Monday, February 27, 2017

Nomakenolife February 2017 Review~

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well :alpacacrush:
I recently tried out a new subscription box and I thought I would share my experience with you all! 
The box I'll be reviewing today is the "nomakenolife" subscription box from the Tokyo Treat company! They also have a snack subscription box as well as a Yume Kawaii box; the nomakenolife box is their most recent addition~ It's a box for Japanese cosmetics, which really intrigued me- I just had to get it! :alpacashocked:
This box was the debut box, so I wasn't sure what to expect~ The box cost $30 (although I used a coupon code that made it $20), and each box is supposed to contain 5-7 items. So, let's see what I got!
This month's box contained six items~ Everything was a surprise except for the Sailor Moon eyelashes (which to be honest, were the main reason I got this box- I've been wanting to try these eyelashes for a while, and I got so excited when I heard that they would be included in this box!)
The box also came with a booklet describing each item and how to use it. 

The first item that I got were these Sailor Moon false eyelashes! There were four designs you could get, and I got the Sailor Jupiter lashes, which made me happy because she's my favorite sailor scout! 
There are two pairs of eyelashes, and they also come with a cute lash storage case which I find convenient! 
The interesting thing about this eyelashes series is that they have some color to them! The Sailor Jupiter lashes have a tint of green on the outer half, which I think could look very nice with the right sort of makeup!
I haven't tried out these eyelashes yet, but I'm very excited to do so~

The next item I got was this eyelash glue from Dolly Wink!
This is another item I'm very much looking forward to try! I still haven't found an eyelash glue that I really like, but I've heard good things about Dolly Wink, so I'm hoping that this will work well! You brush on the glue instead of squeezing it onto the lashband, so it seems much more convenient than the glues that I've tried out so far.

The next item I got are these Hello Kitty Sakura face masks!
I'm a bit of a sheet mask addict, so I was really excited to see these in my box! They're even better because they're Hello Kitty masks! The sachet is resealable and contains eight masks, which I think is quite nice~ They contain sakura extract, tea extract, and hyaluronic acid- all things which are great for the skin! These have a very faint but pleasant floral smell. I've used two already, and although they don't have any profound effect on my skin, they did make my face quite soft~ The only complaint I have about these masks is that the fabric that the mask is made of is quite thick, and it's not very saturated, so it doesn't stick to my face too easily; but otherwise I really like these!

The next item I got is this sakura facial soap~
I haven't tried this yet because I currently have a very big supply of face wash, but I am looking to try it out because it smells very nice! 

The next item is this twelve-colour eyeshadow palette from the brand 'Noyl'
There were four different palettes available, and each of them had a variety of colors~ A double sided brush is also included, which seems quite convenient! I'm very picky about the eyeshadows that I use though, so I'll probably just give it away to someone ;^; As such, I haven't tried it out yet.

The last item that I got was this cute little hand cream!
It has a little panda on it, and it's green apple scented! The hand cream comes in a silicone container, which you can use to attach it to your bag or backpack~ It smells quite nice- very appley! It's also adequately moisturizing~

On the whole, I'm quite happy with this box! I think it's definitely worth trying out if you're into Japanese cosmetics- it gives you the chance to try some new things that you might not get the opportunity to try otherwise~ 
Thank you for reading!


  1. Lovely items Dear:)

  2. Nice box! I always wanted one of the Sailor Moon lashes. I wonder what the Venus ones look like! That palette totally reminds me of the L.A. Colors one ^^

    1. It is! I was quite happy with it~ And the Venus ones seem quite nice! I want to collect all of them to be honest hehe~ And you're right, it is quite similar to some of the palettes from L.A Colors!


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