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Memebox #33 K-Style 2 Review and Looks!~ (Picture Heavy!)

Hi guys!
This post is very exciting to me because it's my first sponsor post! Yay! ^_^ 
Memebox kindly sent me their Superbox #33, K-Style 2 to review. Thank you Memebox!

Click here to go to the page! It's sold out, sadly ;n;
Memebox, in case you missed my last post about them {here!}, is a box that comes from Korea full of all sorts of beauty products. The boxes have themes, like Chocolate or Natural Makeup. This one that I received was K-Style ^.^ This is the 2nd box of this series. Currently the K-Style 4 is for sale, click here to see it!

Now, a description of the box (taken from Memebox's site)
You know when you catch yourself with your eyes glued to the screen wondering what the hell K-celebs put on their face to look so jaw-droppingly gorgeous? Find out the K-Style secret with our K-Style 2 Box!
Korean makeup is all about radiant feminine beauty, and with this box, you’ll be able to recreate all of your favorite K-celeb’s beauty looks! Whether you want to take the spotlight with a fun and dramatic K-pop eye and lip combo, or want to perfect understated elegance with bright and flawless skin, and signature K-drama celeb lips, the final results will be some kind of gorgeous.
Upgrade your beauty collection with this box, and your makeup pouch will be the envy of every Seoulite!

I was really excited about this box because Korean celebrities are indeed quite gorgeous, and I was eager to have the materials available to replicate the look. At the end of the reviews, I'll have 2 different looks for which I used these products ^.^ Stay tuned for those!
The fully packed box~ (sorry for yellow lighting! This was taken at night)
Now onto individual reviews!
(Disclaimer: All stated opinions are my own opinions, and not influenced by having this be sponsored.)
No. 1: Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner 0.8 g {$12}
Product Description: An auto-type and easy gliding like a gel liner, Royal Nature's Pantone Shadeliner series come in 4 unique shades. It includes a sharpening, fully dries within 5 seconds of application, and boosts a long-lasting, waterproof, and oil-proof finish.
How to use: Draw onto eyelids according to your eye makeup routine. If you want to use a shadow color to blend it with, make sure to smudge it before it's completely dried.
I got it in brown! (Pantone 476C, 'Sweetly You')
I was quite excited when I saw this eyeliner because I go through a lot of brown eyeliners, and I was eager to try a new one. The product description sounded very promising! I was also happy that it came with its own sharpener, since I find it to be much more difficult to draw on liner with a dull pencil.
The sharpener and pencil tip~
The color is a nice, rich, chocolately brown. It glides on beautifully, and has a very pretty matte, velvet finish (clearly, I love the texture of this). It blends nicely before it's dry, however even when it's dry, it flakes off/smudges a bit. I took a photo to show what I mean
Smudged immediately on the left, smudged after a minute in the centre, freshly applied on the right
It did take a lot of rubbing for the dried eyeliner to smudge though, and I definitely wouldn't use that much force on my eyes, so I'm not too worried about it smudging overall ^.^
I'm overall really happy with this eyeliner; I think it's the perfect brown eyeliner <3

No. 2: Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2 Set {$7}
Product Description: Apply the Downy Cheek along your cheekbones for a naturally rosy look. (I don't think this is the description for this product.... it doesn't make sense .-. It's a description for a blush!)
How to use: Remove the fake lashes from the packaging and stick them over your own lashes, making sure to adhere it thoroughly from one end to another.
No. 14, Delicate Lash
There were two different lash types available, this one, and No. 9 Cat's eye. I like this design more though, so I'm happy I got this one ^_^ I don't have many lashes, and none in this sort of design, which is good~
The description on the back- I can't read it, but maybe for those of you who can it'll be useful ^_^
I'm happy that there are two sets of these lashes, because if one becomes really used and icky, I can use the other! ^_^ I also really like that they included 2 small bottles of glue c: I haven't tried the glue out yet, because I have my own eyelash glue that I'm accustomed to using, but it's still a nice gesture~
So nicely packaged ^.^
The eyelashes themselves seem to be really good quality. The fibers are soft (but not too soft), and they taper to a thin point. The lash band is bendy enough that you can bend it enough to fit it to your eyeshape, and it doesn't get any kinks in it from bending. The one annoying thing though, is the glue that adhered it to the plastic packaging is really hard to get off of the lashes >n< Plus, it's really sticky. It's not too bad though.
I really love the design~
These lashes, surprisingly, don't look to fake on me. I was expecting it to be super obvious that I was wearing false eyelashes, but that  wasn't the case. I think that was because of the design and how it's not a full row of long, voluminous lashes, but rather spiky lashes with shorter ones in between the bigger spikes. It looks quite nice ^_^
I think it looks really cute~
Here's a side-by-side comparison of my eyes, one with the lash, and one without.
On the left without, and on the right with the lash
I love how cute these make my eyes look ^.^ They're also quite comfy to wear~ These were definitely the highlight of this Memebox, in my opinion~

No. 3: Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer 6g ($14)
Product Description: Eglips' Real Color Lip Lacquer is basically a lip gloss, a lipstick, and a lip tint all combined together for the better! The trendy, vibrant colors leave your lips moist, glossy, and radiant for all day long.
How to use: If you want to feature gradated lips, apply the lip lacquer only along the inner contours of your lip and blend it naturally. For a full color lip makeup, fill all of your lip with the lip lacquer.

The box, and the product~ I have the shade PK01
I was quite doubtful of this product first, mostly because of the really bright color. It's a very vibrant hot pink, definitely brighter than the color on the box. I don't really wear bright lip colors (though I try to encourage myself to do so), so I wasn't sure how this would work on me. But I'll get to that in a bit ^.^
The product applies with a typical, doe-foot applicator, which is at a slight angle (the applicator itself is also tear-drop shaped).
This photo very accurately shows the color, I think
It was interesting that they claimed it was a mix between a lipstick, lip gloss, and lip tint, and I wasn't sure what they meant by that originally, but it's a very accurate description. This mostly plays out in terms of the texture, which I found to be really...weird. It's sort of buttery, I'd say? It's thick, quite moisturizing, and very glossy. I personally thought this was really bizarre, and I just couldn't get used to the feeling. It does work as a stain too, however! Albeit a very faint one, but this should leave some color once it's rubbed off.
On the top is the stain (the product was wiped away after 30 seconds), and on the bottom is the product fresh.
The stain color looks weird on my hand, but it's better on the lips~
This has a very cloyingly sweet scent, sort of like candy. It's not too bad, and not at all noticeable when you wear it, however. The taste is... bitter, and sort of sweet. Not too bad in comparison to some other lip products, but it's not at all a flavor that I enjoy >n<
I decided to try wearing it two ways; as a gradient, and as a full lip color. I really like the gradient!
So pretty! <3
Please forgive my awful lipstick application OTL
I think that it looks amazing when used for a gradient,  it's just so light and pretty ^_^ <3 And when it's like a gradient, you can't feel the strange texture as much, which I really liked. I'll definitely use it as a gradient, but full color... not so much x3

No. 4: RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner Black ($14)
Product Description: This unique black eyeliner comes with a tiny mirror attached to its bottle, making it easier for you to re-touch your lines whenever and wherever you are! Plus, it's very strong against water, oil, and sweat, it washes off easily with just warm water and a little bit of swipe, and it's thin brush delicately fills in between the lashes for a deep, well-defined look.
How to use: Shake the bottle well before use. Draw in the upper and lower lines to your liking.
I have to say, I wasn't too excited about this eyeliner, not because I was doubting the product quality, but because I'm terrible with eyeliners that are brush form (the kind where you dip it in and then apply it. I prefer the type that's like a pen). But, I thought that I'd brave my terrible application and try to make it look good ^_^ 
This has a mirror! Which I think is convenient c: I don't tend to carry makeup with me, so I wouldn't really use the tiny mirror, but if I ever do need to apply somewhere inconvenient, the mirror would be super useful.
Small mirror~
The brush is really nice and thin, which I think is what made it not too difficult to apply, which I'm happy about. It gave a lot more control.
Small brush~
It was a bit more difficult to apply than a pen-type eyeliner, but it was easier than a few of my other eyeliners of this type. Here's the result~
I don't think it turned out too badly c: The shiny finish is odd, but that's okay since it's not too noticeable.
This eyeliner too had many promises about how 'sturdy' (it seems like a proper word to use) it was. So, I decided to test it. I rubbed it, ran it under water for 10 seconds, and ran it under water while rubbing for 10 seconds. Here are the results!
Rubbing on the left, water in the centre, and rubbing+water on the left
Quite nice! It's definitely water proof, and it's nice that it doesn't smudge when rubbing, it just flakes off. They were right though that it comes off with water and rubbing (though it's not as easy as they made it sound...) it took a bit of vigorous rubbing. But, I'm happy that it didn't smudge, because I hate when I'm washing my face and taking off eyeliner that it smudges everywhere and makes me look like a panda >u<

No. 5: Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow 1.4 g ($7)
Product Description: We've picked out the best  two shades from Shara Shara's lovely eye shadows that glide onto the skin and leaves a silky smooth finish. The romantic shadow is creamy in texture and comes in an auto stick-type, making it an easy-to-apply must-have for even makeup beginners.
How to use: Apply the shadow over your eyelids and naturally blend it in.
So cute!
First off, isn't the packaging adorable?! I love cute packaging so I was really happy to see something cute in this Memebox :3 There were two colors of this product available, GL01 Caramel Gold, and PK01 Sugar Pink (the one I got). I liked this color more though~ So yay :3
There's quite a bit of product, and it's very glittery *u* You can see the color at the bottom of the tube.
Sparkly~ And more cute faces >u<
The packaging is really cute, but unfortunately...
When you first lay the product down, it has a wonderful color payoff, pink and glittery and perfect <3 However once you blend it out, pretty much the only thing that is left is glitter ;A;
On the left unblended, on the right blended
Now this isn't bad if you just want a glittery base, but I was looking forward to a sparkly pink eyeshadow >n< At least it has a very slight tint, which is more visible on my eyelid than on my hand.
It looks sparklier here too~
So, this isn't a bad product, just if you were expecting strong color payoff, you won't have it. It does look quite pretty as a base though ^.^ And it is very convenient and easy to apply; just a couple of swipes, a bit of blending, and voila!

No. 6: Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation 13g ($32)
Product Description: This Ten Cushion Foundation is a makeup base, CC cream, moisturizing essence, moisturizing pact, and a sunblock all in one smart item! With just a single application, it'll soothe, brighten up, smooth out, moisturize, and cover up skin imperfections. Experience a truly glowing complexion that actually lasts all day long.
How to use: Apply the Ten Cushion Foundation for base makeup or instead of a sunblock, and re-apply any time during the day when necessary. Your face at the and of skincare routine and pop into bed. (Here do they mean that you can sleep with it on...? Strange .-.)
You can't see it too well, but there are stripes on the bottle which I think is cute ^.^
Firstly, wow, that's a lot of money for only 13g of product :o And this is the full size too! But anyways~ I got this in the shade 21, which matches my skintone quite well.
There's a sticker on the top that shows the color~ I'm not sure how many shades are available though.
The product is very runny, so it seems a bit odd to put it in a squeezy tube (a pump would make more sense) since it comes out so quickly >n<
This is a fairly accurate portrayal of the color~
It blends well, but I find that it takes a lot of product to cover my whole face .-. It has light-medium coverage, and has a very dewy finish. 
On the left is with the product, on the right, without.
I didn't quite like the finish that it left on my skin. Because it's so thin, it clung to all the little bumps, making my skin seem quite uneven! I also have some dry flakes that it accentuated, despite being moisturizing. It's a shame though, since the color is so perfect! ;n; Maybe I'll just use a little bit of it though when I need just a tiny bit of coverage. In general though, I'm more fond of BB creams rather than foundations because of my strange skin type. If you've got different skin though, this might work well for you! ^_^

Phew! That was a lot of reviews. Now time for the looks! I thought I'd do a more mild and a less mild version, just to show that these are versatile products~ All the makeup that I'm wearing (except for my mascara) is from this box ^_^

No. 1: Sugary Sweetheart

Sakura loves you!
On the eyes I used the Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow, blended together on the corners with the Pantone Shadeliner. For the lips and cheeks I have the Real Color Lip Lacquer (it doesn't look too bad as a blush! Versatile :3) On the face, I have the Ten Cushion Foundation. I think it looks really sweet ^.^ I'd wear such makeup to school most days c: It's light, and really easy to do~

No. 2: (I have no idea what to call this one...)

Here, I have all the products! ^.^ I kept everything I had on in the last look, and added winged out Luxe Mirror Eyeliner, Secret-Stargirl lashes, and I also changed the lips from being gradient to having full color. Aside from my bad eyelash application (anyone have tips on how to put them on easily and painlessly?) I really like how this looks! ^.^ I'm happy that all of the products look good together :3

Phew! Long post x3 I hope you guys found this useful though! I was overall really happy with this box, and even though not everything is perfect, the majority is really good :3 

Also, coupon code! This is valid until October 31, 2014, and it's for $5 off of your Memebox Purchase.
Thank you for reading!
And thanks once again to Memebox for sending me this box for review ^.^
~Sakura <3
Which look do you prefer?
Have you tried this box or any of the products inside it?


  1. The lip colour looks great on you! I love these types of boxes.

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I also love these types of boxes- they're so fun!

  2. The eyelashes do look very natural and I love the gradient lips!

    1. They do ^.^ And thanks! I always find gradient lips to look very pretty~

  3. The lipgloss is very pretty~

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! ^.^ I love them cause they're so comfortable and pretty :3

  5. So sweet and all the products look great, I like the shara shara eye shadow and agree with you it's so cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. They're really nice ^.^ It is super cute! I just wish that it were more pigmented >u<

    2. Yes that would make it perfect ^_____^/

      恵美より ♥

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks ^.^ They're really nice quality~
      I'm glad you found them interesting!

  7. Cute Post! Enjoyed reading! Followed <3

  8. The lip lacquer is gorgeous on you, especially your gradient lip! Super adorable. Awesome unboxing! xoxo <3

    1. I really love gradient lips ^.^ And this lip lacquer is perfect for it :3 I'm glad you liked the unboxing! <3


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