all that yummy mochi! The story follows a girl, Tamako, who lives in a mochi shop (across the street from another mochi shop, where a boy who likes her works). A bird named Dera appears one day who claims to be looking for a bride for the prince from the island where he's from. It's not a very romantic anime though, which I liked. This was definitely one of the cutest animes I've seen (and I'm thinking of maybe cosplaying Tamako at some point). If you're looking for something cute and relaxing, this would definitely have to be it!

Mirai Nikki
I'm currently watching Mirai Nikki actually, but I think my inability to tear myself away from watching warrants it a spot on this list. The main character of this anime is Amano Yukiteru, a middle schooler (why are all these shows about middle schoolers seriously), who gets a 'future diary' which tells him about what will happen in the near future. 11 others are granted a type of future diary, and they're supposed to fight to the death in a battle-royale type thing to gain the position of god. Accompanying Yukiteu is Gasai Yuno, a girl from his class who's completely crazy about him (and crazy in general). This is a very fast paced, addicting anime, but it is quite gory and suggestive, so it's not something to watch around little children. I'm almost at the end of the series, and I quite like it on the whole. I might want to cosplay as one of the characters at some point, because they're all so cool >u<

Anyways, that's it for my favorite animes of this year!
Let me know if you've watched any of these, and if you have, what your thoughts were! 
Do you guys have any anime suggestions? c:
Thank you for reading!
Bye bye~


  1. Oh thanks for all the recommendations~
    I don´t have any favorite this year but I enjoyed SMC!


    1. You're welcome!^.^
      SMC is really great <3

  2. I simply adore your blog, it's adorable! Now following you on GFC! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)


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