Saturday, December 6, 2014

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Review~ {Pinky Paradise}

Hello and happy December!
I'm sorry that I've been a bit inactive- last week I was working on college applications and studying for SATs, so I didn't have much time for post-writing. I'm back now with a review however, of some lovely lenses I got in the mail this week ^_^
They're the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses ^_^ I bought them off of Pinky Paradise, which has a large selection of lenses c: So, I thought I'd do a somewhat quick review. There aren't many photos because the lighting has been really bad lately (lots of cloudy days ;n;) so I apologize for that. Anyways, lets start ^_^
Some basic information about the lenses:
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Current Price: $23.90

Shopping Experience: I've already done several reviews of Pinky Paradise where I've mentioned my shopping experience, but this time around was a somewhat unique situation which I thought I'd inform you all of before you ordered (it's not bad though, so worry not~). Pinky Paradise claims to have a huge selection of lenses, and that's quite true indeed (there really are a lot), but the problem is, not many of them are in stock. It says that they're in stock, but that's sometimes not the case... I originally ordered a different pair, but then Pinky Paradise (promptly, thankfully) messaged me to tell me that the lenses I wanted were out of stock in the colorway I wanted. I was a bit irritated, but they said I could chose another pair of lenses or they could refund the money. I chose another pair. Guess what? They were also out of stock -.- And same with 3rd pair... I was starting to get a bit annoyed :P Finally however, I chose the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses, which were actually in stock x3 So, moral of the story, be careful when ordering the lenses, and maybe message them before hand to make sure that they're in stock c: Otherwise, I have no problem at all with Pinky Paradise~ My order came really quickly along with a cute macaron lens case and a small gift c:
Sorry for so-so lighting! I had gotten home and it was already dark outside ;n;
Anyways, lets get on to the review c:
Lens stock photo~
These came packaged in vials, as usual. I think I'm getting better at opening lens vials though, finally! ^_^
(again, sorry for bad lighting)
Design: These are really pretty lenses, and they're quite popular, but much to my disappointment, when worn, they look almost identical to my Geo Ultra CK105 lenses. This isn't necessarily bad, since I love how those lenses look on me, however I was looking for someone different and I didn't think the black limbal ring would be so visible on these lenses. But, oh well. They look lovely, just very similar to what I already have. However if you don't have a pair of black enlarging lenses already, these are good c:
Comfort: These are super comfortable! I've worn them for many hours and they're really comfy- I feel like I'm barely wearing them. No complaints whatsoever about the comfort c: The diameter is quite large, but they feel no different from my regular lenses.
Window lighting
They look really nice and enlarging in all sorts of lighting c:
Photo taken with flash
The brown isn't too visible (or maybe it just blends in with my eyes too much). In any case, I like how they look, it's just that they're so similar to my other lenses >_> Here's a photo of them so you see what I mean.
Similar, no? The only difference is that the Geo Princess Mimi lenses have a slightly thinner limbal ring. Well, I can always just wear them on days when I don't want to have such gargantuan eyes :3
And some more photos, just of me derping around x3

To conclude, I really like these lenses. Though they're similar to my Geos, they do give a nice warmth to my eyes that they don't c: If you're  curious, these lenses also come in green and grey (if brown isn't to your liking~)
So yes! I hope you found the review helpful c: Sorry if I sound kinda scattered- I'm really tired (had SATs today, and a race tomorrow)
If you plan on ordering from Pinky Paradise, you can use my code redsakurabeauty to get a free gift c: (Most likely hair velcro thingies, but they're useful if you want to wash your face or apply makeup~)
On a happy note, I'm starting the first day of my part-time job on Monday! ^_^ I'm super excited :3 Where I live it's really difficult to get a job unless you've had previous work experience, or if your parents know someone who's hiring (neither was the case for me). So I'm happy :3 I'll probably dissipate it all away on pretty clothes, but oh well x3 I think I'll do a giveaway too, so stay tuned for that c:
Thanks for reading!
Ciao lovelies <3
What are the best circle lenses you've ever tried?


  1. Omg they look really nice <3 Love it! Maybe those are going to be my next circle lens...

  2. aww i have the same one.... probably it's the best lenses for me!
    thanks for sharing!
    my blog♥
    Read my new review!!~♥

    1. They're great ^.^ I think they're one of my favorites c:

  3. ahh it looks so good on you, nice review!

  4. So cute on you, the lenses are lovely!!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. Oh very cute circle lenses the effect is very pretty

  6. I recently purchased this pair too! I love the effect they give the eyes ^^ Your photos are really great!

    1. I love the effect as well~ They're fantastic ^_^ And thanks! <3

  7. I had the same before :33
    It look really cute on you ;)

    1. Yeah the lenses are really popular :3
      Thanks! <3


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