Sunday, February 23, 2014

New York/Birthday~~

Hi lovelies!
Today I returned from my three day long trip to New York City (which was in my opinion, too short of a trip). I ventured there in order to celebrate my birthday, so I figured I'd write a blog post about it c:
Hope you find it interesting!
Firstly: birthday OOTD! tights and dress, Urban Outfitters scarf, Dr Marten shoes (though they aren't visible)
The first place I went that day was the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). They have a very beautiful collection of art there, albeit some of it is difficult to understand due to how modern it is (such as a green plank of wood.) I could easily have spent all day there, but that would've been a sort of bad use of a day x3 I really like the MoMA because they have one of my favorite paintings: The Starry Night by Van Gogh. I know it's a somewhat cliched favorite, but up close it's a very beautiful painting. 
I also stopped by two of the gift stores there (they have three .-.) and picked up these two things~
Wallet and postcards~
I never send postcards, but they were by an artist which I like quite a bit (Yoshitomo Nara, as it says on the cover~). In addition to that I got a bunny mimi Pochibi, which is really cute~
Close up!
After that I headed to a Japanese tea house called Cha-an Tea House. I went there because I once read about them having an afternoon tea service. Unfortunately though, they didn't have it when I got there. But, that's okay~ Because it was a very amazing place anyways :3 They serve lunch in addition to tea and desserts, but I had already eaten, so the family and I just split a dessert sampler, an appetizer sampler, and several teas.
From top left going clockwise, it's a seaweed and edamame salad, smoked haddock (I wasn't a huge fan of it- a bit too dry), shrimps, celery, and egg in some sort of mayonnaise dressing; fried tofu with some sort of vegetable on top, dried tofu, and raw salmon on some kind of leaves with a dressing on top. The last three were my favorites- they were delicious <3

I took very many photos of the deserts, so here are some brief descriptions of each, as well as photos~
Black sesame ice cream with a black sesame tuile
The ice cream was very, very good. There wasn't enough of it, in my opinion x3

A parfait with puff pastry, berries, and lemon cream
This was okay, a bit average, but still pretty good.

Matcha shortbread cookie and chocolate shortbread cookie
I really liked the presentation of this dessert~ Shortbread isn't my favorite, but this wasn't bad.

Yukimi Zenzai (with a maple leaf on top~)
I think this was my favorite of the deserts. It was a red bean 'porridge' type thing, with bits of soft mochi in it. In addition to that, on top there was some sort of fluff. The combination of everything was delicious; I wish there were more of it xD

Black Sesame Creme Brulee
This was also a surprisingly good dessert. Creme Brulee is a custard dessert with caramelized sugar on top. The fact that it was black sesame makes it much more interesting than traditional creme brulee.

The tea!
There was also a very large selection of teas. I got an oolong tea that was called 'Golden Dragon'. It was very nice, had a flowery scent and tasted pretty good. Was quite pricey though >.<
So yes, if you're ever in NYC, I suggest you visit. It's a pleasant experience~
After that I headed to a store in China town called oo35mm, which is a small shop which has Asian cosmetics, and various cute things. If you're interested, they also have an online shop which sells the majority of the things they have in the store. The prices are generally higher than what you'd find on ebay, persay, but it is a nice store.
I mainly got beauty related things there. I also got a cute folder, but silly me, I forgot to take a photo >n<
My Beauty Diary Face masks
I got four of these masks, in pearl powder, arbutin, birds nest, and collagen. I really like the new packaging of the masks, it's much cuter <3

I Love You Bath
These are bath salts made for couples, which I didn't realize until I bought it, but I don't think it makes much of a difference whether you bathe alone or with someone xD I just thought the packaging was cute, so I bought it~ Plus, it's strawberry scented!

Innisfree 'it's real' Masks
Some more, pricier masks, these by innisfree. I've been wanting to try this line of masks, so I took the green tea, royal jelly, and rose ones.

Naris Up Nose Pore Clear Pack and My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom and White Lotus Sleep Concentrate
The nose pore clear pack I think is an interesting product- it's like a typical nose pore strip, except you can put it anywhere since it's in a mask form. Whether it works or not is a question unanswered yet, but I'll make a review of it once I actually use it. The sleep concentrate smells amazing, and in addition to that, it works fairly well too. My skin felt very hydrated after using it for the first time, and it seems to have caused no negative effects on my skin (yet)
After that I had my dinner
Jasmine green tea and shrimp tempura sushi
I originally wanted to go to this one sushi buffet which seemed nice, however there wasn't enough time. After dinner, I went to Broadway's "Phantom of the Opera" which was the best show I have ever seen. The music, the singing, the scenery; everything about it was perfect. 
So, that about sums up the day, and what I did in New York.
As a conclusion, here's a pic of a plushie I got which is a collaboration between tokidoki and Sanrio
He's a bit spiky, but still huggable~
So yep! Hope you found the post entertaining~ Bye beauties <3

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