Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Hi guys :3
I'm in my third year of high school so by this point I don't really do much at all to celebrate Halloween :P Since it's a Friday however, I'll be going to my friend's house to watch Catching Fire (since it just came out on Netflix). So exciting.
In any case, I decided to dress up for school :3 I wasn't sure what exactly to do, but then I remembered that I had my pink Megurine Luka wig which I never use. I wanted to do some sort of cosplay, however I couldn't think of anything ;n; In the end though I decided I'd do generic anime school girl costume, which I think worked out pretty well :3
A lot of people thought I was cosplaying a specific character- a guy at my math table thought I was Yuno Gasai from the Future Diary series .-. Though I suppose that makes sense, what with the pink hair?
Anyways, I thought I'd just post some photos :3


Full Outfit (sorta)
Anime Schoolgirl
Sweater:Banana Republic (I think)
Blouse: Guess
Skirt: 2nd Hand
Wig: Ebay
Accessories: Handmade, Forever 21, Borrowed
I dunno why I look so grumpy .-.
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Marshalls

I even did pink eyebrows :3
I'm at home right now, but in  few hours I'm headed to my friend's house to watch a movie and spend the night. Because wigs are bothersome, I decided not to wear it there x3 However I think with 2 hair clips my regular hair also somewhat matches the look c:

So yes ^.^
Sorry that this post was short~
Have a happy Halloween ^_^
What are/where you for Halloween this year?


  1. Really love the pink hair and the floral crown!!


  2. What a cute outfit - I especially love the pink wig! I have no plans except stay home and maybe watch 'Hocus Pocus'!

    Ellie | wunderstar

    1. Thank you! <3 I love the pink wig as well ^.^ Oooh I love that movie~

  3. Kawaii! I was a cop for halloween :D
    -Ally Gong

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  5. Such a beautiful costume! Where did you buy your wig? And how much was it? Are you satisfied with the quality? I'm planning on doing a Megurine Luka Matryoshka-version cosplay in February and I'm trying to find a wig like yours :D

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I bought it off of ebay- but it was a year and a half ago so I'm afraid I don't have the seller's name. It was approximately $20. The quality could be better, but that's mostly cause it's been lying around in a cabinet drawer for so long :P When it came it was very nice and smooth and gorgeous~ Good luck with your cosplay! ^_^

  6. Nice look! The wig look really cute on you :3 You was a pretty school girl for this halloween (^^)


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