Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lolita Holiday Wishlist {Lolita Blog Carnival}

Hello all!
Today I have my very first Lolita Blog Carnival post! ^_^ I'm quite excited, so I hope you find it interesting :3 
I guess I'll just dive right in and post some things that are on my lolita wishlist this holiday season~ I plan on getting these things eventually, maybe not necessarily during the holidays, but definitely at some point ^_^

No. 1: HMHM Dress
Pretty ^.^
Now, I'm not sure of the exact name of this dress, but I think it's super adorable~ It's from the Taobao company HMHM, and since I don't yet have any black lolita clothes, I thought this would be a nice first. It's also not too obviously lolita, so I could wear it toned down as well c: It seems versatile- which I like :3
No. 2: Chess Story the Unicorn Castle Cloud Bag
I think this bag is absolutely gorgeous, it's so happy and puffy ^.^ The only problem is it's out of stock almost everywhere in the white colorway ;A; So, I'm hoping it will show up soon ;n; Cause the pink just doesn't do it for me >n< There was another bag which I really wanted which was in the shape of an old fashioned clock and it was absolutely gorgeous, but sadly it's out of stock right now :( If any of you know any good handbags for classic lolitas, don't hesitate to tell! ^_^
No. 3: Mirukuma's Lolita Surprise Package {link!}
The sweet lolita version~
I've been looking for a lolita subscription box-type-thing for a while now but there are very few, and the ones that exist seem kinda sketchy. This one however, seems very nice ^_^ You actually get a brand item (or brand items, if you're lucky), as well as one or two things from a Japanese brand (like Chocomint, Sanrio, or San-X), and 2-4 Japanese candies. This is sort of a combination of everything that I love, and at the relatively low price of $38 including shipping, I'll definitely be getting it with my next paycheck :3 (If you're curious as well, it's currently available in sweet, classic, and otome styles).

No. 4: Chiffon Blouse
This one is by Dear Celine~
I think chiffon blouses look gorgeous with lolita. I already have a black, short sleeved chiffon blouse, but I want something longer as well. The Dear Celine one is nice, but really expensive (around $90), and at that price I'd rather buy a brand blouse :P The lace sleeves are quite nice though...~
No. 5: Black Long Sleeved Blouse
This one is by HMHM~
I already have a short sleeved black blouse, now I want a long sleeved one c: I think I'm severely lacking in my blouse variety, so I want to get a couple more so I can make more varied outfits. I like the details on the one above~
So yep, that's about it ^_^ There are other things I want, but I thought I should make this list more realistic than just dream dress after dream dress x3
Check out the posts done by these lovely people as well (will update as more people post)~
~Sakura <3
What's on your wishlist this year?


  1. The Castle Cloud bag is so adorable! I love the style :D

  2. Everything on your wishlist is so cute ;A; Lolita style is so nice~
    ~Kiyomi <3

  3. Ah I didn't know about lucky boxes like that!
    And your wishlist is adorable :3

    1. It's a really cool lucky box ^_^ I think it'd be fun to get~


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