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Geo Ultra CK105 (XCK-105) Circle Lens Review~ {Candy Lens)

Hello lovely bubbles~
Sorry for not really writing during the last week-- I didn't have my camera, so I didn't want to make reviews since my phone doesn't take great photos and I would've had no other alternative >_>
So, today I have a circle lens review! These came last week, and I've been super excited about them, so I decided to share a review with you guys about them.
The lens {taken from the Candy Lens site}
I ordered these lenses from Candy Lens {store link}, who at the time were having a promotion where you could get free shipping with any purchase~ The one thing I dislike about buying circle lenses is how the shipping is always pricey, so seeing that they had a sale made me instantly buy these. I've been wanting black circle lenses for a while now, both because I think they look cool, and because there's a cosplay I want to do where the character has black eyes. Candy Lens is a nice site and they have plenty of lenses, all at reasonable prices. In addition to that they have a beauty section with various stuff such as eyelashes and BB cream. I recommend this site because the lenses came very quickly, in just about three weeks (normally it takes about 4 weeks or so).
And now, a bit of info about the lenses.
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 38%
Replacement period: 12 months

Pretty typical for most lenses. The water content is lower, which means that the lenses should be more stiff, however they aren't, which is good~
(sorry for bad quality phone picture)
The lenses in their vials, as well as a blue bear lens case~
Design: The design of these is really nice~ The color is entirely black, but there are spikes of color pointing into the center, making a sort of gradient look (so that it's not as harsh as it would've been if it were just a circle of black). The enlargement isn't as huge as the site made it seem like it would be, in fact, they look quite natural, but nonetheless I love the design and how they look on me.

Comfort: Surprisingly comfortable! I read somewhere that lenses with a lower water content are typically more uncomfortable, and most lenses I've tried had a water content of about 40-something percent, whereas these had a bit less. Even so, there really wasn't much of a difference, which I'm glad of. These lenses look great, and it would be a shame if they were really uncomfortable.

Indoor lighting (yellow)
Window light (evening)
Window light and flash
Clearly, the photo with the flash is the most striking (and you can see the design best), but in all other lighting it just looks like you have big eyes~ Which is a good thing if you're trying to make it look natural.
In natural lighting~ I think they look quite pretty ^_^
I wasn't all that happy with how my hair looked so I decided to put on a wig for these next photos (as well as amp up my eye makeup) x3 I think they turned out interesting~ Plus it sorta works since I bought these lenses for a cosplay, and cosplays usually have interesting colored wigs so voila~ 
(These were actually super fun to take)

Chubby face. Angry face? I have no idea.

Face smush.
My apologies for all the photos~
Final rating: 
I love these lenses~ Definitely one of my favorite pairs. I'll need to look into getting some more black lenses because they are awesome :3
Thanks for reading! Ta-ta~~
Sakura <3


  1. Ooh! I'm curious as to who the character is that you wanna cosplay :3 Since I'm Asian, I don't really have an inkling to buy black colored lenses. I might end up looking like an evil Japanese ghost! lol. The design looks really good on you though! It's blending well with your natural eye color too :D Have you tried wearing lenses bigger than 14.8? :o

    Strawberry Bunny

    1. I'm cosplaying Sunako from the anime Shiki (I watched it forever ago but my friend and I decided that we wanted to do a dual cosplay for the next anime convention in our city). Thank you ^_^ I really like the design~
      Nope, I've never tried lenses bigger than 14.8 (but that's mainly because I've never found any bigger than that >_>)

  2. I love these lenses on you! The way the black blends in and the overall design is super nice :3 I think all black lenses are really nice *u* Great review! I hope you have fun cosplaying~ <3
    -Kiyomi xx

    1. Thank you! I love these lenses :3
      I will :3 (assuming I'm not as lazy as I am now xD)

  3. So cute! They look great on you!
    I've been thinking about getting some fancy contacts myself! (Non-prescription though ^^)

    1. Thank you! ^.^
      Oooh, you definitely should~ I reccomend Pinky Paradise-- they have a great selection of lenses~

  4. This looks so good! I already wear contact lens, because I need it :) But I have to say that I would wear those :)
    xx, Laura.

    PS: Of course we can follow each other, I really loved your blog, so I'm following you already. Waiting for you follow. :3

    1. Thanks~ I wear contact lenses as well (prescription), and these are just prettier than regular contacts c:
      Following you back~


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