Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ellen Panda Blue Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored}~

Happy New Years Eve Eve!
Today I'll be reviewing the Ellen Panda lenses in Blue! A little while ago I reviewed them in brown, you can check that review out here!
These lenses were, as always, kindly provided to me for review by the online store Klenspop!
Anyways, let's start!
Cozy scarf is very cozy
Like the last pair of lenses, these came packaged in a different style of packaging. A lens case and tweezers were still included, however.

Here's the stock photo of the lens design- I think it's quite pretty! I love all the hues of blue, and that the limbal ring isn't stark black (it creates a softer look, in my opinion).
Here's the information about these lenses:
Price: $11.00 USD (currently on sale)
Diameter: 14.8mm
Graphic Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Shelf Life: 6 Months
Water Content: 38%

The thing I love most about these lenses is that they have a really nice diameter. I find that most lenses from Klenspop don't have a really big diameter, and thus they look quite natural. While natural is nice, sometimes I want something that makes my eyes pop a bit more, and that's when I wear these lenses!
In natural lighting the blue of these lenses isn't that noticeable- only if you get close can you really see it. With flash however, it's obviously much more visible.
Not very visible blue
Much more visible blue! (and you can also see the brownness of the limbal ring here)
Overall I'm really happy with these lenses. They're enlarging (but not scarily so), and they're quite comfortable. Definitely one of my favorite pairs at the moment!
And of course, more selfies! Because this review wouldn't be a Sakura lens review without lots of photos hehe~

To sum up, if you're looking for a nice pair of lenses bordering on the line between natural and not as natural, go for these! You won't regret it ^.^
As always, thank you for reading!
And since I probably won't post again until January, I hope you have a very happy and fabulous new year!


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